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EU Directive 2004/38/EC: Britain doesn’t need to ‘take back control’ of immigration. We already have it - Blair abolished exit checks, no need for a passport in Britain, reibtroduce. Concern over immigration was one of the most important factors for those who voted for Brexit, yet we already have the power to take back control of the free movement of EU citizens to the UK – we just aren’t using it.

EU Directive 2004/38/EC: Britain doesn’t need to ‘take back control’ of immigration. We already have it - Blair abolished exit checks, no need for a passport in Britain, reibtroduce

Both major political parties’ front benches, and even cabinet members, are divided when it comes to whether Britain should remain in the single market, which entails allowing free movement of people within the EU. But the reality of immigration in Britain today is a far cry from the public’s perception. We lost control over our borders almost two decades ago. In 1998, Tony Blair removed exit checks. Nobody checks your passport once you have gone through security at an airport, as they do in virtually every other country in the world. Why doesn’t the government implement these exit checks? The government reintroduced exit checks in 2015 – but these fall well short of the physical, visible checks after security, which are airport-enforced. Pillars of Hercules - Bacons work cover is two towers Joachim Boaz left slightly sjprter, said those who pass between will jave wisdom.

The European Pillar of Hercules: the Rock of Gibraltar (foreground), with the North African shore in the background.

Pillars of Hercules - Bacons work cover is two towers Joachim Boaz left slightly sjprter, said those who pass between will jave wisdom

Pillars of Hercules from Mediterranean Sea: left, Jebel Musa, right, the Rock of Gibraltar. Instauratio Magna. YouGov rigged poll slice & dice populsim.... conclusion: There is no mass public revolt against globalisation. Then says 'if globalisation is to survive...' Who ARE these people? 95% of ocean plastic is from 3rd world.

Christian PERSECUTION: Anger as France sees 10 Catholic churches attacked in ONE week. At least 10 incidents of vandalism and desecration of Catholic churches have been reported across the Channel since the beginning of February.

Christian PERSECUTION: Anger as France sees 10 Catholic churches attacked in ONE week

French Roman-Catholic newspaper La Croix International reported how the attacks on churches took place across France. Senseless acts included the desecration of altars, the defacing of Christ on the cross and in an extreme case, human excrement being spread across the walls of a holy place of worship. According to the outlet, one of the first attacks was on February 4 at St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Houilles, Yvelines, where a statue of the Virgin Mary was found smashed on the ground. @RichieAllenShow… Why is Jimmy Carter speaking at Muslim convention? - Washington Jimmy Carter is scheduled to be the keynote speaker this weekend at the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

Why is Jimmy Carter speaking at Muslim convention? -

To many Americans, that doesn’t warrant more than a shrug of the shoulders, but the planned Saturday appearance is also drawing criticism from some conservatives who say the event looks to be another example of the former president implicitly undercutting US foreign policy – in this case, opposition to Islamic terrorism. Mr. Carter has long drawn rebukes in conservative circles for his views on Middle East policy, and as it turns out, the timing of this event comes as concern about militant Islam has flared due to bloodshed perpetrated by the group known as the Islamic State (IS), and because of heightened violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Carter raised eyebrows recently by calling Hamas a legitimate Palestinian political group that Israel and the United States should recognize.

Gov. Log in. The Smearing of Ted Gunderson. By Ken Adachi <Ken Adachi, Editor> May 1, 2000 If you know who late night radio talk show host Art Bell is, you probably already know that he recently retired from one of the most popular night time radio talk shows in America, Coast to Coast with Art Bell.

The Smearing of Ted Gunderson

Art lays the reason for his forced early retirement squarely on the shoulders of two individuals, Ted Gunderson and David Hinkson, because of a brief conversation between Hinkson and Gunderson about Bell on the night of December 9, 1997. Art has told his radio audience that his personal life has been devastated because of that exchange and that he felt compelled to retire from radio and vindicate his honor in a public trial.

