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How to make a mini Gas-jet metal cutting (2500ºC) Cooking with Hydrogen. How to make a mini Hydrogen Generator / TUTORIAL.


FabLab. Notes on LEDs. LED Parts LEDs come in all shapes and sizes, but the 3mm T-1 or 5mm T-1¾ are probably the most common.

Notes on LEDs

The die is an itty bitty cube of semiconductor, the composition of which determines the color of the light given off. It sits in the bottom of the die cup, which has reflective sides to reflect the light emitted by the die toward the dome end of the LED. The epoxy body is shaped to act as an inclusion lens and focus the light into a beam. The distance from the die cup to the domed end of the lens determines how tightly focused is the resulting beam of light. LED Color Visible LEDs LED colors are often given in "nm", or nanometers, which is the wavelength of the light. Notice the temperature given in the upper right corner of the graph - LEDs emit slightly different colors at different temperatures. Infrared LEDs The infrared band can be divided into Near Infrared (NIR) and Far Infrared (IR).

Infrared LEDs are sometimes called IREDs (Infra Red Emitting Diodes). Ultraviolet LEDs White LEDs.

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Home Magic. Elcohslibrary. 7 Atajos de teclado que agilizarán tu vida en la computadora. Aquí tienes algunos atajos de teclado que probablemente no sepas que existen y que convertirán tu trabajo en la computadora en más simple y efectivo. 1.

7 Atajos de teclado que agilizarán tu vida en la computadora

Para cerrar una ventana al instante ¿Quieres mantener tus ventanas o conversaciones por el chat no aparentes mientras vas a tomar café? Este acceso directo bloqueará al instante tu ordenador para que puedas disfrutar de tu descanso. WINDOWS: Windows + LMAC (PONE EL ORDENADOR EN REPOSO): Cmd+Alt+Eject. General Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Free Biology Video Lectures. Visage - Beautiful, Branded Content. Imóveis - Reforma deixa casa antiga iluminada e moderna em Londres - 14/08. 14/08/2013 - 07h30.

Imóveis - Reforma deixa casa antiga iluminada e moderna em Londres - 14/08

Presentations. Hydrogeology. Typical aquifer cross-section Introduction[edit] Hydrogeology is an interdisciplinary subject; it can be difficult to account fully for the chemical, physical, biological and even legal interactions between soil, water, nature and society.


The study of the interaction between groundwater movement and geology can be quite complex. Third-World Wind Power: First Look. 37 Out-of-this-World Photos: Earth from Above. Aurora Australis and Daybreak.

37 Out-of-this-World Photos: Earth from Above

The Aurora Australis, seen at right on Earth’s horizon, and daybreak (left) highlight this ‘busy’ photograph taken by one of the Expedition 30 crew members aboard the International Space Station. Photo #1 by NASA The Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission makes global observations of soil moisture over Earth’s landmasses and salinity over the oceans.

Photo #2 by ESA/AOES Medialab. The Universe Magnified. This is one of the most beautiful infographics we've ever seen: a high resolution view of different levels of the universe.

The Universe Magnified

Our favorite parts are the jaw-dropping nebulae and then the point where you see the size of Pluto compared to Texas. Puts things into perspective. Try it out in full-screen mode: Copyright 2012. Grome. Grome is an environmental modeling package developed by Quad Software dedicated for procedural and manual generation of large virtual outdoor worlds suitable for games and other 3D real-time simulation applications.


History[edit] After more than two years of internal developing, the program was first launched on March 28, 2007 as version 1.0. It immediately started to be used by various professional game studios and independent developers. Version 1.1 was launched on August 22, 2007 adding various optimizations, pen tablet support and more flexibility by introducing user defined data sets. Following this was version 1.2 on March 12, 2008 which optimized existing fractal tools and added new ones, extended import and export with new data formats and introduced the Grome scripting language for automated tasks. Major release, 2.0, was introduced on June 18, 2009 with many new additions. TOPOG Online. Aprenda Codigo Morse vendo e ouvindo..wmv. Grande sertão paulista. Traffic.outbrain. While the U.S. auto industry reels, Gizmag reports that Nissan will actually be producing a commercial-use version of the NV200 concept we showed you last year.


Just how many of the NV200's innovative features will be incorporated in the production version is not known just yet but the press release hints that it will include Nissan's sliding cargo pod. The pod is latched inside the shell of the load area when the van is being driven, but at rest, it slides out to allow easy access to the customisable storage zones. Honest Logos by Victor Hertz. Victor Hertz just recently had a great success with his clever Pic­togram Movie Posters.

Honest Logos by Victor Hertz

And now Victor has pumped out Pfizer mexico viagra this hilar­i­ous set called Hon­est Logos which he describes as “reveal­ing the actual con­tent of the com­pany or what they really should be called.” Victor Hertz is a freelance photographer and graphic designer, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Via Design You Trust zp8497586rq. Food4Patriots’ Allen Baler on Why You Should Avoid GMO Seeds. It sounds like something out of science fiction, but it’s all too real, notes Allen Baler of Food4Patriots, a long-term survival food solution.

