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The men who crashed the world

The men who crashed the world
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The Federal Reserve is a Ponzi Scheme 18th April 2016 By Alan R. Adaschik Guest Writer for Wake Up World Most Americans are proud to be American and consider the United States to be the greatest nation in all of history, and there are many things we can point to which substantiates this belief. The original Ponzi scheme was a swindle which was conceived and run by an Italian immigrant named Charles Ponzi, who defrauded his investors out of millions of dollars during the 1920’s. Understanding the above, upon examination it becomes clear that the Federal Reserve Bank has many of the same characteristics as a Ponzi scheme. First of all, like a Ponzi scheme, it began with a lie concocted solely to suck in its intended victims — the promise to regulate the US economy such that economic booms and busts would be eliminated. Secondly, similar to a Ponzi scheme, the Fed takes our money and gives us nothing in return. “The goldsmiths were our first bankers. An exception to this state of affairs was President John F.

Watch This Congressman Plagiarize A Lobbyist On Payday Loans Heidegger: Thinking the Unthinkable German philosopher Martin Heidegger addressed the central question of human existence full on, by examining how human self-awareness depends on concepts of time and death. His preoccupation with ontology - the form of metaphysical inquiry concerned with the study of existence itself - dominated his work. The central idea of his complex Sein und Zeit (Being and Time) (1927) could be summed up in the phrase 'being is'. Man had to ask himself 'what is it to be?' and only by doing this, and standing back from absorption into objects and other distractions, could he actually exist. Heidegger also felt that art, like language, was important evidence of existence, something which was a real existence rather than a mere recreation of reality. Despite this, his work has been widely influential, especially on the thought of twentieth century philosophical giants such as Sartre, Lacan and Derrida. Watch the full documentary now -

Rothschild Conspiracy International Banking Cartel and The Federal Reserve Has the Federal Reserve Sold the Gold at Fort Knox? The famed Fort Knox is a facility managed by the U.S. Mint. Curiously, however, in a recent exchange of e-mails with a gold investment blog, the former director of that agency demonstrates a disturbing lack of knowledge about the precious metal supposedly stored there. And the Federal Reserve may be hiding the location and value of the allegedly missing bullion. On July 1, Koos Jansen of published another in a series of posts exploring the fate of the gold allegedly kept in vaults at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Jansen questions the accuracy and reliability of the recent audit of the reserves. Specifically, he is concerned with the biggest cache of bullion — that supposedly being held at Fort Knox. Goldseek isn’t the first to question the federal government’s official position regarding the amount of gold held in reserve by the United Stores or the location of those bars. Protected by a 109,000-acre U.S. It’s hard to know for sure. Then there is this point made by U.S.

Why Today’s GOP Crackup Is the Final Unraveling of Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’ Fresh chatter among Washington insiders is not about whether the Republican Party will win in 2016 but whether it will survive. Donald Trump—the fear that he might actually become the GOP nominee—is the ultimate nightmare. Some gleeful Democrats are rooting (sotto voce) for the Donald, though many expect he will self-destruct. Nevertheless, Republicans face a larger problem. The GOP finds itself trapped in a marriage that has not only gone bad but is coming apart in full public view. After five decades of shrewd strategy, the Republican coalition Richard Nixon put together in 1968—welcoming the segregationist white South into the Party of Lincoln—is now devouring itself in ugly, spiteful recriminations. The abrupt resignation of House Speaker John Boehner was his capitulation to this new reality. At the heart of this intramural conflict is the fact that society has changed dramatically in recent decades, but the GOP has refused to change with it. In 1988, George H.W.

166 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness By: Higher Perspective Here is a list of over 100 documentaries you can watch for free online. They are about Science, Consciousness, ETs, you name it. It’s a smorgasbord of fascinating subjects to learn about. If you find a dead link please let us know and we will find another to replace it. 1. 04.20.2006 - Sudden Oak Death introduced to U.S., study finds UC Berkeley Press Release Sudden Oak Death introduced to U.S., study finds By Sarah Yang, Media Relations | 20 April 2006 BERKELEY – A genetic analysis of 151 isolates of the Sudden Oak Death pathogen provides new evidence that the commercial plant trade possibly helped introduce the microbe to the United States, according to plant pathologists at the University of California, Berkeley. The study, in the May issue of the journal Molecular Ecology and published online on Thursday, April 13, has potentially shed light on how Phytophthora ramorum - the pathogen responsible for Sudden Oak Death - a contagious, fungus-like disease that has killed hundreds of thousands of oaks and tanoaks along the Pacific Coast - may have been unwittingly introduced into the United States. In the study, a single lineage was found in isolates taken from U.S. forests, and a second distinct lineage was found in samples from European nurseries. The P. ramorum genome was sequenced by the U.S.

The ‘Anti-Knowledge’ of the Elites This post was first published at Consortium News. In a previous piece, I described how the Republican Party and its ideological allies in the fundamentalist churches have confected a comprehensive media-entertainment complex to attract low-information Americans and turn them into partisans. It would be comforting to believe that somewhere in the commanding heights of our permanent government, there are important players who are serious grownups who know what they are doing. The propaganda they are fed has become so disconnected from facts, evidence and logic that it is all too easy to laugh at people operating on demonstrably — and even ridiculously — false premises, such as the notion that Barack Obama, born in Hawaii, is not a natural-born American, or that the Sandy Hook school massacre was an elaborate fake designed to take away the firearms of patriotic Americans. Think of Robert Gates, Ashton Carter, Timothy Geithner or Eric Holder. That pose is nonsense. The anthropologist E.

Watch WE THE ECONOMY Online Free – Viewster Everyone is talking about the economy, but who can explain it? From that morning cup of coffee to your monthly mortgage payment, the economy affects every aspect of our lives, yet many Americans don’t understand the basic drivers of our economic system. We’re caught between bubbles and recessions, rising costs and dwindling paychecks, Main Street and Wall Street – a whirl of dollars and not much sense. With WE THE ECONOMY, award­-winning directors and leading economic experts team up for a surprising and thought­-provoking short­ film series that tackles 20 essential questions about the U.S. economy. Told through animation, comedy, musical, nonfiction, and scripted films, WE THE ECONOMY seeks to demystify a complicated topic while empowering the public to take control of the nation’s economic present – and their own economic futures. 1) CAVE-O-NOMICS (Dir. Morgan Spurlock): How did the economy get started?