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The Power of storytelling

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Emotions in storytelling

Storytelling That Moves People. Persuasion is the centerpiece of business activity.

Storytelling That Moves People

Customers must be convinced to buy your company’s products or services, employees and colleagues to go along with a new strategic plan or reorganization, investors to buy (or not to sell) your stock, and partners to sign the next deal. But despite the critical importance of persuasion, most executives struggle to communicate, let alone inspire. Too often, they get lost in the accoutrements of companyspeak: PowerPoint slides, dry memos, and hyperbolic missives from the corporate communications department. Even the most carefully researched and considered efforts are routinely greeted with cynicism, lassitude, or outright dismissal.

Les enjeux du Storytelling. Lean UX Branding. The Power of Storytelling: Lessons in Consumer Engagement, Activation and Loyalty. Gagner les cœurs et les intelligences – Le storytelling à l'intention des dirigeants. Comment fonctionnent les bonnes histoires – 8 astuces Par Susanne Barth, septembre 2013 Un leader inspire les personnes à suivre sa vision nouvelle.

Gagner les cœurs et les intelligences – Le storytelling à l'intention des dirigeants

Par des histoires fascinantes il illustre les défis à relever. Méthode plus efficace que le partage traditionnel d' informations, lisez comment construire une belle histoire. L'idée selon laquelle un dirigeant devrait avoir d'excellentes compétences en communication n'est certes pas révolutionnaire, mais qu'est-ce qui rend la communication efficace ? Vous n'avez qu'à penser à la somme d'informations qui circulent dans des bureaux sur une base journalière. Les bonnes histoires en appellent à nos émotions Les histoires efficaces captivent à la fois les esprits et les cœurs de ceux qui écoutent.

C'est pourquoi le storytelling d'entreprise est également un outil de valeur pour les dirigeants. Quelle est l'histoire de votre entreprise ? Chaque entreprise est pleine d'histoires de succès, d'innovations et de gains inattendus. 1. The Science of Storytelling & Memory and Their Impact on CRO. 99inShareinShare Have you ever heard of the “significant objects” project?

The Science of Storytelling & Memory and Their Impact on CRO

As a literary & anthropological experiment, Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn wanted to see if they could resell cheap knickknacks (avg. cost $1.25) on eBay and turn a significant profit by adding personal stories to the item descriptions. How Stories Change the Brain. Ben’s dying.

How Stories Change the Brain

That’s what Ben’s father says to the camera as we see Ben play in the background. Ben is two years old and doesn’t know that a brain tumor will take his life in a matter of months. Ben’s father tells us how difficult it is to be joyful around Ben because the father knows what is coming. Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability. Why the Human Story Will Always Beat Brand Storytelling. There’s a large movement currently for brands to “tell their story”, to enable them to be more approachable to customers.

Why the Human Story Will Always Beat Brand Storytelling

Communications pro Gini Dietrich does a great job of showing the strengths of storytelling for brands on her leading Spin Sucks blog. There are some great examples of brands that win when they insert a more story-like feel to their ad or marketing campaigns. Take Apple and Google, for instance, as highlighted by the two videos below: The Psychology of Digital Storytelling. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action.

The role of storytelling in Knowledge and Organisational Change. « Le storytelling facilite le partage de la connaissance » BBC Radio 4 - Four Thought, Series 4, Philippa Perry. Zappos Insights: The Link Between Culture and Storytelling - Get Storied. Excited to release this 34-minute interview I did for Zappos Insights (back in Dec 2009).

Zappos Insights: The Link Between Culture and Storytelling - Get Storied

This was content previously available exclusively to the Zappos Insights membership community. In this video, my good friend Robert Richman, Product Manager of Zappos Insights, and I seriously geek out on the link between storytelling and cultures of innovation. Understanding the Zappos Brand. Are you using storytelling to strengthen client relationships? 316 FlaresTwitter187LinkedIn113inShare113Facebook15Google+3Pin It Share22Buffer5Email--Email to a friendStumbleUpon0 Reddit0316 Flares× This is the first post in a series from Cox Media that will look at essential new media marketing strategies for your business.

Are you using storytelling to strengthen client relationships?

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of the Internet as a powerful tool for marketing your business, and having a website that shares a steady stream of good social content is definitely a solid first step. But you should do a lot more than just share basic facts and figures on your site – more importantly, you should strive to tell a compelling story.

Here are three reasons why: Storytelling deepens relationships If you’re looking to connect with customers by sharing content with them online, you can certainly prove a point by relying on numbers and basic facts. According to recent research conducted by Stanford University, storytelling deepens your relationships with your customers. Why Content Marketing and Social Media are a Powerful Match. The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains. Why We Need Storytellers at the Heart of Product Development. There's an interesting question on Quora right now: If you had to pick between an amazing product designer or an amazing engineer to build a new company around, which would you pick and why?

Why We Need Storytellers at the Heart of Product Development

This question reflects a painful problem that is common at both small startups and large corporate organizations. Far too often, teams focus on execution before defining the product opportunity and unique value proposition. The result is a familiar set of symptoms including scope creep, missed deadlines, overspent budgets, frustrated teams and, ultimately, confused users. How to Use Storytelling to Design Delightful UX. Since the beginning of time good storytellers have been the heart and soul of any community.

How to Use Storytelling to Design Delightful UX

They have enjoyed popularity and sympathy of their fellows, who kept coming for more stories and tales. Little has changed since then. We are still hungry for a really good story. What has changed is the way we reach people and communicate our stories. The Irresistible Power of Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool - Harrison Monarth. It’s not often that you hear Budweiser and Shakespeare mentioned in the same breath.

The Irresistible Power of Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool - Harrison Monarth

But according to new research from Johns Hopkins University, the Bard’s deft application of storytelling techniques featured prominently in the beer company’s Super Bowl commercial. In “Puppy Love,” a perfectly adorable yellow lab becomes inseparable friends with a Clydesdale. Sneaking out of his pen, the pup and the horse “talk” in the stables and cavort on an idyllic farm –until someone comes to adopt the dog.

Deconstructing the art and science of storytelling. "Brand storytelling" is currently the biggest buzz trend in marketing. Stories are coming to the fore because brands today have to grab the attention of consumers. Since time immemorial, storytellers have been honing the art of creating compelling content that immediately hooks people in. The Inside Story. Equally important, they turn the audience/listeners into viral advocates of the proposition, whether in life or in business, by paying the story—not just the information—forward.

Gregg Segal Stories, unlike straight-up information, can change our lives because they directly involve us, bringing us into the inner world of the protagonist. As I tell the students in one of my UCLA graduate courses, Navigating a Narrative World, without stories not only would we not likely have survived as a species, we couldn't understand ourselves. They provoke our memory and give us the framework for much of our understanding. They also reflect the way the brain works. Storytelling et Work Expo - Management 3.0 (pdf) Le Storytelling - Olivier Clodong et Georges Chétochine. Storytelling Le Guide E-book. You're reading a free preview. Pages 4 to 21 are not shown in this preview.