Food4Patriots’ Allen Baler on Why You Should Avoid GMO Seeds

Monsanto, the company behind the herbicide Roundup, has created genetically modified seeds that can produce completely sterile crops. The company owns the patent to the gene, dubbed the Terminator gene, but so far hasn’t released any seeds that feature it, according to NPR. But, the fact that the company could unleash seeds with the Terminator gene is something people should be concerned about, according to Baler. Tijol-Eco Artigos Solo-Cimento. Explained lighting schemes. Maurice Mc Duff Studio McMomo , from the canadian photographers association QuebecPhotos , have prepared a set of photos with different lighting schemes, along an explanation and visual schematics for each one of them, explaining how he did them.

An excellent opportunity to learn about new lighting schemes and to see how each detail in the scheme its later reflected in the final photo. 1. Two superposed softboxes on the left. Value F8 @ ISO 100 2. One light with a diffuser to cut the subject shadow on the background 3. Online references. Floods 'under control' - The Nation Floods 'under control'. IBGE · PAÍSES@ First Upload. Some of you might have seen it before. Frozen Heart wallpaper - 1134522. Body Language. By a man’s fingernails, by his coat-sleeve, by his boots, by his trouser-knees, by the calluses of his forefinger and thumb, by his expression, by his shirt-cuffs, by his movements – by each of these things a man’s calling is plainly revealed. That all united should fail to enlighten the competent enquirer in any case is almost inconceivable / Sherlock Holmes, 1892. The aim of this exhibition is — to become aware of ourselves and of the people around us.

Not claiming any in-depth analysis, and hoping that you will take a moment to think about it. It seemed amazing to us that we can try to better understand ourselves or others. Source: Copyright © . Spacehack. Human Error Infographic - NSF DBA. How Things Work. Posted by admin on Dec 28, 2012 in Entertainment | 27 comments For many thing that we all day see in our lives, we don’t know how some of that things work. Here you can see how things really work. How a Zipper Works. Important Infrequently Used Words To Know. Paul V. Hartman (The Capitalized syllable gets the emphasis) Philographics — Genis Carreras. Philographics Philographics is a series of posters that explain big ideas in simple shapes.

They are the result of combining the world of philosophy with graphic design. You can get the entire set of 95 designs as a book or a selection of them as posters. Printable Paper. Outdoor Survival. Instructables has one of the best collections of survival how-to's on the web. There are enough outdoor survival Instructables to take someone from novice to survivor with nothing more than a laptop and a can do attitude. There are so many good Instructables on this topic and this is just a small sample to get you started.

14 Inventos que te harán decir “Cállate y toma mi dinero” [Volumen 10] Y los inventos fantásticos no paran de salir. The Best DIY YouTube Channels to Turn You Into a Fix-It Master. 31 DIY Ideas for a Sparkling Home. Homemade gunk remover Kitchen cabinets accumulate gunk and it’s not a pretty sight but you can fix the problem with this homemade gunk remover. Mix one part vegetable oil and 2 parts baking soda and use a sponge or a cloth to clean the cabinets. A Cnc Router For Your Workshop. Woodworking in Action DVDs - Woodworking CDs & DVDs - Shop by Product. 47 Storage Ideas To Organize And Improve You Life. Storage Ideas are always welcome and there is always need for more storage solutions to organize your home and life. Converter PDF em Word.

Dormir. 36 House Cleaning Tricks For People Who Hate Doing Chores. Hate cleaning? How round is your circle? This Is The Banana Experiment And It’ll Leave You With An Important Life Lesson. LED Downlight-Brilliant Lighting Limited. 28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To Pinterest. Woodworking Projects. Technology Cnc Instructables. 16 Tips for Sharpening. This Woman Has Spent The Last 14 Years Photographing The World's Oldest Trees. 14 natural items for your alternative first aid kit. Build a #Mosquito Control container so you can sit and unwind in the evenings without dousing in DEET. - ruggedthug.

All the Water on Earth. Hardscaping 101: Raised Garden Beds: Gardenista. Estatísticas do mundo em tempo real. Knew Concepts - Fine Metalsmithing Video - The Red Saw - Santa Cruz, CA. 7 Tips On Building Rich Organic Soil for Wonderful Results - 50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making. Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" This Is So Cool And Easy. Why Doesn’t Everyone Do This To Their Home? Now with raindrops. DIY. EcoQube aquaponics system transforms any desk into a mini-farm. Tudo o que você precisa saber para ter uma horta orgânica em casa. The Four Agreements. 24-Highly-Creative-and-Clever-Gardening-Tricks-to-Enhance-Garden-homesthetics-decor-7.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 466 pixels) Watch Nature - Page 2 of 9 Documentaries Online Free.

Noisli - Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise.