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3 Major Shifts Are About to Transform Manufacturing as We Know It. Stepcraft Inc. – What Will You Create? The Best Laser Cutters and Engravers of 2018 - FabatHome. Please share my content!

The Best Laser Cutters and Engravers of 2018 - FabatHome

Use the quick navigation to jump to the desired section of the article: Tech Specs - Glowforge - the 3D laser printer. Stepcraft Inc. – What Will You Create? BoXZY Complete - Three-in-One 3D Printer, CNC Mill, and More. BoXZY Three-In-One 3D Printer, CNC Mill, and Laser Engraver - Shop. BoXZY Home - BoXZY. Top 5 CNC Machines for your creativity. Order - Glowforge - the 3D laser printer. Glowforge - the 3D laser printer. Glowforge - the 3D laser printer.

Mr Beam - Your Laser Cutter. World largest CO2 Laser cutter & engraver/ $2,480 – “FABOOL Laser CO2” Mooz: Industrial Grade Transformable Metallic 3D Printer by Mooz. Mooz: Industrial Grade Transformable Metallic 3D Printer by Mooz. 3D Printers and 3D Printer Kits Sale Online. 52 Types of Wood and the Trees They Come From. Homemade Machines And Jigs Index Page. Top 5 Best Large 3D Printers You Can Buy in 2017 [ Best Industrial 3d Printers 2017 ] 5 Futuristic 3D Printers You MUST SEE! The men who crashed the world. China Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Suppliers & Manufacturers - Laser Metal Cutting Machine, Cnc Laser Cutting Machine, Mild Steel Cutting Machine Price - Qingyuan Laser.

Qingyuan Laser is well-known as one of the largest and professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China.

China Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Suppliers & Manufacturers - Laser Metal Cutting Machine, Cnc Laser Cutting Machine, Mild Steel Cutting Machine Price - Qingyuan Laser

With a group of professional and effective personnel, we can offer you laser metal cutting machine, cnc laser cutting machine, mild steel cutting machine, sheet metal laser cutting machines, laser cut stainless steel at low price.Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Suitable for industried like Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum, and other metal materials precise cutting, suitable for aerospace technology, rocket, plane, robot, elevator, steamship and automobile manufacturing and metal parts processing industry for metal plate, advertisement, kitchen ware, bit tool, hardware etc.

Getting Started with Your Multimeter. This Skill Builder is excerpted from the 2nd edition of Make: Electronics, available at Maker Shed and fine retailers everywhere.

Getting Started with Your Multimeter

Of all electronics tools, I consider the multimeter to be the most essential. It will tell you how much voltage exists between any two points in a circuit, or how much current is passing through the circuit. It will help you to find a wiring error, and can also evaluate a component to determine its electrical resistance — or its capacitance, which is the ability to store an electrical charge. If you’re starting with little or no knowledge, these terms may seem confusing, and you may feel that a multimeter looks complicated and difficult to use.

This is not the case. Figure A Before I discuss which meter to buy, I can tell you what not to buy. You want a digital meter that displays values numerically — and to give you an idea of the equipment available, I have selected four examples. Figure B. A Guide to Buying Your First Laser Cutter. If there’s one tool that’s coveted by Makerspaces more than any other, it has to be the laser cutter.

A Guide to Buying Your First Laser Cutter

These high-precision machines can produce both functional and beautiful items. Their versatility allows anyone with access to one to quickly go into production with his or her designs. Go to your local indie craft fair and I bet you’ll find laser-cut jewelry. Craft stores are stocked full of laser-cut scrapbooking items. Even big-box stores are not immune to the awesomeness of laser-cut items, offering laser-cut window curtains, holiday ornaments, fixtures, and more.

How to Cut Cardboard for Prototyping - MakingSociety. Tooling, parts, and accessories for bench top machinists - Mounting the Right Angle Attachment. Amazon. Amazon. Working video of thefirsttool Powerful Mini Metal Lathe TZ20002M , material : aluminium alloy. Sieg 7x14 Review - Part 1. Unimat ML Lathe new. Unimat 1 Toy Lathe. 6-in-1 Machine Shop Review. 6 in 1 Mini Machining Tools, Unboxing and Assembly. 1290 laser with 60w and 130w laser, photo engraving, China laser cutting and engraving machine, LaserOrigami: laser-cutting 3d objects. Mounting the Right Angle Attachment. Mounting the Wood Drill Bits. Metal working: Making "Dremelathe" small rotary tool powered lathe Part 2. (Workstation part 3) How to Use a Dremel Ultra Saw. Amazing Carbide Cutting Wheels that work as hard as you do! How to Cut Cardboard for Prototyping - MakingSociety. Prima Power Platino Fiber with 4kw Laser Cutting Demonstration.

