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Inspiration/design ideas (blogs, too!)

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Free & ace repeating patterns from awesome people. The Ultimate Guide to Tiny Homes 20 Source Lists & Shopper's Guides. Pugly pixel : freebies. WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A BRAND INSPIRATION BOARD  Inspiration boards are a key research element in the design process for Promise Tangeman Creative.


Curating items, picking colors, and choosing elements is a major component to diving into the mindset and theme of a project. And it can sometimes be hard. I have all my clients explore and research on their own in this way too… before we start our process. Through the journey we will send boards back and forth, continually defining and refining. It’s so important for a designer and the client to get on the same page. 1 // PATTERNS & TEXTURES: What patterns or textures represent your style?

2 // FURNITURE OR ARCHITECTURE: Find a piece of furniture or architecture that depicts the same mood or vibe as the style you are portraying. 1(source unknown) 2. 3. 4. 3 // TYPOGRAPHY: Find logo examples, typography, and fonts that match your look and feel. 1(unknown) 2(unknown) 3. 4. 4 // FASHION INSPIRATION: What you wear tells a lot about your style. 1(unknown) 2. 3(unknown) 4. 1. 2(unknown) 3. The Fox Is Black » The Desktop Wallpaper Project. Nancy McCabe When I come across a well-designed pattern I tend to marvel at the time and effort that must have taken place to achieve such perfection.

The Fox Is Black » The Desktop Wallpaper Project

In my mind I see it as an artist creating a jigsaw puzzle in their head without the photo on the box to guide them. One such master is Nancy McCabe, a surface designer from Chicago who runs No Ocean, a design studio that specializes in surface designs and prints. She sells her patterns for commercial uses such as fashion, home/interior, print and web design, as well as a beautiful series of graphic scarves. For Nancy’s wallpaper we decided to go with her Ink Dots pattern. Andy J. It’s always fun visiting with old friends. This wallpaper is titled I Hate Parties, which is about “that dreadful feeling when for one reason or another, you clam up at a social gathering of some sort, and just sit back and detach yourself from the situation and those around you.” Design Customized Mini Business Cards. MiniCards: event cards, name cards, mini business cards, swing tags, gift tags, save the dates, promotional cards and cards to show off your photography or design...

Design Customized Mini Business Cards

MiniCards might be little, but they do pack a mighty punch! With a variety of different uses, it's sometimes tricky to list them all. Unique in size and shape MiniCards work well with Printfinity, our option to print a different image on every card in a pack. Fan them out and ask people to pick a favorite, or place them in with customer orders as a cost effective way to brand your products.

Printed on thick paper stock and finished with a matte laminate, the cards have a smooth satin feel. Jan/Feb 2011. Sublime Stitching. Hand Embroidery Network. Jill Bliss. DIY Design Community.

Home - Creature Comforts - daily inspiration, style, diy projects + freebies. So You Need A Typeface « Inspiration Lab. So You Need A Typeface I never usually feature my students but I’m going to make an exception, we had such a brilliant critique today that I just want to say “Thank god for passionate students like mine!”.

So You Need A Typeface « Inspiration Lab

You guys rock!! (in spite of our verbal whupping; better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all). So let’s end the week with a student project, an info graphic related to the job we do as graphic designers. Julian did a flowchart of the choices we go through choosing fonts, with a humorous approach. See more by Julian on his website: Be sure to click the pics to see a bigger version as it doesn’t come across in all its glory in small versions. Like this: Like Loading... 273 Comments so farLeave a comment.