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Mimelet - Kids Games at Miniclip. Snake Game - Play Free Online Games. Audiotool. Llama font - say it in llama. Hippo Paint. FutureMe.org: Write a Letter to the Future. Silk. How Many Goats? What will your dowry be? Bored Button. Unbiased Computer Hardware Reviews - ThinkComputers.org. Ball of Whacks - magnetic creativity tool. "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Ball of Whacks - magnetic creativity tool

I fear something terrible has happened. " ―Obi-Wan Kenobi, referring to the Destruction of Alderaan* Actually, it's not that bad. Word Machine. Word Machine - if you are looking for word games that have nice graphics, one that steps up the challenge after every level, one that will keep the linguist in you fumbling for words, this is the game you are looking for!

Word Machine

At every level, you need to find 3 words that start with the beginning letter. This is provided by the way. One Piece: Pirate Warriors Announced For The West. Handwriting to Word the easy way. It depends on how artistic you are but often a little drawing can speak a thousand words. Usually that means drawing it onto a piece of paper, scanning it and embedding it into a Word document or hopelessly trying to doodle something with your mouse. But with this simple Iogear Digital Scribe Pen and USB Receiver you can just draw or write on a piece of paper and it automatically shows on your screen. You clip any kind of paper in the USB receiver which tracks the pen's movement.

The included software even has handwriting recognition so you can write a text and it automatically transfers to digital (keyboard typed) text. As you can see in the image below it's very compact which makes it a great laptop accessory. 100 Most beautiful words in the English language* List of Pokemon (sprites gallery) Randomness! Second Best Optical Illusion EVER? Body Paint Tiger Optical Illusion - Craig Tracy 1 – Mighty Optical Illusions. 7 Clever Google Tricks Worth Knowing. Email Below I have compiled a list of 7 clever Google tricks that I believe everyone should be aware of.

7 Clever Google Tricks Worth Knowing

Together I think they represent the apex of the grand possibilities associated with Google search manipulation tricks and hacks. Although there are many others out there, these 7 tricks are my all-time favorite. Animoto Stores, Coupons, and Product Search Results - Ebates.com. Home & Office. Fantasy Wallpaper – Free Fantasy Desktop Wallpapers. ・Robots A-Z. • Robots A-Z There are currently 527 robots listed alphabetically here Accel RobotBaka Humanoid Hobby. I'm watching it. Pokémon Global Link. Watch Movies Online Free - Just Added. Stop-motion graffiti animation: "Big Bang Big Boom" Office Toys, Stress Balls & Desktop Toys - Office Playground.

Vectorpark. Ripple Headset by Ilya Fridman. A More Humane Audio Headset So you’re sitting there in a restaurant. You’re sitting there, eating sandwiches with some other people. And you’ve got ah… one of those crappy headsets on. It looks like a spaceship. 15 Cool And Creative Headphones. 'The unique shape serves several purposes.

15 Cool And Creative Headphones

It fits snug in your ear, easily loops together around your neck when not in us.' Semicircle Headphones: 'The Semicircle headphones are designed to fit in your ear without blocking background noise. Websites. The 8 Most Cool Headphones of 2011! Cool Quirks Gadgets and Gifts for Men. Geeky Gadgets - Gadgets, Geek Gadgets, Cool Gadgets, Technology News - Page 2. In just a few days, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 will hit the retail shelves across 150 countries.

Geeky Gadgets - Gadgets, Geek Gadgets, Cool Gadgets, Technology News - Page 2

Recently, we also shared with you what the tech community has to say about the newest flagship from Samsung. If you’re looking for a great deal to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S5, take a look at what Target is offering. At Target, you could get the Samsung Galaxy S5 for $100 on contract with Verizon, Sprint or AT&T, provided that you trade-in your existing smartphone. REDesign Exit Door by Chen Guan-Yuan. Exit Made Easy REDesign Exit Door simply repositions the door handle to make it an intuitive and effective design during emergency evacuations.

REDesign Exit Door by Chen Guan-Yuan

Most of than not, the assumption is that we are going to run through doors. But in user-situation, it could be a physically-challenged person, a child or even a person crawling up to the door, who may find the horizontal door bar difficult to reach. 10 Most Beautiful Geological Wonders. Our planet has some beautiful natural creations which are so amazing that its very hard to some-up everything in this post.

10 Most Beautiful Geological Wonders

Many of them were formed in a natural way, such as the eruption of a volcano or meteorite fall. Outside of Belize, a country in South America, is almost perfectly circular hole with a diameter of 0.4 km. The water depth in this hole -145 m, which gives it a deep blue color. Tourists from all over the world are immersed in the great blue hole of Belize, to admire the amazing species of fish in its clear waters.