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4 Ways to Integrate B2B Social Media into Marketing Plans. B2B marketers have long known that to succeed with social media they can’t view it as a stand alone campaign or tactic, but must integrate social media into their marketing plans.

4 Ways to Integrate B2B Social Media into Marketing Plans

Here are four suggestions for doing just that. 1. A Social Website A B2B website is the most likely destination for your prospects and customers with any campaign. A call-to-action from any source drives a visitor to your website for more information, to download a white paper or ebook, or even to contact a sales rep. The first thing you need to make sure is that your website supports the marketing campaign. 25 business-tastic B2B social media case studies. I’ve been asked quite a few times over the past couple of weeks for examples of social media marketing being used in a B2B context.

25 business-tastic B2B social media case studies

This is actually more prevalent than a lot of marketers appear to realise – and is certainly something that’s not new to the marketplace. Here’s some great examples of B2B organisations using social media with commercial purpose. Some are old, some new, some you might be familiar with, others perhaps not. 1. American Express OPEN Forum and Facebook campaigns AmEx does a lot to support business customers, from the long-standing OPEN Forum, through to running related campaigns across its Facebook Page.

One of note was the recent “Big Break” campaign which was a contest for SME’s, the five winners of which received an all-expense paid trip to Facebook HQ, for a one-on-one business makeover and $20,000 to aid their existing social media strategy. 2. Online communities and marketplaces 3. Twitter and YouTube combo TradeSpace 5. Business Exchange 6. Trailblazing the way. What Your Klout Score Really Means.

Last spring Sam Fiorella was recruited for a VP position at a large Toronto marketing agency.

What Your Klout Score Really Means

With 15 years of experience consulting for major brands like AOL, Ford, and Kraft, Fiorella felt confident in his qualifications. But midway through the interview, he was caught off guard when his interviewer asked him for his Klout score. Fiorella hesitated awkwardly before confessing that he had no idea what a Klout score was. The interviewer pulled up the web page for—a service that purports to measure users’ online influence on a scale from 1 to 100—and angled the monitor so that Fiorella could see the humbling result for himself: His score was 34.

“He cut the interview short pretty soon after that,” Fiorella says. Partly intrigued, partly scared, Fiorella spent the next six months working feverishly to boost his Klout score, eventually hitting 72. But even if you have no idea what your Klout score is, there’s a chance that it’s already affecting your life. Social Media Marketing Kit.

Social Media Success Is About Purpose (Not Technology) - Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald. By Anthony J.

Social Media Success Is About Purpose (Not Technology) - Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald

Bradley and Mark P. McDonald | 2:57 PM November 1, 2011 In the real estate world, there is a saying: “The three considerations that most impact value are location, location, and location.” In the world of social media, they are purpose, purpose, and purpose. Nothing impacts the success of a social media effort more than the choice of its purpose.

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Bringing Old School to New Media. Bringing Old School to New Media “It ain’t so much the things we don’t know that get us into trouble. It’s the things we know that just ain’t so.” —Mark Twain Twain’s timeless truism aptly sum up where things go awry for businesses in social media. Companies have been doing things one way for so long that they cannot see what they cannot see. To understand what social media is, let’s start with what it “ain’t”:

Free Webinar: How to Master B2B Social Media Marketing. Guy Kawasaki Explains How Entrepreneurs Are Getting Social Media All Wrong. Why Big Corporations Are Putting the Brakes on Social Media. When it comes to the care and tending of corporate blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, a new study suggests big business social media may be suffering from neglect.

Why Big Corporations Are Putting the Brakes on Social Media

In recent report by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth social media use among America's largest companies is losing steam. Specifically, less than a quarter of the nation's top 500 companies as ranked by Fortune magazine now have a public-facing blog -- the same percentage reported in last year's study. When UMass Dartmouth began counting blogs within the Fortune 500 in 2008, that figure was 16 percent, growing to 22 percent in 2009. The use of Twitter and Facebook among Fortune 500 companies was similarly stunted. This year, 62 percent of those corporations took advantage of the Twittersphere, up just 2 percentage points over 2010.