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FREE Printables from! Around the World in 12 Dishes-Activities, Recipes and Books About Sweden. Let's go!

Around the World in 12 Dishes-Activities, Recipes and Books About Sweden

We're traveling to Sweden with Around the World in 12 Dishes! This little video clip can transport you and your child all the way to Sweden from your very own home. Don't forget to pack your bag, print your passport and carry a detailed map of Sweden! As you're watching the video ask your child to discuss what they see...How does it looks similiar and different to where you live or places you've visited? What types of land forms do you see? Resources About Sweden Need a snack for the trip to Sweden?

Watercolor Fun with SwedenWe created a suitcase full of facts and fun as we learned about Sweden this week. Interactive Whiteboard Lessons - Modern Chalkboard. EngVid. Digital textbooks and standards-aligned educ... Videos - Young Learners. Technology Resources for The Polar Express. I am in love with the book, The Polar Express.

Technology Resources for The Polar Express

To be honest, the movie didn't quite do it for me, but every.single.time I read the book, I get teary-eyed at the end. In fact, one of my most prized Christmas items is an autographed copy of the book from when I was living in NYC and met Chris Van Allsburg himself! So many of you do special celebrations with this book (I'm envious!) , but because it's so specifically Christmas, we're a bit limited at my school. No worries, though! I *love* Liam Neeson, so this find was an instant favorite! Find this narration HERE. This is probably my most favorite find, since it follows the book exactly and incorporates scenes from the movie to align with the narration... perfect! To watch this book/movie combo, click HERE. If you are able to show the movie, you will *love* this Webquest that was developed by Amy Johns! Free Chronicles of Narnia Resource Unit. This post contains affiliate links to help support this site.

Free Chronicles of Narnia Resource Unit

Here’s my full disclosure page. Ah, The Chronicles of Narnia. These classic books by C.S. Lewis have long been friends of mine since childhood. Oxford University Press. BBC Schools. The English Zone - The online English tutor. Help your child get ahead in Eng... Beginners. Free Printable ESL materials.

These are materials that will probably be suitable for students in the first half of their first year of English studies.

Beginners. Free Printable ESL materials.

For more information on the level classification used on esl lounge, go to our level description page. The lesson materials have been divided into the following categories for Beginners. Click any one to go to the resources. Pairwork Activities, Surveys, etc These are the resources which will most successfully get your students talking. Flashcards and Role Cards These are called flashcards, prompt cards or role cards, depending on your teacher training and the specific purpose they are used for. Teaching Ideas - Free lesson ideas, plans, activities and resources for use in the primary classroom.

Teaching Websites. Teachit - English teaching resources. Språklänkportalen - Startsidan. Abcteach: Printable Worksheets for Teachers, Common Core, Smart Board. Topics List. Teachers. The Zimmer Twins is a fun way to incorporate technology into the classroom.


Watch your students expand their vocabulary, practice proper writing habits, and become junior movie producers all at the same time! Take a few minutes to explore the Zimmer Twins and so you are familiar with the site before using it with your students. Getting Started The best place to start is the help area. Here you'll find answers to common questions as well as movies that act as great guides to new comers. Accounts To save movies visitors need to get a nickname and password by joining the site. Setting up accounts in a classroom can present challenges.

Use the site without accounts. Remember that students are welcome to set up their own accounts at home with the help of their parents. Ninas Språkrum. Formativa arbetssätt för engelskundervisningen. Jag samlar länkar för att utmana mig själv i det formativa arbetssättet och för att variera undervisningen och hitta rätt inlärningsstil för eleverna.

Formativa arbetssätt för engelskundervisningen

Jag såg att vi är fler som vill utmana oss i det på blogghubben. Här kommer ett litet bidrag med de länkar eller arbetssätt jag just för tillfället kan bidra med. Den absolut bästa länksamlingen är gjor av IT-mamman, men även den på IKT-skafferiet är väldigt bra. Sen finns detta tydliga ark för att hitta verktygen som passar för att ställa frågor och få snabb återkoppling på lärandet.

Kanske det hjälper dig att hitta rätt app eller sida direkt utan att behöva testa först. Nedan har jag kategoriserat mina länktips efter rubrikerna muntligt (gäller både tala och samtala), skriftligt, lyssna, och läsa, men även grammatik och ordinlärning då det är centralt i språkinlärningen, samt övrigt:

Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas. The Secret Door - Step Through To The UnknownCutting Skills Worksheets - Scissor Skills. English Language Learning Software. The Teacher's Corner - Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Activities.

Games, Activities for Teaching English Vocabulary and Grammar. Channel 4 Learning - DVDs, CD-Roms and free online education resources and activities for schools. Kunskapsbanken, Övningar på engelska - Unga Fakta.