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Swedish Morphological Society. Use of Toolbox. Select a management tool Whether in a meeting, a workshop or as a single employee tasked with a problem to be solved or an analysis to be carried out.

Use of Toolbox

Sometimes, all it needs is the proper application of a management tool like e.g. SWOT, Value Chain Analysis or PESTLE to structure the issue and move forward. Eidos Management Toolbox offers 33+ common management tools that can be used “off the shelf”. Short descriptions on each tool, its application preconditions and areas as well as weblinks to further sources help you select the right tool for your task. Common management tools are already included in EIDOS Management Toolbox.

Futurist associations. Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation - LUT. Welcome to a guide for the strategic manager, who is responsible for innovation.

Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation - LUT

I like the whole playbook idea because it addresses real-life activities and development. You can apply these tools anywhere and anytime. Raine Hermans, Ph.D., Director, Strategic Intelligence, Tekes The playbook is packed with multiple methods and techniques, step-by-step instructions, tips, examples, case studies, and more. All available for free download. Whether innovation means finding the next market, describing the future customer, or developing an amazing team who can reliably take new visions to new markets, this playbook addresses two essential topics:

Kaserer_MA_Management%20and%20Governance. Kaserer_MA_Management%20and%20Governance. FS2009 TF20China160309. Foresight and Innovation at Stanford. Foresight and Innovation research at Stanford, based in the Center for Design Research Our Mission To bring the most advanced understanding to how organizations, teams, and communities design, plan, and implement innovation with long-term and human centered perspectives.

Foresight and Innovation at Stanford

Our areas of interest include: future user need-finding; third cycle design; blue sky research models; moonshot program development; organizing for disruptive, radical and architectural innovation; and tools for bringing foresight abilities into organizations. Research Goals Develop a deep understanding of how organizations invent the future. Openly disseminate our team’s learning. Work with industry to identify bottlenecks and deliver approaches to promote the adoption of research findings and best practices. Scenario modelling with morphological analysis. SWOT - The most abused analytical technique in management. As most business people would know SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

SWOT - The most abused analytical technique in management

Traditional SWOT analysis is possibly the most widely known and among the most utilized means of situation analysis. SWOT - The most abused analytical technique in management. The Future Today Institute – The Future Today Institute helps leaders and their organizations prepare for complex futures. European Journal of Futures Research. Horizon Scanning Board - The Red (Team) Analysis Society. Futures studies. Moore's law is an example of futures studies; it is a statistical collection of past and present trends with the goal of accurately extrapolating future trends.

Futures studies

Futures techniques. Futures techniques used in the multi-disciplinary field of futures studies by futurists in Americas and Australasia, and futurology by futurologists in EU, include a diverse range of forecasting methods, including anticipatory thinking, backcasting, simulation, and visioning.

Futures techniques

Some of the anticipatory methods include, the delphi method, causal layered analysis, environmental scanning, morphological analysis, and scenario planning. Anticipatory thinking protocols[edit] Delphi method[edit] The Delphi method is a very popular technique used in Futures Studies. It was developed by Gordon and Helmer in 1953 at RAND. PROGETTO - LIFE FRANCA - Flood Risk Anticipation and Communication in the Alps. I partner del progetto si occuperanno di azioni diverse, che insieme concorreranno a sviluppare una cultura del rischio alluvionale.

PROGETTO - LIFE FRANCA - Flood Risk Anticipation and Communication in the Alps

Queste le azioni principali che verranno sviluppate: Dati Raccolta, analisi e riorganizzazione dei dati a disposizione sul rischio alluvionale in Trentino. L’Anticipatory Governance e la dottrina dell’Auftragstaktik – FUTURI. WORLD FUTURES STUDIES FEDERATION. World Futures Studies Federation. The World Futures Studies Federation is a global non-governmental organization that was founded in 1973 to promote the development of futures studies as an academic discipline.[1][2] History[edit] The Federation was chartered at the 1973 meeting of the International Futures Research Conference.

World Futures Studies Federation

Past organization president Eleonora Barbieri Masini said in 2005: "The vision of the Federation is just as valid today as it was when the Federation started. It can still perform the role of a modest bridge between people who are concerned with building a humane world. Relationship with UNESCO[edit] UNESCO financed the participation of nationals of developing countries in the events organized by the WFSF until the end of the 1990s. Partnerships[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] WFSF official website. Anticipation 2015. Anticipation is increasingly at the heart of urgent contemporary debates, from climate change to economic crisis.

Anticipation 2015

As societies are less confident that tradition will provide an effective guide to the future, anticipatory practices are coming to the foreground of political, organizational and personal life. Research into anticipation, however, has not kept pace with social demand for insights into these practices, their risks and their uses. Where research does exist, it is deeply fragmented. This conference’s main aim is therefore to serve as a point of encounter and exchange among scholars form different disciplines, helping them to develop a fuller understanding of the centrality of anticipation to human behaviour.

Futures Studies Italia. Apply to Join WFSF. FEN, 17 nov 2017. FEN members meet in Florence, November 9th 2017 Members discussed regional futures, future-oriented entrepreneurship and global challenges from a European perspective On November 9th, approximately 30 foresight practitioners and academics from over 15 European countries met in the coworking space 91C in Florence to discuss European foresight matters and exchange experiences and perspectives.

FEN, 17 nov 2017

The meeting was opened with a keynote on “The methods adopted by the Tuscany Region for the development of the smart specialization strategy” delivered by Dr. Futures Studies Italia, 07 apr 2017. Master II livello in Previsione Sociale (UniTN) The Anticipatory Organization. Certificates. Graduate Certificate in Foresight Courses in the certificate are the same as those offered within the Master's degree in Foresight. Courses are offered online and face-to-face and the student simply takes four core courses. Upon completion, students are issued a certificate. Professional Certificate in Foresight. MSc Elective Future-Oriented Strategising Fall 2017 - Future Orientation. Participate in our MSc Elective on Future-Oriented Strategising. Registration period is May 1st-7th. How can companies actively create superior positions in markets of the future? What helps them to better see, understand, and act upon change?

This course introduces you to the core capabilities of strategic foresight. You will learn how to systematically explore new business fields, build robust scenario-driven strategies, and apply state-of-the-art methods to drive organizations towards a desired future. Futures Conference 2018 – ENERGIZING FUTURES. CONFERENZE FUTURES STUDIES. Futures Conference 2017 Futures of a Complex World. Confirmed Keynote Speakers: Professor John L.

Casti Dr. Casti received his Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Southern California. YIRCoF'18. Call for Papers and Participation We invite academic researchers, company managers and public policy makers to participate in and contribute to this conference to discuss the following questions: 1. Italian Institute for the Future.