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See Something? Cite Something.

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Finding recent papers Your search results are normally sorted by relevance, not by date. Zimmerman's Research Guide - American Law Reports (ALR) American Law Reports (ALR) is a multi-series publication comprised of articles that focus on unsettled areas of the law (often a split between federal circuits or state courts).

Zimmerman's Research Guide - American Law Reports (ALR)

Each article discusses the issue in detail and provides extensive footnotes to leading judicial opinions. If you find an ALR citation on the issue you are researching, all you have to do is update the key cases -- by running them through Shepard's on Lexis or KeyCite on Westlaw -- and your case law research is pretty much done. You can search for ALR articles on Westlaw (ALR). Lexis also has all the ALR articles (2NDARY;LEDALR) except for the ALR 1st series. Summary judgment in a “Solicitors from Hell” case. This post originally appeared on Media Lawyer, the indispensable subscription service from the Press Association covering all aspects of media law.

Summary judgment in a “Solicitors from Hell” case

It is reproduced with permission and thanks. Law - Cover Letters. Contents A.

Law - Cover Letters

Purpose. and ADR Rules ENGLISH.pdf. Regulations. FEDERAL CRIMINAL LAW. Emerging global networks for free access to law: WorldLII’s strategies. Graham Greenleaf, Philip Chung and Andrew Mowbray Co-Directors, AustLII & WorldLII* 1.

Emerging global networks for free access to law: WorldLII’s strategies

The emerging ‘free access to law’ network 1.1. The challenges of global legal research Legal research increasingly has global dimensions. Commercial legal publishers have responded to these developments in a number of ways. Both the internationalisation of legal research and the decline of local control over legal information call for a response from those who value free access to legal information3, and who consider that free access to essential legal information should be part of a person’s civil rights everywhere. By 'essential legal information' (also called ‘public legal information’) we mean primary legal materials (legislation, case-law, treaties etc) and some secondary (interpretative) materials (law reform reports, travaux préparatoires, investigative commission reports etc).

Legal research

Blogue journal tic. Comprendre media. Bogues scholar. Anthropologie. Recherche quantitative. Thèse. » Individualisme et égoïsme. Tocqueville. J’ai fait voir comment, dans les siècles d’égalité, chaque homme cherchait en lui-même ses croyances; je veux montrer comment, dans les mêmes siècles, il tourne ses sentiments vers lui seul.

» Individualisme et égoïsme. Tocqueville

L’individualisme est une expression récente qu’une idée nouvelle a fait naître. Nos pères ne connaissaient que l’égoïsme. Speaking with Karl Marx. LONDON, DECEMBER 18 [1878]--In a little villa at Haverstock Hill, the northwest portion of London, lives Karl Marx, the cornerstone of modern socialism.

Speaking with Karl Marx

He was exiled from his native country--Germany--in 1844, for propagating revolutionary theories. In 1848, he returned, but in a few months was again exiled. Expansion causing 'chaos' across the world. Philip Altbach says global expansion may entrench the dominance of Western university systems The world’s university system is in “chaos” because of the globalisation and enormous expansion of higher education, a leading scholar has argued.

Expansion causing 'chaos' across the world

Philip Altbach, director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College, warned that there was “a lot to worry about” in the global sector and that the downsides of these two trends were being ignored. “Global mobility of students and faculty is higher then at least since the period of the medieval European universities,” he told a symposium in his honour held at the institution on 5 April.

But this movement had created a brain drain from the “peripheries” of higher education to the “centres” – North America, Europe and parts of the English-speaking world such as Australia – he said. Enseigner avec un manuel numérique. What Can I Do With A Humanities Degree? Bruce B.

What Can I Do With A Humanities Degree?

Janz. The Persistence of Crisis: Work Harder or Fight Back. At my monthly department meeting yesterday, the department’s representative to our University Senate gave his report on their last meeting. As part of his report, he told us some of the concerns our university president, Javier Cevallos, expressed about a recent drop in enrollment. Cevallos’s remarks before our University Senate echoed a statement he released in October 2012 in order to explain another $3 million shortfall: Budget Shortfall This fall semester, Kutztown University is facing a problem of serious magnitude. For the second straight year, the university has experienced a drop in enrollment.Almost 300 students have made the decision not to come back to KU to continue their education for this fall semester.

This story of “fiscal crisis” has been the norm at Kutztown University for most of the ten years I have worked here. Of course, there are other, concrete reasons why these specific students left Kutztown. About the Thesis Whisperer. The Thesis Whisperer is a blog newspaper dedicated to the topic of doing a thesis and is edited by Dr Inger Mewburn, Director of research training at the Australian National University. The Delphi Project on the Changing Faculty and Student Success. The Story Behind a Prominent Professor's Suicide. Michael Asch « Free Knowledge Project. On May 13th, Michael Asch gave a talk entitled “Establishing a Just Relationship with Indigenous Peoples” at the annual general meeting of the Friends of the Nemaiah Valley.

