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Retrofuture. Brushes. Grunge. Create a Night Sky - Photoshop Tutorials - CSS Creme. Author: Tyler Jordan Fine Artist, illustrator, web/graphic designer, photographer, chef... Step 1 Create a new document in Photoshop and fill the canvas with black. Then add a new layer and fill this one with black too. Next click filter > noise > add noise and use these settings: Amount- 15%, Gaussian, Monochromatic. Step 2 Now click Image > Adjust > Brightness and Contrast and use these settings Step 3 Now duplicate the stars layer and click Image > Adjust > Brightness and Contrast and use these settings: Brightness- 85 and Contrast- 50.

Now inverse the layer by clicking control-I and then bring up the contrast of these stars by clicking image>adjust>levels and use these settings: 230, 1.00, 250. Step 4 Now inverse the layer again to set it back to the proper color (Control-I) Next step is to set this layer blend mode to screen, click the eraser tool and pick a nice fuzzy brush. Step 5 Here's the image so far Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 That's it! How to Create an Illustrative Web Design in Photoshop. In this web design tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a professional web design with an illustrated "vector" header in Photoshop.

How to Create an Illustrative Web Design in Photoshop

You’ll see many techniques here including how to draw using the Pen Tool and a excellent type treatment using layer styles. Final Result To view the finished product, click on the following image to see the full-scale version. Setting Up the Photoshop Document 1 Open up Photoshop, create a new document that is 950 pixels by 1280 pixels and with a white background (#FFFFFF). Creating the Header Section Background 2 Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and create a rectangular selection across the top part of the canvas. 3 Set the foreground color to #49B0D9 and the background color to #BCE2EF and then select the Gradient Tool (G) with the Linear Gradient option. Drawing the Mountain Range in the Header 4 Create a new layer. Your mountains should look something like this: You should have something like this: 6 Free PSD/(X)HTML-Templates.

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6 Free PSD/(X)HTML-Templates

We respect the hard work of designers and developers across the globe. Tutorial Magazine - 33 Best Photoshop Tutorials of April 2009. Photoshop Recreate the Iron Man Interface Effect This tutorial will show you how to create the screen interface from the hit movie Iron Man. | 41423 views | by abduzeedo How to use type as a creative effect Unlock the power of the Distort tool in Adobe Photoshop to create this enigmatic image. | 35567 views | by digitalarts.

Tutorial Magazine - 33 Best Photoshop Tutorials of April 2009

Girl in Tempo Tutorial - 1 Copy Pixelmator Giveway. In this tutorial I will show you how I created the Girl in Tempo Image.

Girl in Tempo Tutorial - 1 Copy Pixelmator Giveway

Tempo in this case is the new version of Pixelmator, which I've been beta testing for a few weeks. The design is a mix of some photos and filters that can be easily and quickly done in Pixelmator. Also we have another copy of Pixelmator to Giveaway, as usual drop us a comment, and remember, we will only choose Abduzeedo members, so if you are not, click here and create your account. But before we start the tutorial let me announce the winners of the 2 Pixelmator copies from the last giveaway: mani styletime. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Best Of. Advertisement When it comes to graphic design, Adobe Photoshop is usually the first option to consider.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Best Of

However, the software itself is a quite tough nut to crack — and definitely extremely hard to master. For instance, the concepts are not always intuitive and it’s not always clear when to use what tool and how to use it effectively. In fact, in Photoshop it usually takes pretty much time to achieve something you have never done before. However, you don’t need to muddle through numerous Photoshop features and extensions for every design problem. One year ago we’ve presented a hand-picked collection of Photoshop tutorials1. Photo- and Picture Editing and Processing MP3 Player Design2 In this tutorial you will learn how to design a product in Photoshop.

Drawings, Paintings, Cartoons Sexy Girl Comic With Photoshop This tutorial describes a way to create a sexy comic girl from a paper sketch. Texteffects Buttons, Logos & Menus. Dynamic Web Pages from your Photoshop Designs in Seconds! Noupe.

40+ Killer Typographic Posters, Photoshop Effects and Tutorials. Jun 22 2008 We cannot escape typography; it’s everywhere on the web.

40+ Killer Typographic Posters, Photoshop Effects and Tutorials

In most modern designs it is used to not only present information but also be read by the users. Today we’re going to take a look at 40 stunning typographic posters, along with step-by-step Photoshop tutorials which can enrich your design skills and improve the quality of your works. You might be interested to check other related posts for some inspiration: Typographic Posters 1-The Gift v2 by MrBadger 2-Typography by fabianohikaru 3-TechnicalLove by Mrgraphicsguy 4-Beauty by Mrgraphicsguy 5-Stel Christian Cambas Poster by SeBDeSiGN 6-Oriental Pages_Page32 by Malikanas 8-Tony Rohr’s Ring. 50+ Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration.