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Your Rights II

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Censorship causes blindness. FCC approves plan to consider paid priority on Internet. The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted in favor of advancing a proposal that could dramatically reshape the way consumers experience the Internet, opening the possibility of Internet service providers charging Web sites for higher-quality delivery of their content to American consumers.

FCC approves plan to consider paid priority on Internet

Save the Internet. Biotech giants sue Hawaiian island for passing legislation to restrict GMOs. (NaturalNews) The "big dogs" in chemical agriculture are on a witch hunt to reverse a bill passed by the Kauai County Council back in November that sets reasonable restrictions on the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the Hawaiian island.

Biotech giants sue Hawaiian island for passing legislation to restrict GMOs

According to the Huffington Post, an unholy trinity represented by DuPont, Syngenta and Agrigenetics Inc. (an affiliate of Dow AgroSciences) has filed a federal lawsuit arguing against Measure 2491, which is intended to set buffer zones between schools and fields sprayed with pesticide, for instance, and requires companies to disclose when and where they are spraying their poisonous concoctions, as well as report genetically modified crops.

As it currently stands in Kauai, chemical companies have very few restrictions on where they are allowed to plant GM crops and how often they are allowed to spray undisclosed chemicals on fields. Sources for this article include: Man sells herbs proven to cure cancer, U.S. government jails him, lists him on Interpol. (NaturalNews) Doing the right thing, even if it means healing people with cancer, isn't always a good thing.

Man sells herbs proven to cure cancer, U.S. government jails him, lists him on Interpol

In fact, it just may land you some serious jail time and get you listed on Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization), which warns against and watches over big-time war criminals, terrorists or the likes of mass murderers. Just ask Greg Caton, a U.S. citizen and the Founder of Alpha Omega Labs who was legally selling plant-based topical herbs in Ecuador. One minute Caton was helping sick people, selflessly dedicating his time to heal others. Then, in 1999, he was approached at gunpoint in his own driveway by U.S officials, flown back to the U.S and put in federal prison for two years. Know Your Rights: What To Do If You're Stopped By Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI. Another Man In Florida ‘Stood His Ground’, Chasing and Killing Youth In Hoodie. Another potential “Stand Your Ground” shooting recently occurred in Florida.

Another Man In Florida ‘Stood His Ground’, Chasing and Killing Youth In Hoodie

Trayvon Martin Case. How to handle the cops if they knock on your door. Apple patents tech to let cops switch off iPhone video, camera and wi-fi - So they can pummel with impunity. Police forces around the world have had the problem that when their officers get a bit carried away and start pepper spraying tied captives there is someone on hand filming the event on their mobile phones.

Apple patents tech to let cops switch off iPhone video, camera and wi-fi - So they can pummel with impunity

State surveillance privacy Freedom of expression. PRIVACY INFRINGEMENT. LAPD goes to Israel, falls in love with drones and mass surveillance. The HoverMast-100, an Israeli surveillance drone that the LAPD hopes to add to its arsenal.

LAPD goes to Israel, falls in love with drones and mass surveillance

The Jewish Journal has an incredible write-up of the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) recent visit to Israel. Surveillance. UPDATE: 1000's of artifacts seized at rural Indiana home. WALDRON, Ind.

UPDATE: 1000's of artifacts seized at rural Indiana home

(AP) - INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — FBI agents have seized thousands of artifacts from Native Americans, Russia, China, and other nations from a private collection in rural central Indiana. FBI Special Agent Robert Jones says 91-year-old Donald Miller of Waldron collected the items over eight decades and stored them in several buildings on his property about 35 miles southeast of Indianapolis. Drones. Stephen Colbert Explains His Stance on the Illuminati, Chemtrails & NWO. By: WeAreChange Source: In this video Luke Rudkowski got a short chance to talk to comedian Stephen Colbert about his stance on controversial issues.

Stephen Colbert Explains His Stance on the Illuminati, Chemtrails & NWO

If you’re a fan of the Colbert Report you will notice Stephen occasionally talking about the ruling elite oligarchs like the bilderberg group, the illuminati and even questioning if geoengineering or chem trailing exists, so we wanted to find out what Stephen actually thinks about these issues. In a previous video WeAreChange asked Stephen Colbert who he really thinks runs the world and his answer was the Illuminati. Here is the video follow luke on. Orwell's Big Brother Police State. NDAA. The 2nd. Only military with guns? Troops obeying orders. Gun laws in the United States by state. Gun laws in the United States regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition.

