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Industry Efforts & Standards

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OpenStack. Distributed Management Task Force. Cloud Management Standards Working to Address Management Interoperability for Cloud Systems Technologies like cloud computing and virtualization are rapidly being adopted by enterprise IT managers to better deliver services to their customers, lower IT costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Distributed Management Task Force

DMTF's Cloud Management Initiative is focused on developing interoperable cloud infrastructure management standards and promoting adoption of those standards in the industry. The work of DMTF working groups promoted by the Cloud Management Initiative is focused on achieving interoperable cloud infrastructure management between cloud service providers and their consumers and developers. Cloud Working Groups DMTF’s Cloud Management Initiative is promoting the work of the Cloud Management Work Group, the Cloud Auditing Data Federation Working Group, the System Virtualization, Partitioning, Clustering Working Group and the Software Entitlement Working Group.

Additional Resources DMTF Specifications. GENI. GENI and IF-MAP Network Instrumentation and Measurement. What if you were designing the Internet from scratch?

GENI and IF-MAP Network Instrumentation and Measurement

What capabilities would you build into it? How would the protocols work --- would you have chosen TCP/IP? The GENI project looks at all that and more, and takes a "clean-slate" approach to designing a next-generation network from scratch. The project uses IF-MAP to help design how instrumentation and measurement can better work over a network, based on research being done by Deniz Gurkan, Assistant Professor of Engineering at the University of Houston. GENI (short for Global Environment for Network Innovations) is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, and provides collaborative and exploratory environments for academia, industry and the public to find discoveries and innovation in emerging global networks.

"Measurements can be a network resource, just like bandwidth," she explains. That's where IF-MAP comes in. Of course, that's well into the future. Resources GENI Web site 12th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC12) Open Networking Summit. Open vSwitch. OpenFlow. An OpenFlow Controller. Research Demo Videos. These videos demonstrate different research experiments that build on top of OpenFlow.

Research Demo Videos

If you have similar videos that demonstrate your research and are interested in hosting them here, please contact Nikhil Handigol. Introduction FlowVisor Demo Aster*x: Load-Balancing as a Network Primitive Using All Wireless Networks Around Me Packet and Circuit Network Convergence ElasticTree: Reducing Energy in Data Center Networks Dynamic Flow Aggregation in an OpenFlow Network Open Pipes: Hardware System Design with OpenFlow Providing MPLS Serviceswith OpenFlow This is a 30 minute 4-part video from a live plenary demo by Stanford researchers at the 9th GENI Engineering Conference held at Washington DC, Nov 2-4, 2010.

Part 1- Guido (Intro) Part 2 - Nikhil (Aster*x : Load-balancing as a network primitive) Part 3- KK (Using all wireless networks around us) Part 4 - Guru (Conclusion) Tutorial. Welcome to the OpenFlow tutorial!


OpenFlow is an open interface for remotely controlling the forwarding tables in network switches, routers, and access points. Upon this low-level primitive, researchers can build networks with new high-level properties. For example, OpenFlow enables more secure default-off networks, wireless networks with smooth handoffs, scalable data center networks, host mobility, more energy-efficient networks and new wide-area networks – to name a few. This tutorial is your opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the platforms and debugging tools most useful for developing network control applications on OpenFlow. Innovate in your network! After completing this tutorial, please fill out the feedback form. Active ONS Tutorial Slides (4/16/2012): Main Slides pptx, pdf Virtualization Controller Showdown Deployment Experiences Archived Tutorial Slides: To get you started quickly, we provide a preconfigured virtual machine with the needed software.