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Funky16Corners. The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Samples Of All Time. Funky16Corners. Today's Blog Music / The Hype Machine. Shuffler. Interprétations Diverses. Paris Jazz Club, agenda des concerts jazz Paris, Ile-de-France. George Duke with Billy Cobham - Rush Hour. Crossing the Bridge - The Sound of Istanbul ( Fatih Akin ) Benn loxo du taccu. La case de l'affreux thom. Soul sides. Naija jams.

THE TOFU HUT. =================================================================Even when you don't find music here, you can bet I'm on my grizzly.


Here's a recent post I made over at Monkeyfilter and ILM: Some of you may know me from around town; I'm an audioblogger. A musicblogger/audioblogger/MP3blogger is a person who offers interesting, out of print, rare or otherwise engaging music to people at no charge, out of love for the sound and to promote artists that they would like to see get more popular. High on the Stones by Dan Chiasson.

The Beatles In Hamburg. Fresh from damp-brown 50s Liverpool, packed into a camper van with one bumper hanging off, these were truly innocents abroad.

The Beatles In Hamburg

The Genius of Miles Davis: Explained! Ed Note: Sometimes it's hard to hear music as described on the page. Bill DeMain's story on Miles Davis and Kind of Blue in our latest magazine is wonderful, but we wanted to make sure readers actually got to hear the sounds. So we asked Ransom to remix it with any YouTube clips he could find. The following is a mish-mash of Bill's story and Ransom's writing, all enhanced with Miles' music. We're hoping it gives readers a slightly richer experience. Enjoy! The Secret World of Serge Gainsbourg. Paris, May 23, 2007: Carefully avoiding eye contact with the tourists in the street, Charlotte Gainsbourg quickly lets me into the small, graffiti-covered house at 5 bis Rue de Verneuil.

The Secret World of Serge Gainsbourg

Two blocks from Boulevard Saint-Germain in the Seventh Arrondissement, the house is where her father, Serge Gainsbourg, lived and, on March 2, 1991, died at the age of 62. In the days following his death, France went into mourning, fans crowded the tiny street singing his songs, and the women closest to him sat in his bedroom with his body for four days because Charlotte didn't want to let him go. For 16 years this house has been shuttered and locked, with only the housekeeper or occasional family member allowed inside. Charlotte, an actress and a huge star in France, is now the owner of the house and wants, with the help of architect Jean Nouvel, to turn it into a museum. The Man with a Cabbage Head statue in Gainsbourg's house. Khaled and the myth of rai. Cheb Khaled, the Algerian rai singer who is probably the best-known Arabic singer on the planet, was selected this summer as one of NPR's 50 Great Voices.

Khaled and the myth of rai

Banning Eyre, a regular commentator on World Music on NPR and producer for Afropop Worldwide who has worked tirelessly to promote music from Africa, including the Maghreb, introduced Khaled to the NPR audience. Unfortunately, his introduction of Khaled repeated several unfortunate and misleading myths about rai music. Eyre presents a picture of an exceptional artist who favors tolerance and peace, and whose courageous positions have angered many Muslims and forced him to take refuge in the West. Eyre depicts Khaled as well as a kind of "bad boy," in the image of a U.S. rock'n'roller.

Best of 2010 radio shows, Podcasts.


Video, Audio, and Podcast Publication Platform. How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones - Lifehacker. ALLOFMP3. May 26, 2008 Music Industry Drops Copyright Suit Against Russian Music Site May 23 (Bloomberg) -- Sony BMG Music Entertainment and other record companies dismissed their copyright lawsuit against Russia-based Internet music store, which was accused of distributing millions of pirated song files.


Members of the Recording Industry Association of... read more November 05, 2007. - Convert your Spotify and iTunes playlists to Grooveshark. How to use social media to break into the music industry - TNW. Breaking into the music industry has changed, with artists no longer relying on old-school tactics to try and land a record deal.

How to use social media to break into the music industry - TNW

Technology has disrupted the music biz like bands creating location aware based albums. Here’s how social media can be used to try and make that break into the music industry: Consider which social networking sites to use MySpace used to be the social networking site of choice for aspiring artists. The once popular site has been attributed to launching the careers of Lily Allen and Soulja Boy, as well as boosting sales of already established artists.

Lady Gaga has over 31 million likes on Facebook, yet only 1.5 million “friends” on her MySpace profile. “We encourage every artist to have accounts on the likes of Facebook and Twitter,” says Naoise Ryan of Universal Music Group. Create your online presence BandPage, from RootMusic, is definitely the must-have Facebook app to use if you want to be taken seriously in the music industry. Share and engage. Top 10 Augmented Reality Projects by the Music Industry Article, Digital Journalism. Augmented Reality is like music to my ears (couldn’t resist the pun…) The music industry is known more for stifling technology innovation than adopting it (cough*Napster *cough) which makes it especially gratifying to see recent attempts to harness augmented reality for music lovers (and/or nerds).

Top 10 Augmented Reality Projects by the Music Industry Article, Digital Journalism

Here are my Top 10 augmented reality projects created by the music industry: 10) StudioB, Adobe and John Mayer “AR video clip” “Studio B teamed with Adobe and John Mayer to create the worlds first Augmented Reality music video. Studio B shot and keyed the green screen footage using the new Apple ProRes 444 codec. It’s impressive to see a major music figure dedicating his time for an AR app – but is this significantly more interesting than just watching this 3D video on your PC? 9) Video for German Band Saint Aside.