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Videogames in Education. First Okay so this title has violence written all over it.

Videogames in Education

Closer examination however shows that the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a videogame that employs puzzles and time-based pressure to stimulate verbal communication. Yes the game requires you to disarm a bomb, but in no way shape or form does the game contain any scenes of violence (screen goes black when the bomb goes off). Of course we do need to acknowledge the current zeitgeist doesn’t really call for bomb-related videogames in the classroom. Nevertheless, I’ve found the game to be a very powerful tool for stimulating speaking strategies. Learner level: intermediateTime: 1 lesson (approx 45 – 50 minutes)Group size: I’d advise 22-25 learners max.Requirements: A PC / Laptop with audio. Introduction Notice how the two parties negotiate what is being seen and what needs to be done.

For whom? This task requires learners to have sound group-working skills and a firm grasp of descriptive language use and question formation. Visual Thinking Center. Stichting Vrije Schoolkeuze Amsterdam. - interactive and multimedia learning blocks. 12-14 juillet à Paris. Ubiquitous Learning. Digitaal levensboek: Zelfstandig toegang tot je eigen multimedia website. Media en Technologie in het Onderwijs. 5 gratis online tools om een instructiefilm te maken Een instructiefilmpje (screencast) is erg handig om je collega’s uit te leggen hoe bijvoorbeeld een ‘web 2.0′-tooltje of andere software werkt.

Media en Technologie in het Onderwijs

Tips voor het maken van ... stap voor stap een Audio Slideshow maken in YouTube How to Create Audio Slideshows in YouTube Op de website van free technology for teachers vond ik een duidelijke instructie hoe je een audio slideshow kunt maken in YouTube. Deze stap ... MoviePro app | maak een film met zoomfunctie en meer handige opties De standaard videocamera app die op de iPhone zit biedt niet alle functies (of helemaal niets eigenlijk) die je wellicht nodig hebt. Heel veel en direct te downloaden geluidseffecten PacDV has been producing royalty free sounds for filmmakers, sound designers, music producers, film students, and multimedia developers since 2001, and our sounds have been featured ...

Blubbr | Maak Interactieve Quizzes met YouTube Clips. Ideeën, gedachten... beschouwend over onderwijs. 156. Scrumblr: online prikborden maken met rubriceermogelijkheid. Scrumblr is een tool waarmee online prikborden gemaakt kunnen worden.

156. Scrumblr: online prikborden maken met rubriceermogelijkheid.

MediaPedagogiek. Waarom elke school een 3D printer moet hebben. TechCrunch. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - December 2012 - Page 32-33. Informatica.NU - Blog over Informatica op het VO. ...over onderwijs en ICT. Secret Teacher: help, I'm drowning in admin. I absolutely loathe admin.

Secret Teacher: help, I'm drowning in admin

Utterly and completely. If someone gives me a piece of paper, it gets thrown on a pile. Wilfred Rubens. 14 Technology Concepts Every Teacher should Know about. We have compiled for you this list of some trending educational technology terms.The list below is a simple attempt to help you better capture the full picture of what all these tech terms are about by providing clear definitions to each one of them.

14 Technology Concepts Every Teacher should Know about

The sources of each definition is included in the last section of this post enjoy 1 - Adaptive Learning This is an educational method which uses computers as interactive teaching devices. Computers adapt the presentation of educational material according to students' learning needs, as indicated by their responses to questions and tasks. The motivation is to allow electronic education to incorporate the value of the interactivity afforded to a student by an actual human teacher or tutor. 2 - Virtual Classroom "A virtual classroom is an online learning environment. The ICT and iPad Pilot. Allan's Blog.

Powered by Traduttore When I received the invitation from the new Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, I decided to completely upgrade two seminar workshops.

Allan's Blog

Dr Ian Green from the School of Education here at Adelaide and I have used Padagogy101 (introduction to iPad in HE) and Padagogy201 (more advanced use for L&T) to train over 600 faculty from universities in Australia. For Singapore, Ian wasn’t going to be with me and I was solo, as well I needed a better way to leave resources in place for people to revisit. However I was completely surprised at what else happened. It was a huge amount of work to meet the Singapore deadlines and involved quite a bit of lost sleep. With the action verbs. I have added 62 iPad apps to the wheel and put them where they could serve the pedagogy. When I first posted this blog entry I had the files and resources for the presentations in my Public folder of my dropbox.

Social media in het onderwijs - Get Social. Gastblog door Marieke van der Hoek, communicatieadviseur & projectleider bij escriba.

Social media in het onderwijs - Get Social

Mediawijs van de basisschool? Kerndoelen, leerdoelen, tussendoelen, leerlijnen. Basisscholen mogen tot op zekere hoogte zelf bepalen hoe zij hun onderwijs inrichten. Zolang er maar gewerkt wordt met kerndoelen, die onderverdeeld zijn in leerdoelen, gespecificeerd naar tussendoelen. Het kerndoel wordt dan weer bereikt via leerlijnen. - The Best Place To Find Similar Websites. De blogsite over Mediapedagogiek. Bijles, voorbereiding op entreetoets en Cito-toets. Mediapedagogiek. Innovatie & techniek. Hier verzamel ik alle berichten over innovatie en techniek Inside The Micro is a 3D printer 'designed for everyone' Photo: Also.

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