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Jenny vs. Spencer - StumbleUpon. JENNY vs. SPENCER: SPENCER RESPONDS! I'm sure that everyone has seen Jenny quitting via dry-erase board, but now Jenny's mysterious boss has responded the same way. You're Bored? That's So AWESOME. - Fevered Mutterings - Fevered Mutterings - StumbleUpon. 5 Awful Life Lessons Learned During a Spicy Food Challenge. Fact: 62 percent of the population enjoys spicy food.

5 Awful Life Lessons Learned During a Spicy Food Challenge

How do I know that's a fact? Because I read it at this totally trustworthy-looking website. And since when has the Internet ever lied about anything? I proudly count myself among that 62 percent of the population, and not just because I'm a pathetic joiner who will hop on any bandwagon that offers the promise of finally having some friends. Guy's Opinion - StumbleUpon. Funniest Japanese Girls Prank - StumbleUpon. Text Puns picture from Text Mess uPick on CollegeHumor. Daily Dose Of Awe….

Why Cant I Own a Canadian? - StumbleUpon. October 2002 Dr.

Why Cant I Own a Canadian? - StumbleUpon

Laura Schlessinger is a radio personality who dispenses advice to people who call in to her radio show. Dear Girls Above Me - StumbleUpon.