The conversation in question was carried on the Armed Forces Network (AFN), WWCR, KHNC, and other stations via short-wave radio. The entire transcript of the relavent two minute Gunderson/Hinkson conversation is attached to this article. EU migrants without a job make up city the size of Bristol. Brexit: EU migrants pocket MORE tax credits cash and child benefits than BRITISH workers. European nationals are more likely to claim tax credits and child benefits than British born people, whilst still accessing public services like the NHS.

Brexit: EU migrants pocket MORE tax credits cash and child benefits than BRITISH workers

They are also contributing less in tax than working Britons because they are working for lower pay, undercutting wages in a number of sectors from building to manufacturing. The figures come after it emerged that EU migrants are now costing taxpayers £530 million in benefits every year. They will add to the growing clamour for Britain to leave the 28-nation bloc and regain control of its own borders. Statistics compiled by independent Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) paint a divided picture about the benefits of mass EU migration to the UK. They show that migrants from the continent are more likely to be employed than British nationals, but that they are mostly filling low-skilled, low paid jobs. As a result EU nationals claim less in unemployment benefits, like Jobseekers Allowance, than British people. Log in. Log in. Annuit cœptis - see 13 stars, 13 letters much more.

Annuit cœptis (/ˈænuɪt ˈsɛptɪs/; in Classical Latin: [ˈannuɪt ˈkoe̯ptiːs]) is one of two mottos on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.

Annuit cœptis - see 13 stars, 13 letters much more

(The second motto is Novus ordo seclorum; another motto appears on the obverse (front) side of the Great Seal: E pluribus unum.)[1] Taken from the Latin words annuo (third-person singular present or perfect annuit), "to nod" or "to approve", and coeptum (plural coepta), "commencement, undertaking", it is literally translated, "[providence] favors our undertakings" or "[providence] has favored our undertakings" (annuit could be in either the present or perfect tense).[2] Cape Colgate (Gate of Col, the Dove?) vantage point of Crocker Land witness, land then disappears; is the Earth flat AND hollow. Pope Francis sacks Head of Knights of Malta for sacking a person who gave out CONDOMS - this Pope is Satanic. Robert Matthew Festing (born 30 November 1949) served as Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta from 2008 until his resignation following a dispute with the Vatican on 28 January 2017.[1][2] Family[edit] Education and career[edit] Festing was a Deputy Lieutenant for Northumberland and in the 1998 Queen's Birthday Honours was appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).[3] He has also served as the County Cadet Commandant of the Northumbria Army Cadet Force and is Patron of the Sandhurst Foundation and a Trustee of Northumbria Historic Churches.

Pope Francis sacks Head of Knights of Malta for sacking a person who gave out CONDOMS - this Pope is Satanic

-festival-culture-innovation-sport-great-exhibition-queen-victoria - Brexit Day turned into 125 million 'Diversity Festival' The UK will host a major new festival to celebrate culture, sports and innovation in 2022, in an attempt to showcase its post-Brexit future, Theresa May has announced.

-festival-culture-innovation-sport-great-exhibition-queen-victoria - Brexit Day turned into 125 million 'Diversity Festival'

Ministers will pour £120m into preparations for The Festival, a nationwide celebration inspired by the 1851 Great Exhibition during Queen Victoria's reign and the post-war Festival of Britain some 70 years ago. The prime minister said the event would come at a moment of “national renewal” as the nation seeks to establish itself outside the European Union, and will coincide with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Join Independent Minds For exclusive articles, events and an advertising-free read for just £5.99 €6.99 $9.99 a month. BBC Diversity Report - EU 'competancies' Bbc equality information report 2017 18. Christmas Chronicles featuring an Isis sign-wielding Kurt Russel...the director? None other than 'Chris Columbus'. Coloumb, dove, Semirimis.

Uni desperately tries to answer gravity question, inconherent answer from beginning to end. A force or a distortion...the answer 'can only be in your head' If gravity can be defined as the curvature of space rather than a force of attraction, why does not a bullet shot out of a gun, say perpendicular to the Earth's crust, and a ball thrown by me on the same trajectory (but obviously at a much slower speed) follow the same curve?

