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Simplist. YouTube Secrets: How I Make $2,000 A Month - And No Filming! by Alun Hill. Over 700 students in under 3 weeks.Dozens of 5 Star Reviews from VERY satisfied students. $2,000 a month with no outgoings1 million views a month1 thousand subscribers a month .... all very easily! Today, you can start to make good money, easily, with YouTube, with no outlay whatsoever - and with ZERO prior experience! Your initial goal is an easy $2,000 every month. See my real earnings - on an independent site - in video 2, below, for free. This course has been purchased by over 700 students in the first 22 days - see the reviews below! YouTube has announced that, "thousands of YouTube users make over $100,000 every year" (that's $2,000 dollars every week!). You will need no cameras or any equipment - I show you how to instantly access millions (literally!)

Based on my huge successes, I let you look over my shoulder as I explore not only my own YouTube channel, showing you precisely what I do to average more than $2,000 a month and get over a million new viewers a month. You'll learn. Who Wants A Powerful Inbound Marketing Plan For Free? Brand Messaging It all starts with your offering. Good branding should be done at the offering level. Let’s take your offering and wrap it in a message that people can understand. The key to good brand messaging is to keep it simple, stupid. There are 2 rules to branding;Be clear, not clever.Be different, not better. You’ll never be the best so get off of it. Be ruthlessly clear and different in every way you can. To make an elephant statue from a single block of marble you simply cut away what isn’t the elephant.

Developing Personas Now you need personas. So what is a persona and how does it work? A persona is a marketing concept for a grouping of people in your target audience that share the same marketing characteristics. You need someone you’re pretending to tell your story to. When you’re defining your personas I recommend naming them something memorable. Grab this worksheet and fill it out for each different persona you might sell to. How many personas should you have? Why 3? Jab Jab Jab. Need a Business Idea? This Is Where You Should Be Looking. Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder of Arkenea Technologies and a mobile strategy advisor. He can be contacted via Twitter @rahulvarshneya. If you’re looking for a startup idea, most entrepreneurs will advise you to look at problems – ones that you can solve creatively and most effectively. A problem so pressing that people would give an arm and a leg to use your solution.

While for some it seems rather easy to realize what a problem is – and most often it’s one of their own – for a larger set, getting to a problem worth solving itself is the problem. So what do you need to get started then? This can set your creative juices flowing, just as it did for some of the most popular and successful companies that exist today. This means, you can take an existing product and make it a fantastic experience for people to use (and that’s perfectly legible!)

AngelList Everyday, AngelList gets many submissions to its platform from startups looking for funding or employees. ProductHunt Hacker News. 24 Tools That Will Take Your Brand to the Next Level. In this noisy content marketing world, it can be a challenge to make your brand stand out from the crowd. With millions of free webinars and free trial this and free demo that, the overload can send anyone in a tailspin.

Channel your inner Tim the Toolman Taylor and take some notes. Here are the tools to help catapult your brand to new heights. Social Track what tweets are most popular with Brook. Blog Inkybee is an outreach tool that manages influencer outreach. Web When you get to your office in the morning, how many tabs do you open to check the updates of your favorite websites? One of the factors determining your Google results page ranking is the loading time of your website. The Kitchen Sink Looking to spy on competitors’ blog post analytics? If you did the math correctly, that was 25.

What are some of your go-to marketing, blogging, and social media tools? The hacker's guide to getting press. MTurk + Google News API = Press | Customer Development Labs. How we got a dozen launch-day write ups with a little JavaScript, Mechanical Turk, and the Google News API. Code included. Warning: you only launch once. I don’t recommend generating press until you’ve validated your customer segment(s), their pain(s), and much of your solution. Here’s why: That said, lets hack some press… Getting press is daunting for just about every founder.

But with a little creativity, and a little hacking, getting press is easier than I thought. Background Some friends and I were launching ThingsWeStart, a “Crowdfunding Aggregator” – imagine all of the projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. displayed on a map, so you could support projects near you. Something this badass deserved a press push… Step #1 – Find the Right Reporters The first step was to find reporters who might cover us. Hypothesis: reporters who have already written about Kickstater, or a Kickstarter project, are more likely to write about a map of Kickstarter projects. Want to follow along? Hack Metrics. 7 Things You Can Legally Steal from Successful Companies. Denis Duvauchelle is CEO and co-founder of Twoodo, helping your team organize itself using simple #hashtags. The essence of innovation and the foundation of many start-ups are to imitate and adapt from existing concepts. New ideas are mostly incremental improvements of past ideas, just as we as a biological species have evolved improvements over centuries.

We at Twoodo are trying to make team collaboration tools a little bit better, for example. One thing that never gets old in business is knowing your customer – and that’s because of how often we get it wrong. Too often we rely on our narrow worldview to inform us of who we think would use our product or service. Data-gathering from scratch is a daunting prospect. The good news is that with a little research, you’ll find that a lot of this data has been gathered for you. You just need to know where to look. 1. But that’s OK! This is where the hijacking of open social platforms come in. 2. 3. 4. Here’s an early example: 5. 6. 7. Sales by Crowd - Tjäna pengar genom att hjälpa företag hitta deras drömmars affärsmöte.

How-to-do-a-startup. On a Mission. One of the interesting things I have seen, especially in the last 10 years, is that many of the big winners in technology have been what I call “mission-driven” versus “mercenary-driven” companies. There are a lot of companies that cut corners. There are a lot of companies that have a mercenary outlook, and will dump their idealistic goal to make a business work in the short-term. We steer clear of those. We are looking for the companies who are going to be the big winners because they are going to cause a fundamental change in the world, as opposed to making a short-term grab for revenue or a short-term grab for an acquisition. These are the founders who come in to the firm and say, “Look, I don’t care whether I make money or not, that’s not my goal. How they will make money is typically not part of the conversation. But the pattern at the moment is the stronger the ideology or mission of the company, the more successful the company.

