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A murder at school by Miss Plédran on Genially. Public - Série d'exercices - Vocabulary + Voix passive. Word Search. How Weird Is Your Family. Superheroes by clemence.tisseyre on Genially. WHO is WHO ?

Superheroes by clemence.tisseyre on Genially

Discover famous superheroes He has a black mask and a grey costume. He also has got a yellow belt for his gadgets. He has a long black cape and black gloves. He has a uniform with an American flag motif, red boots, a blue hood with an "A" on his forehead and a belt. She has red boots and a gold tiara in her hair. He has a blue and red costume and a red hood to keep his real identity secret. He has retractable claws.He has a blue and yellow costume, a yellow hood to keep his identity secret and boots.

He has a magic ring, a green suit and a green mask. He has got a red and yellow armour made of iron. He has a red cape, red boots, blue leggings and red briefs. He has yellow boots and a red helmet to protect his head. Click on the "home" button Discover SUPERPOWERS LEARN new words Do you remember your vocabulary ? Run fast shoot lasers knock out enemies lift heavy objects create tornadoes fly breathe under water stop bullets catch enemies throw missiles What are your superheroes' superpowers ? ST P by psalernoprof1 on Genially. Clasificando con Colores - Plantilla exclusiva by Sandbox Educación on Genially. Reutilizar @profeVillaMates

Clasificando con Colores - Plantilla exclusiva by Sandbox Educación on Genially

The Human Body by Sandbox Educación on Genially. Xmas by caroleb19 on Genially. Europe in 5 days! by In English with Debbie on Genially. Countries Help me find my sister.

Europe in 5 days! by In English with Debbie on Genially

Breakout lesson 1 lesson 2 lesson 3 lesson 4 end Paris is our first stop. Ancient Rome might help us. FANTASTIC BEASTS - ESCAPE GAME version 2 by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially. Running Out of Time by Audrey Fauque on Genially. Running Out of Time Escape Game Start code1=visible code2=visible code3=visible code4=visible.

Running Out of Time by Audrey Fauque on Genially

CHRISTMAS by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially. Merry Christmas! by Carole Bernard on Genially. How adventurous are you? by diddy2703 on Genially. I am going on an expedition!

how adventurous are you? by diddy2703 on Genially

I'm really excited! But first, we need to go to my place.Hurry up! Je pars en expédition! Je suis super content! Mais avant tout, nous devons passer chez moi. @Cindy MATHIEU (Ac. Kitchen. Stop the Coronavirus ! by remido on Genially. Quarantine Escape GameRead the INTRODUCTION, the MISSION, then click START You have the power to stop Coronavirus, so that everybody can go back to normal life...

Stop the Coronavirus ! by remido on Genially

Answer all the questions. You'll receive the figures to open the safe (write them down somewhere to remember them in front of the safe)...The solution to save people from coronavirus is in the safe!!! Part 1 Part 2 part 4. Superheroes 6ème par marie_mezenguel sur Genially. Séance 1.

superheroes 6ème par marie_mezenguel sur Genially

Emma. "I don't want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about.


" Dracula (Bookworms) A World of Sports by laurence.haquet on Genially. A World of Sports Argh, I hate sports!

A World of Sports by laurence.haquet on Genially

To prove it, I have stolen the trophy of the next FIFA World Cup! L. Haquet - Ac. Rouen. TIME FLIES, PETER PAN - 6e by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially. Time Flies Peter Pan !

TIME FLIES, PETER PAN - 6e by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially

Isabelle Beaubreuil (ac. Limoges) Santa's Mission. Santa's Mission C. Rollo (Ac. Versailles) Every school Every street Every city Dear Children around the world,I need your help to save Christmas.The Grinch stole four of my reindeer and Christmas is in 30mns! Chers enfants des quatre coins de la terre,J'ai besoin de votre aide.Le Grinch a volé quatre de mes rennes et les premières célébrations commencent dans 30 minutes.Il a caché les rennes dans plusieurs endroits du monde, trouve-les et sauve-les.Bonne chance,Santa Claus. BUCKINGHAM PALACE ESCAPE GAME Cycle 3 by BURT on Genially. The Queen'sPalace Dear citizen, You are invited by the Queen for a Garden Party.