FONV has been working hard to raise awareness about political, legal, and ecological issues in the Nemaiah Valley, British Columbia. Three such issues are the wild horse ranger program, the aboriginal title case Tsilhqot’in Nation v. B.C., and the on-going proposals to build a multi-billion dollar open-pit gold and copper mine in the area. Marc Pinkoski « Free Knowledge Project.

By the end of the month, Federal Minister of the Environment, Leona Aglukkaq, will declare her government’s intentions on a proposal for the development of a large, open-pit gold and copper mine in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Region of Central BC. This will be the Conservative Cabinet’s second decision on the proposed project after rejecting the first one in 2010. If completed, the mine is projected to be the second largest open-pit mine in Canada. Just like the first decision, the second proposal is being considered after an Environmental Assessment and formal recommendations from an independent panel appointed by the Minister of the Environment. For both assessments, the panels were composed of known experts in their fields who were tasked with reviewing scientific evidence and hearing live testimony from the proponent (company), interested parties, and community members about the proposal. Douglas Rushkoff - Home.

Let Us Eat Cake. “Its vagueness is its strength–anything more detailed would get in the way of the pastel and neon textures that animate the identity.” The new logo that the University of California unveiled yesterday can’t be taken seriously, but we laugh so we don’t vomit. That quote, above? That’s an actual quote, by someone who apparently did not think they were saying something so humiliatingly vacuous that the only possible reaction would be to take a vow of silence and change professions. That thing is ugly. Action Critique Médias.

Genre et feminisme

Thanks, Textbooks. Todorov ou le moi dialogique au carrefour des cultures - Signes, Discours et Sociétés. L’intérêt de Todorov pour le dialogue est né au début des années 80 sous l’influence de la pensée de Mikhaïl Bakhtine. Le « principe dialogique », formulé par Todorov à propos du théoricien russe, est une notion complexe qu’il convient d’envisager à plusieurs niveaux : la parole de tout être humain, l’intertextualité, les différentes formes discursives à l’intérieur du roman, genre dialogique par excellence.

Le programme PRESAGE - Présage. La foule parisienne et ses évènements au XVIII° siècle par Arlette Farge. Pour cette conférence, notre section orléanaise accueille le 27 janvier 2011 Mme Arlette Farge. Directrice de recherche au CNRS et enseignante à l’EHESS, celle-ci a consacré sa vie à l’histoire des femmes et à l’histoire des classes populaires du XVIII° siècle. Auteur d’une vingtaine de livres (dont le dernier est : « Essai pour une histoire des voix ») et d’un nombre considérable d’articles, participant sur France-Culture à la « Fabrique de l’Histoire », elle a aussi donné au n° 64 de la revue orléanaise Théodore Balmoral un très beau texte dont le président Malissard lit l’extrait concernant le XVIII° siècle.

Arlette Farge nous informe d’abord de sa « façon singulière de travailler ». Proche de Michel Foucault et de Jacques Revel, elle doit aussi beaucoup aux romanciers contemporains comme Pierre Michon et ses « Vies minuscules » ou Pascal Quignard. Ses sources sont avant tout les archives de la police, détenues par les Archives nationales et la Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal. Comment enseigner l’histoire du genre et des homosexualités à l’école ? Indiscret. Succession de Richard Descoings à Sciences po: la procédure au point mort. La situation fluctue d'une semaine sur l'autre à Sciences po. Land Matrix. Land Matrix partnership launches second phase of its Global Observatory on large scale land acquisitions Dynamic public interface promotes greater transparency in land investments Bern/Hamburg/Montpellier/Rome (10 June 2013) The Land Matrix partnership today launches the second phase of the Global Observatory on large scale land acquisitions.

The Land Matrix Global Observatory is a tool that promotes transparency in land transactions and supports open data and open source communities focused on land deals. There’s a Trick with a Knife I’m Learning to Do by Michael Ondaatje at Ethershop Spring 2007. Spurious. The Shadow Scholar - The Chronicle Review. Rutgers Business School. Le français, prisonnier de sa grammaire depuis 500 ans. The Internet and its Democratic Virtues. This article is based on the author’s presentation (with Daniel Bougnoux and Patrice Flichy) at the panel “The Internet and the Renewal of Democracy” chaired by Caroline Broué, at the forum on “Reinventing Democracy” organized by La République des idées at Grenoble on 9 May 2009.

Will the Supreme Court Reaffirm Affirmative Action?


Education Permanente : Parution n°192 - 2012-3 - Les 20 ans du bilan de compétences.