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JS: The Right Way

Object Oriented JavaScript has strong object-oriented programming capabilities, even though some debates have taken place due to the differences in object-oriented JavaScript compared to other languages. Source: Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript Anonymous Functions Anonymous functions are functions that are dynamically declared at runtime. They’re called anonymous functions because they aren’t given a name in the same way as normal functions.

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Debugging Asynchronous JavaScript with Chrome DevTools - HTML5 Rocks Introduction A powerful feature that makes JavaScript unique is its ability to work asynchronously via callback functions. Assigning async callbacks let you write event-driven code but it also makes tracking down bugs a hair pulling experience since the JavaScript is not executing in a linear fashion. Luckily, now in Chrome DevTools, you can view the full call stack of asynchronous JavaScript callbacks! Once you enable the async call stack feature in DevTools, you will be able to drill into the state of your web app at various points in time. Fonctions sur les chaînes de caractères If you want a function to return all text in a string up to the Nth occurrence of a substring, try the below function. Works in PHP >= 5. (Pommef provided another sample function for this purpose below, but I believe it is incorrect.)

How to Learn JavaScript Properly - Ray Sinlao Learn JavaScript Properly (For NON-JavaScript Programmers and First-time Programmers) Duration: 6 to 8 weeks. Prerequisite: Completed at least middle school (no programming experience necessary). Continue course below. #150: Hey designers, if you only know one thing about JavaScript, this is what I would recommend Sometimes, to start a journey into learning something huge and complex, you need to learn something small and simple. JavaScript is huge and complex, but you can baby step into it by learning small and simple things. If you're a web designer, I think there is one thing in particular that you can learn that is extremely empowering. This is the thing I want you to learn: When you click on some element, change a class on some element. Boiling that down to the absolute essentials, imagine we have a button and a div:

Les opérateurs Operator are used to perform operation. Operator are mainly divided by three groups.1.Uniary Operators that takes one values2.Binary Operators that takes two values3.ternary operators that takes three values Operator are mainly divided by three groups that are totally seventeen types.1.Arithmetic Operator+ = Addition- = Subtraction* = Multiplication/ = Division% = Modulo** = Exponentiation 2.Assignment Operator = "equal to 3.Array Operator + = Union == = Equality === = Identity != = Inequality <> = Inequality ! The Best Way to Learn JavaScript Learning something new is scary. For me, the biggest issue with picking up a new skill is that I don’t know what I don’t know. Given that, it’s often useful to find a plan for learning whatever you’re interested in. That’s what this post is: your blueprint, your roadmap, your plan of action for learning JavaScript!

WTF.js The last ten years have been interesting, to put it mildly. Ten years ago, some of us bought desktops, some of us bought laptops, and those of us with loads of cash bought both. Since then, you have a desktop for heavy-duty work, a laptop for portable stuff, and you may even have both a Mac and a PC.

Kyle Simpson asks "JavaScript: WTF?" Kyle Simpson is a freelance Open Web Evangelist based in Austin Texas. Kyle’s talk at Forward 2, entitled “What the JavaScript”, tries to “pull out the crazy” from JavaScript leading to cleaner, more elegant, more readable code and inspire people to contribute to the open source community. Kyle’s book series, You Don’t Know JS, are available on GitHub, open source and free, as well as being published by O’Reilly. Code WTFs There are lots of people talking about WTF-style code in JavaScript, but many of these pale in comparison to the real WTFs of the language.