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My Construction Programmes & Schedules - Two Stage Selective Tender Schedule. Below is an example of a two stage selective tender program (by clicking on the image you can zoom closure).

My Construction Programmes & Schedules - Two Stage Selective Tender Schedule

With this type of procurement the principle contractor tenders their prelims only (stage 1). With the advantage of an early appointment, the contractor can assist in contributing towards design co-ordination, and ensure everything has been accounted for to each sub-contractor tender package (stage 2). When programming this type of programme the planner will need to consider the following:- Click on the image to open a new page to zoom in and see more detail. Typical two stage selective tender strategic programme Construction Schedule – This is the schedule of the actual construction work that demonstrates the sequence of how the building is assembled (Box 1 on example). To help explain how I scheduled this programme, I’ve drawn four red boxes around the main parts of the program and numbered each box 1 to 4. Some sub-contractors will be ordering numerous items.

Drawing Approval. The Approval of a particular revision of a Technical Document implies that the Approver takes responsibility for the content of the revision of the document.

Drawing Approval

This responsibility is often shrugged off by the use of alternative terms such as "No Comment". The effect however remains the same: and the arguments about liability remain the same. The most common method of approval in the Oil & Gas and Process industries is the "A B C" status, where: "A" is the highest level of Approval - meaning that the Reviewer can find no problems. "B" is the a mid level of Approval - meaning "Fit for construction or manufacture subject the notes supplied""C" is the lowest level of Approval - meaning "Not fit for construction or manufacture" It is necessary therefore that a Technical Document receives "Status A" viz becomes classified as being fit for its purpose before it is formally issued for constructioin or manufacture.

Glossary of construction cost estimating - Wikipedia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A glossary of terms relating to construction cost estimating.

Glossary of construction cost estimating - Wikipedia

A[edit] B[edit] Basis of estimate (BOE) - a document which describes the scope basis, pricing basis, methods, qualifications, assumptions, inclusions, and exclusions.[3]Bill of materials (BOM) - a list of materials required for the construction of a project or part of a project, which may include quantities.Bill of quantities (BOQ) - a document used in tendering in the construction industry in which materials, parts, and labor (and their costs) are itemized. It also (ideally) details the terms and conditions of the construction or repair contract and itemises all work to enable a contractor to price the work for which he or she is bidding.Bond - usually refers to a performance bond, which is a surety bond issued by an insurance company or a bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor. C[edit] D[edit] E[edit] F[edit] G[edit] Designing Buildings Wiki. Sindicato de Arquitectos - Fosarq. 1.

Sindicato de Arquitectos - Fosarq

Qué es fosarq2. Estudiar en otro país3. Trabajar en otro país4. Experiencias en el extranjero5. Participa en Fosarq6. Hace más o menos dos años, el Sindicato de Arquitectos presentó la I Encuesta sobre la situación de la profesión en nuestro país. Posteriormente, la “llamada alemana” hacia expertos en diferentes materias técnicas hizo que creciera la demanda de puestos de trabajo por parte de arquitectos españoles. Sin embargo, salir no es sólo trabajar. Ante la posibilidad de empezar una nueva vida fuera de nuestro país muchos de nosotros nos preguntamos ¿a quién acudir? El Sindicato de Arquitectos encuentra una nueva necesidad dentro de nuestro entorno y propone la creación del FOSARQ. Éste pretende ser un FORO DE ENCUENTRO, una RED DE CONTACTOS, nacional e internacional.

. - Contestar las múltiples preguntas que nos planteamos antes de decidirnos a dar el paso y abandonar el país. Mies van der rohe award. Architecture. Free Architecture Courses. If you have a computer, tablet, or smart phone, you can go to college for free.

Free Architecture Courses

Hundreds of colleges and universities around the world offer free downloads of popular courses and lectures in architecture, urban design, and engineering. Yes, there are drawbacks. You can't chat with the professors or classmates. You can't earn credits or work toward a degree. But you'll get the same lecture notes and assignments as "live" students. 1.

Chicago Architecture Foundation. Promotes 20th century modern architecture. ACE-CAE. Homepage > Français Print Show Archives Homepage Results Economic Trends Survey Press release (January 2014) 2012 Annual Report & 2013 Outlook The Architectural Profession in Europe 2012 A Sector Study commissioned by the Architects' Council of Europe To download ALL THE DOCUMENT click here (23,8 Mo) To download per Chapter : Click on the Title below CHAPTER 1: Architects in Europe (3,3 Mo) CHAPTER 2: Architecture: The Market (2,9 Mo)


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