10 business models that rocked - by @nickdemey ( Mixpanel | Mobile Analytics. 5 One-Minute Growth Hacks For When You're Feeling the Pressure. Denis Duvauchelle is the CEO & co-founder of Twoodo, the ultimate online collaboration tool. We all need to get our hands dirty from time to time. When obstacles come up, let nothing stop you from getting what you need! It’s times like these that made us come up with growth hacking ideas around our problems, or gave us the incentive to go out a research more. Here’s a list of five growth hacking tips – the fastest growth hacks we learnt under pressure. Growth Tip #1: Contact anyone on LinkedIn In advance of an event (a conference, for example) you may want to get in touch with someone important in advance. Add the event/event organizers as somewhere you have worked/volunteered (a stretch of the truth!)

Growth Tip #2: Find anyone’s email address If you are looking to get to someone who is crazy important, inaccessible, but has his/her own website… use Betterwhois to see the owner of the website, which is usually their active email address. Here is Upworthy as an example: 6 Startup Lessons From Designers At Pinterest, Fuseproject, and Behance. In 2011, over 60 designers started the Designer Fund, to give angel funding, mentorship, and connections to designers creating businesses with positive social impact. We believe that designers should be part of the DNA of companies from the beginning and partner with business and technology cofounders to build great products, user experiences, and a culture of innovation for the long run. That core principle has informed our Designer Founders book series, which includes interviews with designers about the path they took to create tech startups. Our goal with this project is for designers around the world to find inspiration in role models who have successfully taken the journey from designer to founder.

The first edition features conversations with Evan Sharp of Pinterest, Rashmi Sinha of SlideShare, Yves Béhar of fuseproject, Christina Brodbeck of theicebreak, and Scott Belsky and Matias Corea of Behance. 1. Start with Side Projects 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. [Image: Illustration via Shutterstock] 8 Simple Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Your Writing. There are lots of times when I’m stuck on a title for a post, or the perfect word for something I’m writing. Fortunately, we’re pretty keen on experimenting and testing here at Buffer, so I can try lots of different ideas and see what works best. Even better, though, is having some data to give me a rough guide on where to start. I found some really useful data about crafting the perfect blog post or copy, and hopefully you’ll find it useful too. 1.

Upworthy is arguably one of the most successful content marketing companies around, with massive successes on social media to their name. One of the tips Upworthy offers from analyzing their own success is to ensure every headline has a “curiosity gap.” A great example comes from an Upworthy story about Mitt Romney: Too vague, so readers aren’t interested: Mitt Romney Says Something Bad, Again Too specific, so readers already know the whole story: Mitt Romney Says, “I Want The Middle Class To Be Tied To The Roof Of My Car.” 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Coin » Use One Coin for All of Your Cards. How to Virally Grow Your Network in 5 Steps  — Better Humans. Want to be popular online? Want to have a network that is so vast and incredible that you can get in touch with anyone in any industry? You are going to need to work your ass off.

Before the internet, you had to go to physical places to meet people. Why was this horrible? Because the number of people you could meet was limited by the size of these physical locations. Why is today the best day to network? This. I’m going to tell you how to start taking advantage of this right now. Create content that attracts the people you want to network with. “Great Matt, these all sound like really interesting tips, but what is actually going to happen if I follow this advice?”

If you follow my advice you will be doing a better job networking than 99% of people in the world. Seriously, most people in the world don’t try as hard as they could. You will get more followers on whatever social network you are using.People will know who you are and what you are knowledgable of. Start creating. Science. Solving Real Problems. Innovation Is Dead, Long Live Innovation | Design on GOOD. The pursuit of innovation has taken over pop culture as the Holy Grail every organization should strive for.

From big tech, consumer electronics, and automotive, to fashion, and even food, everyone is gunning for innovation. Often perceived as "think tanking"—dreaming up solutions and ideating in multicolored Post-Its—innovation is a necessity to compete in the marketplace. The "soft innovation" and strategy process is the preliminary part of that, yes. But the hardest, most valuable, and elusive bit is the execution and integration with, often times archaic, systems. Two years ago the inaugural No Right Brain Left Behind innovation challenge asked the creative industries to dream up solutions that could help the creativity crisis in the United States' education system.

In seven days, the challenge yielded 300 concepts from some of the top creative companies in the nation. The goal was to put something real and effective out into the world. 40 websites that will make you cleverer right now. Try "Location Boxing" to Get Your Brain to Switch Gears — lifehacker. For the past week, I’ve been taking an hour or so at the coffee shop near my office to knock out most of my email and communications. Then when I get back to the office, I stay out of email as much as possible. The experiment has made me realize that shaking up my work environment helps me stay more focused and productive. It’s sort of like the concept of Timeboxing but with more of a physical twist. “Location boxing” seems appropriate.

There are four main types of thinking I need to do in a typical work week. Design-thinking: Visual design and thinking about the user experienceCoding-thinking: Building new features, solving technical problemsBusiness-thinking: Internal communications, interviews, and helping out on some sales callsSupport-thinking: Bug fixes, and responding to questions from RescueTime users It’s next to impossible to do any of those simultaneously and be effective.

Timeboxing is a great idea, but I’ve found it really hard to stick to. The answer? YouNoodle | Compete and connect.