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Kreatywnie-zakrecona. 15 Macro Shots Of Cat Eyes From My Recent Cat-O-Shoot. I am a cat photographer based in Philadelphia.

15 Macro Shots Of Cat Eyes From My Recent Cat-O-Shoot

I’ve done photo shoots with celebrity clients, such as Lil Bub, Pudge, and Grumpy Cat. My latest series is macro shots of cats’ eyes. More info: My Black And White Catography. I usually take coloured pictures, but I’ve recently got fascinated with black and white photography.

My Black And White Catography

I was a little bit afraid that cats don’t look special without their colours (although – don’t they always look special?). I hope that I avoided this and you can focus on the cat and its catness. Louisville-wedding. Jurgitos dizainas. Tim Flach. 20 Human Hands Transformed Into Animal Faces. Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing. Paulina Kolondra Fotografia - Blog o fotografii i nie tylko. Paulina Kolondra - Fotografia Ślubna Wrocław. - fotografia cyfrowa i analogowa, edycja obrazu, pojęcia i techniki fotograficzne, recenzje, testy aparatów. Pixdaus, page 1 of nature photography site photos.