You will visit the different rooms, taste delicious food and enjoy excellent company ! Invitation The Queen's Corgi is lost ! Your mission is to go to different places around the Palace and question its residents ! Escape This House by Aurélie Campioni on Genially. Past simple Santa by c.hulet on Genially. Escape Game - Find Joy! by Marion Nicolas on Genially. Inside-Out Escape Game Find Joy! Marion Nicolas - Ac.Lille - Genially greatly inspired by Isabelle Beaubreuil Riley's emotions live inside her head. Joy is the leader. ENGLISH SPEAKING WORLD / DIFFERENT ACCENTS AND VOCABULARY / EXPERIENCES / PRESENT PERFECT by BURT on Genially. Canada. USA. The UK. South Africa. Phonetics by mard2708 on Genially. Stress and intonation. Team membersAgramont LilyGonzalez RosaMonge LuisaRomero Alondra. Here are some websites where you can practice your intonation and stress syllables: Intonationis about how we say things, rather than what we say, the way the voice rises and falls when speaking, in other words the music of the language.

Just as words have stressed syllables, sentences have regular patterns of stressed words. Face the dragons. Face the Dragons Séance 1 Séance 3 Séance 4 Séance 5 Séance 6 Séance 2 <nombre>5</nombre><script></script> The red dragon challenges the ice dragon to fight.

Free Robinson

Once upon a time... by janinmarlene on Genially. SHERLOCK vs JACK THE BUTCHER by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially. The Stolen Warhol. The Stolen Warhol,Night At the Museum:,Welcome to the MOMA: the Museum of Modern Art. This is an evening tour of the special exhibition about Andy Warhol,What is happening here? ,START,FREEZE! A Warhol was stolen, I need help to find the culprit. LET&#39;S VISIT THE UNITED STATES! by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially. Board GameHP by LuckyteacherAG on Genially. START,HP BOARD GAME,CLICK HERE WHEN FINISHED!! ,Harry PotterBoard Game,1.Vous pouvez jouer avec un seul dé ou les deux selon le chiffre voulu! 2.Effectuez les 4 parcours dans cet ordre: BLEU,JAUNE, VERTROUGE.3.Pour avancer il faut obtenirle chiffre correspondantau numéro sur la case et répondre à la question.4.A l'intérieur d'un parcours, inutile derespecter l'ordre des cases, mais il faut toutes les atteindre .BUT DU JEU : Terminer les4 parcours et cliquer sur le centre!

Ireland. History Sport Quick facts Geography. 8. Thanksgiving and Halloween by berangere.jacoby on Genially. 3e-classroom-english by valerie.basset on Genially. Discover Liverpool! by yodavir on Genially. EG - At the Airport by djebbar.anglais on Genially. How are you ? par elouarber1 sur Genially. Halloween 2020 interactive game by gaelle.privat on Genially. Halloween 2020 game,Modifié par Gaelle Delcassé, sur une idée originale de Sandrine Soulier,Discover this tradition,Your mission,It's the night before Halloween. A serious crime was committed in Scarville, Iowa. EG Guy Fawkes avec Chrono by nathaliepledran on Genially.

GE Physical description Hotel Transylvania by Emy F on Genially. Find the entrance Click on the rectangles Mavis Dracula Franck. Thanksgiving 2020 by Miss Plédran on Genially. A national holiday,Created by Miss Pledran AC Rennes,Index,Anticipation : mots mêlés,Guess the theme,Test de positionnement,Vocabulaire,Phonétique voc,Matching exercice,CO vidéo,Organize your notes,Recap : texte à trous,Song : texte à trous,Compréhension écrite,Fill in the grid,Put the story in order,Mots croisés,PRL : prétérit,Exercices,How many words can you find? Halloween mystery game partagé by Miss Plédran on Genially. Survival Kit by Miss Plédran on Genially. SHREK&#39;S ROUTINE by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially. THE GRINCH - 6e by Isabelle Beaubreuil on Genially. New Zealand. Miss Peregrine's Mission. Famous Victorians. The Book of Dragons. The Best Jobs in the World - version réutilisable by audreysimon84 on Genially. Super Mario Tutorial.

Blackbeard's treasure. Down to Louisiana. New Destination. New York, New York. The Missing Film Roll.