Uni desperately tries to answer gravity question, inconherent answer from beginning to end. A force or a distortion...the answer 'can only be in your head'

If gravity is actually curved space and if falling objects are simply following the natural curves of space why does each object have its own curve? This is a great question which goes to the heart of why Einstein said gravity is the curvature of space-time, rather than just the curvature of space. Consider the diagram below, which shows the situation you describe in your question. National Lottery winner, 53, denies faking a ticket to pocket an unclaimed £2.5million jackpot - why is he making the isis sign? A Freemason? National Lottery winner, 53, denies faking a ticket to pocket an unclaimed £2.5million jackpot just before the six-month deadline Edward Putnam was arrested following a three year investigation into the ticket He was paid £2,525,485 in 2009 as the winner of the unclaimed ticket The winning numbers on March 11 that year were 6, 9, 20, 21, 31 and were on a ticket purchased in Worcester By Terri-ann Williams For Mailonline Published: 09:10 EST, 7 February 2019 | Updated: 09:47 EST, 7 February 2019 Edward Putman (pictured) was seen leaving St Albans Magistrates' Court earlier today where he is accused of fraud A National Lottery winner has today denied faking a ticket to pocket an unclaimed £2.5million jackpot just before the six-month deadline.

Sister of Polish butcher arrested over disappearance of Libby Squire insists he's innocent - why is he making the Isis sign. The sister of the Polish butcher arrested over the disappearance of Libby Squire today insisted her brother is innocent - but revealed he had comforted a 'crying girl' on the night she vanished. Detectives have sealed off Paweł Rełowicz's rented house, took away his computers and towed away his silver Vauxhall Astra after they arrested him on suspicion of abducting the missing Hull student, 21. The married father-of-two, who works in a Humberside bacon factory, remains in custody today after officers hunting for Libby were given more time to question him over her disappearance. His sister Paulina Szymanska, 28, who is living in Poland, said her brother was driving through the area she was last seen and had tried to help a girl he saw sobbing on the street.

She told the Daily Telegraph: 'I don't believe my brother could do it. Afghan migrant who stabbed aid worker to death entitled to COMPENSATION after self-defence ruling - see Age, 22 or 33. A teenage migrant who stabbed a refugee aid worker to death with a kitchen knife could be eligible for compensation for time spent in prison after judges ruled he acted in self-defence.

The knifeman, named only as 18-year-old Afghan migrant Seyed M. due to German privacy laws, was accused of manslaughter after 20-year-old Jose M. died in a park in Ochtrup, north-west Germany, last May in a row over a girl. Jose M. was knifed six times - including once in the heart - with the knife the defendant kept hidden in his clothing. Jose had confronted Seyed M. after the Afghan reportedly became obsessed with a female friend of the victim, and constantly stalked her despite her pleas to be left alone. Manchester Victoria station stabbings 'a terrorist investigation' - Victoria, still at it. Media playback is unsupported on your device The stabbing of three people - including a police officer - in Manchester is being treated as a terrorist investigation, police say. A man, aged 25, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after the attack on New Year's Eve at the city's Victoria railway station. Two knives were recovered at the scene and a property is being searched in the Cheetham Hill area.

The BBC understands the security services are assisting police. The three victims were taken to a nearby hospital with "serious" but not life-threatening injuries. A woman, aged in her 50s, suffered injuries to her face and stomach, while a man - also in his 50s - has injuries to his stomach. Brexit Festival proposed by Mogg to celebrate Brexit, May accepts then changes it immediately to a celebration of 'national diversity' - like the Queens 90th Birthday speech. The Queen's Christmas message: Monarch calls for those with ‘deeply held differences’ to treat each other with respect in veiled Brexit reference.

The Queen has called for those with "deeply held differences" to treat each other with respect in what some will view as a veiled reference to the toxic mood of public debate since the Brexit vote. In her annual Christmas Day message to the Commonwealth, which consists of 53 countries with a combined population of 2.4 billion, the monarch also highlighted how religious faith can lead people to "fall victim to tribalism". Now aged 92, the Queen's reign has lasted 66 years, during which there have been 13 prime ministers. Join Independent Minds. UN Migration Pact - literal open borders Pact, illegal immigrants to be given full benefits for life, no one in Britain knows, Trump cottoned on December 2017 1 year ago. Joan of Arc - Masonic Avatar, a mini Isis, deified by Masons, canonised by Catholic Church - entire story made up. Multiple depictions in Masonic Goddess pose...sphinx pose...

