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Icewind Dale EE. Streaming Jeux Vidéo. South park RPG. Kotor. Hearthstone. Mark of the ninja. Final Fantasy. Shadowrun. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Items. VHS Story - Dev Blog. Video Hero Super Story (VHS Story) is a strategy / tycoon / streetfighter-manager game with 80-90s atmosphere, nostalgia and lots of games/movies references.

VHS Story - Dev Blog

You have to manage your time and money to improve your fighter skills on one side and your training equipment on the other. You will start as an unknown fighter in the underground club and must work your way to the top and solve the mystery from your past. Improve your characteristics, learn new fight moves and unlock new abilities in the skill tree. Make your setup for every fight to suit the particular situation and opponent. Choose your way wisely. Strategy / tycoon / simTactical fight mechanicsNon-linear storyline, perks, questsReferences to movies and games 80-90sTeenage Mutant Ninja AlligatorsNice pixelart and 8-bit sound We have been working on VHS Story for 1 year now. We’ve got our first alpha-build right now, that lacks the story, quests and so on. Valiant Hearts: The Great War official trailer [UK] The 15 most brutal mods of all time. Remember when buying a game didn’t feel like a guarantee of seeing the ending? There are still hard games out there, Dark Souls flying the flag most recently, but increasingly, the challenge has dripped out or at least softened, often leading to sadly wasted opportunities.

What would Skyrim be like, for instance, if its ice and snow wasn’t simply cosmetic, but actually punished you for going mountain climbing in your underpants? Expeditions: Conquistador, RPG+combats tactiques en Amq. Centr. - 9/10 ds CPC ! Expeditions: Conquistador. I'm out in the wilderness. I've spent all my money on medicine, and I'm already out of it. My followers' various debilitating conditions are becoming worse by the day and I am unable to further assist them in recuperating. Each night, I pray that we don't get ambushed by bandits, because there's no way we'd be able to stand up to them; not in this condition.

‘Drive on Moscow’: How I Conquered Russia on My iPad — War is Boring. The sheer scope of the battle of Moscow was exceptional.

‘Drive on Moscow’: How I Conquered Russia on My iPad — War is Boring

Both sides committed more than a million men to the battle; the Red Army also lost nearly a million men, but still the German forces were halted. —The Drive on Moscow 1941 by Niklas Zetterling and Anders Frankson The fate of the world hung in the balance as summer turned to autumn in October 1941. Les Merveilleuses Aventures de Loulou. The Unsung Story Swan Song. Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians has less than 96 hours remaining on Kickstarter.

The Unsung Story Swan Song

Currently sitting at $484,299, Playdek has a little more than $100k to raise this week. Humble Sid Meier Bundle (pay what you want and help charity) The perfect XCOM run: How Zemalf beat Impossible Ironman with zero deaths. Youtuber Antti Kokkonen, who uploads Let's Plays to Youtube under the username Zemalf, is one of the best XCOM players in the world.

The perfect XCOM run: How Zemalf beat Impossible Ironman with zero deaths

On January 11, he finished a 50 hour run of XCOM: Enemy Within on Impossible Ironman difficulty without losing a single country. Or Interceptor. Or mission. Or soldier. It was a perfect run on the game's hardest difficulty (and his first time through Enemy Within). "I consider myself an okay player, but the run did go really well," he told PC Gamer. XCOM : Enemy Unknown : Guide et astuces. TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit. - Watch the BBC report and judge for yourself whether or not they did a good job.

TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit

This video is an attempt to explain to those who don't understand videogame streaming better than BBC Newsnights feature on the subject, which drew hostility from a great deal of people due to its condescending and misleading approach. Footage used under Fair Use doctrine for educational purposes.

LethalFrag. Conway's Secret Blog. Risk of Rain. Risk of Rain, c’est d’abord une belle success-story de deux développeurs, Paul Morse et Duncan Drummond, réunis sous une structure créée pour l’occasion : Hopoo Games.

Risk of Rain

Après un Kickstarter rondement mené avec 30.000 $ réunis (pour un objectif initial de 7000 $), le jeu s’est finalement vu accueilli par Chucklefish (Starbound), qui a offert à Risk of Rain un beau forum ainsi que la possibilité d’être édité. Et en plus les développeurs ont été aidés par Matthew Griffin de Yeti Trunk pour l’intégration du mode multijoueur ! Si c’est pas beau tout ça… Mais dans les faits, ça donne quoi ? Risk of Rain est un platformer en pixel-art orienté action empruntant quelques mécaniques de gameplay au rogue-like, le tout avec un système de permadeath.

En somme, un bon gros défouloir bien frustrant… mais très jouissif. Avant de plonger en enfer, un choix entre plusieurs personnages est proposé, disposant chacun de caractéristiques propres. The Basics of Blood Bowl. Dawn of War II Retribution : Les Space Marines.