40W Chinese Laser Cutter testing. 7 Inventions That Will Make You Crazy ▶15. Meet the 3D Printer That Can Make Basically Anything. The Basics of 3D Printing in 2015 - from someone with 16 WHOLE HOURS' experience. Filament Maker. 3D Printing for Beginners. Afinia H480 Review – Get Results Without Worrying About Technology The first time I saw an Afinia 3D printer in action was at the Make Magazine 3D Printer Shootout in August last year.

3D Printing for Beginners

This compact 3D printer was producing good print results and Josh Ajima, who was testing the printer, was very positive about his experience with the machine. The Afinia H480 ended up in the solid mid-field of the Make Tests. Review of the Pirx 3D Printer – A Great Value for Money Option When we visited the Maker Faire in Hannover in June, there was a great many things to discover. Formlabs Form1 Review – Effortless Precision At a Price If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know that we own two Ultimaker 3D printers, the very machines we use for all the prints you can see in our blog posts.

3D Printing with Nylon 618 filament in Tie-Dye colours. * Tie-Dye 3D printing with Nylon 618 * Taluman Nylon 618 is a very versatile printing material.

3D Printing with Nylon 618 filament in Tie-Dye colours

Nylon does not require a heated bed, has low warp, and cooling fans are not required for both big or tiny printing. Resin identification code. Sorted household plastic waiting to be hauled away for reprocessing.

Resin identification code

The ASTM International Resin Identification Coding System, often abbreviated as the RIC, is a set of symbols appearing on plastic products that identify the plastic resin out of which the product is made.[1] It was developed in 1988 by the Society of the Plastics Industry (now the Plastics Industry Association) in the United States, but since 2008 it has been administered by ASTM International, an international standards organization.[1] History[edit] The US Society of the Plastics Industry introduced the Resin Identification Code (RIC) system in 1988, when the organisation was called Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. Time to save up your plastic junk for recyling: mini shredder and FilaMaker. Jan.31, 2013 In 2012, Marcus Thymark of Germany introduced his mini DIY shredder that can be used to recycle all your failed prints or any other plastic scrap.

Time to save up your plastic junk for recyling: mini shredder and FilaMaker

A year later, Marcus has improved his system and also started a new open source project: FilaMaker. FilaMaker is a personal filament producing machine that grinds old plastic and make new filament for your 3D printer. You can produce standard 1.75 mm or 3 mm filament by changing only one nozzle. The FilaMaker is still in development. Portable 3D scanning solutions. Landing.artec3d. Setting the standard for ethically produced 3D printer filament from recycled waste materials.

Plastic shredder for making 3D printer filament - All. While 3D printing continues to decrease in cost, it is still a large investment.

Plastic shredder for making 3D printer filament - All

Even after the initial purchase of a printer, purchasing plastic filament still remains a costly affair. One of the best goals now in the printing community is to allow the user to lower the cost by producing their own filament. Many companies and individuals are trying to fine-tune designs on filament extruders, including some excellent designs seen on this site. Eventually, the settings and methods for printing will allow for almost any type of plastic to be used, making any recyclable plastic a source of printing material! One item that seems to be lacking is an efficient means of granulating plastic in order to feed into an extruder. Which shredding and extruding machines are available. This series will explore the potential of recycling household plastic waste into homemade 3D printing filament.

Which shredding and extruding machines are available

I will look specifically into the potential for cost savings and waste reduction. In the first and second post of this series I looked into the different reasons for making your own recycled filament and what the process to do this looks like. Now that we know that we want to recycle and what the process looks like let’s take a look at the different machines that are available to do this. An introduction to DIY filament extrusion and extruders. Nowadays one of the biggest drawbacks in 3D printing is the relative high cost of filament, i.e. the 3D printer (thermo-)plastic, the “consumable” for your 3D printer. Prices for 3D printers have been continuously dropping, but filament prices did not really follow the same path.

Agreed, filament availability is far better than 2 or 3 years ago, as are color choices. Even the materials for 3D printing are becoming more and more varied and readily available. But prices, especially for good quality filament, did not really drop. Although we are witnessing a rise in competition between industrial filament producers, which in the long term should result in more mass production and overall lower prices, filament prices still hover around 22-30$ per 1kg spool. Filament Maker. Filament. FilaMaker mini XXL shredder – Filamaker. Hallo, dear customers. This product is manufactured on demand and we are the manufacturers of this product. We need up to 3 weeks after payment to manufacture and test your unit before shipping, to insure you will get tested unit which represent our quality. This unit come without housing and therefore this unit is not for sale to private persons. For buyers inside Europe, you need to provide your VAT number together with company address and name.

People from Europe Union use free shipping, if you are outside Europe Union use the international shipping. The size of shredding chamber is 120×98 mm All other dimensions and properties are that same like the mini shredder ( click for the user manual ) Only the blade thickness is 8mm instead of 6mm. Different blades configuration for the mini shredder. Filamaker mini shredder user manual.

Shredders. Stainless steel mini shredder for bio waste. DIY mini shredder - how to make one Part 3. DIY mini shredder - how to make one Part 2. DIY mini shredder - how to make one Part 1.