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Street. Dkchik. Bennett Robot Works: Robot Index #1. Is this really a sculpture? So, you are wondering what is so special about this man’s face?

Is this really a sculpture?

It is a hyperrealist sculpture by Jamie Salmon, who uses materials such as silicone rubber, fibre glass, acrylic and human hair. Incredible detail! Also see: The Hyperrealist Sculptures of Ron Mueck Notes from the artist (from bio): Bennett Robot Works: Robot Index #1. Popaganda. Psychedelic Art, Shamanic Revivalism in Art.

Throughout the body of my work the image of the boy or youth has been a consistent feature nested within the metamorphoses and dynamic manifestations of psychedelic visual environments.

Psychedelic Art, Shamanic Revivalism in Art

The result is that the coming-of-age youth is a fundamental thread to the cosmology at large which my work describes. The reasons for this are multifaceted; the symbolism of the male who is self aware cognitively, emotionally, and sexually but in between pre-pubescence and adulthood, represents an interstice that is in itself accessible to both polarities, and which is, by nature, still formless yet perceptive. Such a condition corresponds inherently to a prime conditionality of psychedelia and enlightenment; a being not concretized or conditioned, but still discovering, uncovering, reveling.

Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials - StumbleUpon. Pop Surrealism Magazine. Odd wall : gallery of the streets. Last Gasp 40th Anniversary Lowbrow Art Show. How are Last Gasp and Earth Day connected? Glad you asked. Legendary local purveyors of underground books and comics, Last Gasp, published its premiere comic, Slow Death Funnies #1, on the first Earth Day: April 15, 1970. This year, they celebrate their 40th anniversary with a showcase of “the haut monde of lowbrow” at 111 Minna Gallery .

Naturally, we checked it out. If you’re not familiar with Last Gasp, chew on this: Juxtapoz Magazine. Naoto Hattori at Lineage Gallery. Jason Limon Lowbrow Art. Jason Limon's lowbrow artwork has been making its way into some of the galleries in the New York, Georgia and California since 2007.

Jason Limon Lowbrow Art

Limon's lowbrow artwork is known for sharp illustration characters and scenery in acrylic medium. Raised in San Antonio, Texas the young artist entered a field of graphic design initialy but turned over his computer graphics for the love of the abstract canvas art and mystical characters. Mr. Hooper Art Blog » lowbrow art. FECAL FACE DOT COM. Pictures, art, graffiti, fun, zombies, funny ads, demotivationals, break up survival. Lowbrow horror art, mixed media, paintings, photography and digital art by Mia Mäkilä.

Pictures, art, graffiti, fun, zombies, funny ads, demotivationals, break up survival

Horror art in the bush Horror art they Horror art Natascha.