BBC reports '222' dead Indonesian Tsunami. US government partially shuts down over border wall row - BBC News wants people to think the U.S. government has literally been 'shut', closed down. US government partially shuts down over border wall row - BBC News. Points of Light - Globalist takover and management of Christian volunteering - projects ning set up for BAME/LGBT - one is even outright called Advantage for BAME.

Elderly Woman Brutally Robbed By Egyptian Migrants In Rome. Mary Glindon MP, North Tyneside - consistently voted for illegal immigrants - is this personal choice, all Labour voted the same on all issues. The UK should have stronger laws to tackle illegal immigration. UK EPIDEMIC - MUSLIM TAXI DRIVERS RAPING... - Merseyside Division English Defence League (EDL) A taxi driver who launched a sex attack on a terrifed passenger – before ringing her to beg for mercy – has been jailed. Zaharul Hoque pulled the victim back into his cab and tried to make her perform a sex act. But he later called to say sorry and urged her to “let me off this time”. Hoque, of Kingsleigh Drive, Castle Bromwich , was convicted of sexual assault last month.

Uber drivers convicted of almost half of the sex offences in London cabs - Business Insider. The number of sexual offences that were recorded to have taken place in London taxis and private hire cars surged by 20 per cent last year to its highest level since 2002. Figures from the Metropolitan Police, compiled by Transport for London and published on Friday, reveal that the number of taxi and private hire journey-related sexual offences hit 164 in the capital last year, of which 30 cases were rape, up from a total of 136 in 2015, of which 28 were classed as rape.

UK Taxi Rapes: "No Woman is Safe in a Cab" Operation Sanctuary: Dozens of taxi drivers suspended - BBC News. Global Compact on Refugees: How is this different from the migrants’ pact and how will it help people forced to flee? Brussels protest over UN migration pact turns violent - BBC News. Global Compact for Migration - UN Initiativec- research. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) is an intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, that covers "all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner".[3] At the Intergovermental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which was held from 10–11 December 2018, 164 nations met under the auspices of the United Nations General Assembly at Marrakesh, Morocco, in order to formally agree upon the Compact.[3][4] As the Compact is not an international treaty, it will be non-binding under international law.

However, as with similar United Nations agreements, it will formally be a politically binding commitment.[5] Background[edit] Britain BORROWS the £12bn it gives out in Foreign Aid. £1.1m to teach the world to sing? Rise of the apes: how Rogue One's strange birth lays bare Hollywood's imagination drought. It’s become a familiar experience to the 21st-century cinemagoer: that nagging feeling of deja vu in the multiplex, the sense that one is seeing the same movie over and over again, ad infinitum. Teutonic Knights triggered support for Hitler & WW2, just the German version of Templars; bizarre link to Flat Earth: Nazis named antarctic base New Swabia, after region origonal knights came from.

Templars morphed into Teutonic Knights, formed Rosicrucians & Masons; Hitler venerated them, WW2 was the Teutonic attempt at One World through force; 911& Bush war on terror then mass migration was Templar attempt. Strasbourg Terror Attack 11.12.2018 proximal to Notre Dame du Strasbourg & EU Parliament in France. ECJ ruling on A50: Scottish MPs who broight the 'case' named - why arent they being investigated for espionage, they went to the EU behind our backs trying to cancel the referendum result. December 2018 out of nowhere & with 3 months to go, ECJ rules that Britain can revoke Article 50. Equality Challenge Unit Our strateguc plan 2017-2021; who told them to do this...the EU via UK government...? much is all this costing the taxpayer... have they ever thought there might be a good reason for resistence...for MP.

