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Math teaching strategies

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Prescripted : A Lesson by Mathalicious.

Wrapping gifts using folding

Week of Inspirational Math 2. Welcome to our second Week of Inspirational Math(s)!

Week of Inspirational Math 2

My name is Jo Boaler, cofounder of youcubed and professor of mathematics education at Stanford. I am also the author of Mathematical Mindsets. Last year we launched our first WiM, which was downloaded 1/3 of a million times and used in every state across the US, as well as many other countries in the world. Teachers and students loved the activities and mindset videos. Of the teachers and students surveyed last year, 98 percent of the teachers said their students were engaged when working on the lessons and 96% of the students surveyed said they now believe they should keep going even when work is hard and they make mistakes. We hope that you will like this week of activities as much, and be inspired to teach open, visual, creative mathematics all year. Last year our mindset videos for students came from my online class.

Talks for people who hated math in high school.

Problem solving

LCM. Teaching Math with Manipulatives - Using the Mortensen Method. Unit1_Integers Algebra. Real World Examples for Rational Numbers. Rational numbers represent just a different quantity, different than integers. .

Real World Examples for Rational Numbers

It is very useful to point that very early, that a rational number, or a rational quantity, is just a quotient (where divisor is different than 0), or two whole numbers, because kids are already familiar with integers. Rational numbers are quantities that sit between integers, although, strictly speaking integers are a subset of rational numbers, because every integer divided by 1 is by definition a rational number as well. Set of integers is a subset of rational numbers. But, for the introduction it should be acceptable to show that rational numbers are quantities that are between integers. For instance are all rational quantities.

Hence any quotient, any ratio of m/n (where m, n belong to the set of whole numbers or integers, n is different than 0) is a rational number. There is another way to nicely explain introduction of rational numbers. Here is one whole pizza. Let's look at that pizza again. Significant Figures - Rules.

Rounding and significant digits

Percent problems. TIPS4RMccpropreason. Proportional Reasoning. Geometry Magic: Turn 2 Circles into 1 Square. Lesson Plan - How Expensive Are Payday Loans? Lesson Plan - How Expensive Are Payday Loans? An Excellent Free Graphing Calculator for Your iPad – Desmos. Critically Examining What You Teach. By Grant Wiggins, Ph.D, Authentic Education In my 100th blog post I complained about the course called ‘algebra’.

Critically Examining What You Teach

Some commenters misunderstood the complaint. Though I said a few times in the article that my critique was not about the content called algebra but the aimless march through stuff that makes up almost every algebra course in existence, some thought I was bashing the value of the content. Not so. Another commenter said: you might have ranted, then, about many history courses!

The issue, then, is not ‘algebra’ or ‘history’ but what we mean by ‘course of study’. Notice that I haven’t merely defined a course. Textbooks Are Tools, Not Courses or Content Areas Next time I will say a bit more about my criteria, but we can’t ignore the other lurking issue in this discussion: ‘coverage’, i.e. teachers marching through the pages in a textbook. It doesn’t matter how good the textbook is. Lesson Plan - How Expensive Are Payday Loans? Takeaways from Math Methods: How Will You Teach Effectively? In a perfect world, preservice teachers (PSTs) in my mathematics methods course would leave each class session with 8-10 important ideas that I have tried to cleverly squeeze into a 150-minute session.

Takeaways from Math Methods: How Will You Teach Effectively?

By the end of the semester, then, they might have 120 or more important ideas about teaching mathematics -- barely enough to get started. Woven in and out of each assignment and field experience is a much smaller list of significant ideas about effective teaching. I try to connect these overarching ideas each week so that PSTs can see what they look like, for example, in a second grade math lesson or on an algebra test. At the end of the semester, I ask my students to tell me three important ideas they want to always remember about teaching (mathematics) effectively. Here I share three takeaways, grounded in research and aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), that I hope my PSTs might write. 1. 2. Are you wondering what Hiebert and Grouws' second research finding was?

3. Should we stop making kids memorize times tables? - The Hechinger Report. Stanford University’s Jo Boaler says teachers and parents should stop using math flash cards, stop drilling kids in addition and multiplication and especially stop forcing students to do calculations quickly under time pressure.

Should we stop making kids memorize times tables? - The Hechinger Report

Good-bye Mad Minute Mondays, where teachers hand out quiz sheets with 50 problems to be completed in less than a minute. But wait — doesn’t everyone have to learn times tables? No, says Boaler. Although her position is unorthodox, Boaler, an education professor and researcher, has spent a career trying to prove why it is the best way for kids to learn. Lesson Plan - How Expensive Are Payday Loans?