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Purr-fect! The Cat Cafe opens in Manchester - Manchester Headline News. Seattle's Cat Cafe - The Seattle Meowtropolitan. Coffee and Cats: Inside one of America’s Cat Cafe. DC's First Cat Café Opens (No Thanks to Regulators) GoPro: Kittens and Coffee - A Cat Cafe in Shanghai. Purringtons Cat Lounge. Cat Town Cafe — Cat Town. Q.

Cat Town Cafe — Cat Town

Can I bring my cafe food/drink into the Cat Zone? A. Yes, food and beverages purchased in the Cafe are allowed! Food purchased outside of the Cafe is not permitted, and please don't bring treats for the cats. CAT CAFE LOG - TOKYO CITY CAT CAFE INFOMATION- La Gattara Cat Cafe & Wine Bar – Peace, Love and MEOW! Cat Café Madison – Cats, Caffeine, and Chill. Home - The Cat Cafe. Contact Us - The Cat Cafe Purrth. Can we make your day awesome?

Contact Us - The Cat Cafe Purrth

Address | 147 Rokeby Road, Subiaco. We are on Google Maps HERE 1 Hour free parking is available behind the building in the Rowland Street Carpark.