Equality Challenge Unit - what the hell - see the logo, literally As Above So Below; then the motto, 'Illuminate= articulate = champion = transform' classic Masonic wordplay nonsense to everyone else playing along with no idea what it really means. Athena SWAN Maximum Diversity Project being rolled out in Unis across Britain - do they even realise....Athena = Goddess, Swan = occult, One World. Who is behind this. Media bias - OAPs who KILL - yet no programme dares to name itaelf MIGRANTS WHO KILL.

Canada wealthy enoguh - i thought they were good for the economy, paid.more in tjan theu take out, if so why is it mecessary to be wealthy to accept migramts. Hamburg to seize commercial property to house migrants - BBC News. Hundreds of Christmas gift bags handed to refugees in Coventry - BBC News. Christmas: SOLVED with our new Gifts for Refugees! – The Bike Project. OBAMA GIVES SYRIAN REFUGEES $1000 CASH, WALMART GIFT CARDS, SOCIAL SECURITY, APARTMEN. 'Refugees NOT welcome' as 66% of Germans turn on Merkel over migrants. German asylum seekers refuse to work insisting 'We are Merkel's GUESTS'

Police to stop passing on immigration status of crime victims, checking immigration status. UK migration: Number of illegal migrants RISING by 70,000 a year – report finds. UN: Seven out of 10 migrants crossing to Europe are not refugees. Media blackout - UN migration pact - no one in Britain knows about this. UK National Lottery Thunderball Winning Numbers.

Memorial City to transform into 'Thousand Points of Light' for George HW Bush. GHW Bush original Points of Light speech - all about Lucifer - light imagery, Lucifer = Lux light, 1000 points = 1000 years. George H.W. Bush eulogized by son at funeral: 'The brightest of a thousand points of light' No one noticed, in plain view. National TV documentary names the Queen 'Queen of the World'. This was an epithet of the Egyptian Isis. Theyre LAUGHING AT US. War of the Roses - Red & White, alchemic blood sacrifice ending in the usual Unison - child was Elizabeth 1 Queen of the World. Temporary Reintroduction of Border Control - media blackout on border lockdowns in Germany, France, Denmark due to 'social disorder'. Why is this only temporary. And why isnt Britain allowed to do this?

MSNBC Reporter With Migrants: Most Are Men, Some Haven't Shown 'Need for Asylum' How Libya became the gatekeeper of Africa’s migrant crisis. Why do politicians refuse to tell it how it is on immigration? How illegal immigrants are 'smuggled into Britain via Irish border' Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants drop off radar in the UK every year according to secret figures.

‘1% of illegal immigrants from Britain could sink asylum system’ Migrants rescued at Dover amid spike in illegal English Channel crossings - ITV News. Merkel successor Open Borders advocate. Voice of Europe □ (@V_of_Europe) CONSPIRACY: 1979 Supertramp album cover reveals Freemasons ‘pre-knew about’ 9/11. Urgent background checks are ordered on 3,000 doctors. The Times - to MP: why was this not already being done, have we been trusting them all on their word ? Yet British students are never given the same kind of opportu.

Crowley names WW1 as the 'Great War' 3 years before it started; said it is a required blood sacrifice for the Age of Horus. WW1 was planned & orchestrated likely by O.T.O. A list of past and present MPs who are Freemasons or Bilderberg attendees - ties in with 18th c circle see Charles Bradlaugh. TM silently keepong Britain tied to EU Himan Rights. Britannia Leads To The Goddess Diana - Barati was worshipped as Perathea and later as Diana. June 6, 2006: 6 Things You Must Know - No Conspiracy, Just Facts - Manchrster Attack 22 all over it 77 bombings 777 all ovrr it. Weird Rules All Freemasons Must Obey, Or Else They Face The Consequences.

Migrant caravan marches on as Mexico warns there are now 14,000 on way to US. Meghan Markle white gown modelled on Goddess Theia AKA Isis. Ebola: Who created this terrible virus and why? This secretive agenda must be taken seriously. Leftist Google - searched EU Infiltration, Britain...1st result? Putin & Russia. nonsensical. A Level British Politics - Democracy is held to require the will of the majority to prevail so that decisions reflected the interest of most people - most oeople want immigration stopped but it continies, we are not in a democracy.