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Moss and Stone Gardens. This page pulls together many posts from this blog as a convenient way to cover the basics of moss gardening.

Moss and Stone Gardens

To gain a deeper understanding you can filter the blog post by choosing the category of Moss Education which will contain the information below but also include all of the posts that focus on cultivation techniques. Our main mission at Moss and Stone Gardens‘ blog, is to educate those desiring to learn more about mosses. AQUASCAPE, boutique en ligne d'aquariophilie - La boutique... Fuck Yeah Aquascaping. Mountainscape. Description Mountainscape was based off the idea to take a small tank and give it a grand sense of scale and perspective.


The final visual goal was to make the aquascape resemble a real mountain scene. The rocks used are called Seiryu rocks and mini landscape rocks. The color and sharp pointed tips made them ideal stones for the mountain scenery. Compacted ADA Aquasoil held the rocks in place and slope grade. Nature Aquarium Photographs. 2009 AGA Aquascaping Contest. Another incredible year has wrapped up for the AGA's annual international aquascaping contest.

2009 AGA Aquascaping Contest

Much like years past, there were some stunning aquascapes, including this year's best of show, which the judges all agreed was an amazing tank. For 2009, we came close to our record for numbers of entries submitted, and had tanks representing many different countries and styles. In particular, our small and medium categories had so many excellent aquascapes, the judges had a hard time coming to a consensus on which tank they thought were the best for each category. As an added bonus, the number of entries in this year's biotope category far outnumbered this area from previous years, suggesting a renewed interest in this type of tank. Before we open up the entries for viewing, we have to give credit where credit is due. Aquascaping World Planted Aquarium Gallery.