Gun laws in the United States by state

State laws vary, and are independent of existing federal firearms laws, although they are sometimes broader or more limited in scope than the federal laws. For instance, some US states have created assault weapon bans that are similar to the expired federal assault weapons ban. In many cases, state firearms laws can be considerably less restrictive than federal firearms laws.

This does not confer any de jure immunity against prosecution for violations of the federal laws. However, state and local police departments are not legally obligated to enforce federal gun law as per the U.S. Common subjects of state laws[edit] Firearm related matters that are often regulated by state or local laws include the following: Alabama[edit] Alaska[edit] Arizona[edit] Arkansas[edit] California[edit] Colorado[edit] Connecticut[edit] Delaware[edit] District of Columbia[edit] Florida[edit] Georgia[edit] Hawaii[edit] BUSTED!! DOJ Internal Memo Confirms Obama Plan for Gun Confiscation. Photo for illustrative purposes only Many suspected, and it has been rumored, but now the memo is out.

BUSTED!! DOJ Internal Memo Confirms Obama Plan for Gun Confiscation

Apparently, the National Institute of Justice, the research arm of the United States Department of Justice had researched several avenues to greatly restrict America’s access to guns and ammunition. Confiscations and a national gun registry were on the list. Of course, they don’t use the word “confiscation.” Gun Confiscation Underway In New York! by IAmTheUnison on deviantART. Gun Confiscation Has Begun in New York. Written By : John HawkinsDecember 6, 2013. Arizona Cops Shoot in the back and Kill Unarmed Man whose hands were in the air. Helmet Cam Footage Shows Cops Murder a Man for “Illegally Camping” 38 year old James Boyd had been camping in a spot that the state deemed “illegal.” Trigger happy officers were dispatched to the scene and Boyd was murdered by them.

Boyd was being cordial and surrendering and he started walking down the mountain. At this point the aggressive and violent escalation by police led to a flash bang grenade and then shots fired. Apparently cops wearing cameras does not deter them from murdering people. Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents refuse to register guns under new law. State Of The Union Preview – Gun Control. I haven’t even browsed the previews of President Obama’s State of the Union address for tonight. However, I can with some certainty comment on what his stance regarding the 2nd Amendment and gun control will NOT be. Like this: Like Loading... This entry was posted in Barack Obama, History, Politics and tagged 2nd Amendment, Barack Hussein Obama, Firearms, free speech, Freedom, Obama, politics, State of the Union. Unconquerable. 3D Guns. Moral responsibilities. » Man Attacked By Cop For Asking Question Alex Jones.

“It’s sad to think he will probably get away with it too.” Mikael Thalen April 22, 2014 A Green Bay police officer is under investigation after violently attacking a man outside a downtown bar last weekend. According to reports, police were arresting two men, one of whom allegedly had an alcoholic drink outside the bar, when a third man began questioning the arrest. » Homeland Security Exercise Targets “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny” Alex Jones. Leaked documents reveal plan to counter online dissent during martial law Paul Joseph Watson March 24, 2014.

Think. 2Pac In Police Station 1995 (Police Camera) (2PacLegacy.Net) » Homeland Security to Purchase 25 Million Shotgun Rounds Alex Jones. DHS likely gearing up for mass panic in America with perpetual ammo purchases Kit Daniels April 22, 2014 Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security announced that it is seeking an ammunition dealer who can provide 25 million shotgun rounds to the agency over a five year period, adding to its already enormous arsenal of ammo. EXCLUSIVE: New footage of Imperial Cops Murdering a Veteran Over Traffic Stop. Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War.

If you keep up with news about police brutality, you know that many people still support the American police state, despite seeing so much abuse. Martial Law- Russians train to DIsarm U.S Citizens on U.S soil. Maintain a status of independence. Confiscate guns. Surveillance. Video the FBI does not want you to see. FBI Able "For Several Years" To Secretly Turn On Laptop Cameras. How to Get a Copy of Your FBI. The Freedom of Information Act is a powerful thing. Court says public has right to video police in public places. How to build your in-car surveillance system for under $300. Spy Car Protects Against Unscrupulous Cops. 7 Cops Watch Man Die Then In Frenzied Craze Beat Dead Body (Graphic Video) Abuse by Law Enforcement. College Girl Attacked by 6 Cops for Buying Water, Now Suing the State for $40 Million.

Times DispatchMarch 27, 2014. Is the Senate trying to Kill Alternative Media? Senate to Define Who is, and Who isn’t a Journalist. Omar Khadr.