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Exploitation pédagogique

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Cinéma d'animation

Telecharger document. Branché à Nouvelles Frontières. Général DocAs et Notability sont des applications iPad qui permettent d'annoter des PDF.

Branché à Nouvelles Frontières

On s'en servira surtout pour partager des documents aux élèves afin qu'ils les remplissent, les corrigent, les remettent... Ils peuvent y classer leurs documents comme dans un cartable. AQUOPS_Surréalisme et art photographique - Google Slides. iHaiku You - Google Slides. Digital interactive notebooks with Book Creator. The 2 Techie Teachers share their insight into making digital interactive notebooks, which they claim has revolutionised workflow and engagement in their classroom.

Digital interactive notebooks with Book Creator

Brittany Banister is a kindergarten teacher at Vienna-Finley Elementary School in Scottsburg, Indiana. Tiffany Copple is a 6th grade Social Studies and Digital Literacy teacher also from Scottsburg. Both work in a 1:1 iPad environment. Brittany and Tiffany joined forces to form the blog 2TechieTeachers and they recently presented on Book Creator during ISTE 2015. If there is one digital tool that’s become our go-to this school year, it’s been Book Creator. Originally we relied upon graphic organizers as our sole source of material for these notebooks, but the ways in which they have evolved has been amazing. The purpose is that their work becomes not only three dimensional in look and feel, but that the learning itself goes deeper. As the year has progressed, we began to incorporate more and more into our weekly notebooks. 1. Ateliers Creatifs Pour Faire Autrement Avec LiPad - Google Slides. Creating Bee-bot Coding Dice. Hello Everyone, As promised during this week of Hour of Code, I have created a set of Coding Dice for your Bee-bot classroom.

Creating Bee-bot Coding Dice

Above are the templates you can use in your classroom with your students to start rolling and start coding your lessons. Below is the Periscope Edu video on how I created these Coding Dice and how you can use them with your classroom. Enjoy. Ululab. Chartico. Formation sur l’utilisation de la tablette en classe d’anglais, langue seconde Jour 2. La tablette numérique pour apprendre à lire et à écrire. Dans une classe de 1re année du 21e siècle, des élèves apprennent à lire et à écrire à l’aide des technologies de pointe : un tableau blanc interactif, cinq tablettes numériques et plusieurs applications.

La tablette numérique pour apprendre à lire et à écrire

La tablette numérique est un outil d’apprentissage et d’évaluation auprès de ces élèves, qui évoluent, dans une classe en gestion participative. Dans cette classe, une belle ouverture sur le monde est véhiculée. Un entretien de lecture ou comment mieux connaitre vos lecteurs en début d’année. Par Marie-Josée Maurice Je vous présente aujourd’hui un entretien de lecture que je fais présentement avec mes élèves de 6e.

Un entretien de lecture ou comment mieux connaitre vos lecteurs en début d’année

Comme nous sommes à la première étape, je rencontre les élèves individuellement. Que font les autres pendant ce temps? De la lecture autonome ou des centres littéraires. Je fais un entretien par étape car le processus est long. Hand-drawn animations in Explain Everything - published with Book Creator. In part 3, we looked at how to create a comic in Book Creator and animate it in Explain Everything.

Hand-drawn animations in Explain Everything - published with Book Creator

For the final part of our series, Reshan Richards, the co-creator of the Explain Everything app, will demonstrate how to create an animated recipe cookbook. We’ll be creating individual hand-drawn animations with Explain Everything on multiple devices, using AirDrop to transfer the videos to a single device, and using Book Creator to bring them all together as a single ebook. 1. EdTech with Kelly: App-tastic Ideas for Building the Classroom Community.

Explain Everything & Book Creator part 3. Part 3 of a 4-part series looking at how the popular educational apps Book Creator and Explain Everything can be used together.Part 1: Exporting a PDF from Book Creator to annotate in Explain EverythingPart 2: From Explain Everything to Book Creator to iTunes UPart 4: Hand-drawn animations in Explain Everything – published with Book Creator Dan from the Book Creator team is back to look at another way in which Explain Everything can be “app-smashed” with Book Creator to create something unique.

Explain Everything & Book Creator part 3

The scenario: Using Explain Everything to animate a comic book made in Book Creator, to create a fun video. Book Creator 4.0 has just been released onto the App Store. With this update there are now comic book templates and styles added to the app, to make really simple and fun comic books. We’re going to go through creating the comic book, exporting it as a PDF to Explain Everything, recording an animation using the pan and zoom tool, and exporting the end result as a video. The Best New iOS 9 Feature for Schools! Say it isn’t so, Paper 53! I am a fan of iPad and web apps that do not require a login.

Say it isn’t so, Paper 53!

Since I teach students ranging in ages from 5-11, I need apps that are easy to use, do not require student accounts, and have the ability to share to the camera roll. I do not typically use apps that require a student account or login. In fact, when apps get new updates, often times they will add a login and then I am very hesitant to use the app again.

Adobe Voice added this feature in their most recent update and now I have students using one generic email address in order to access the app, but I really don’t prefer to do it this way. I have always loved Paper 53. I recently received all new iPads for my classroom and naturally, I added Paper 53. When I saw that users now needed a login to access this app, I knew I needed to search for a replacement. The Techie Teacher: 5 EASY Back to School Technology Projects. Are you looking for some FUN, innovative yet E-A-S-Y technology projects you could implement with your students the first month back at school?

The Techie Teacher: 5 EASY Back to School Technology Projects

Do you only have access to laptops or iPads? Then check out some of these ideas:#1: QR Code Kids:Last year I posted on my FB page this picture of business cards that I came across on Pinterest: I thought it would be cool to make these with some kiddos and link the QR code to their voice reading a piece of writing aloud. A teacher at one of my schools contacted me and said she wanted to do something with these figures for Back to School Night. She wanted her students to write a little paragraph about their goals for the year that they could read aloud and make into a QR code.

DisplayFile. Le blog de la bibliothèque de l'école Mazo de la Roche. Newspaper Reports with Comic Life- October 2014... Ressources iPad Collège Jean-Eudes - Download Free Content from Collège Jean-Eudes. L'iPad au service des élèves dyslexiques. 1.

L'iPad au service des élèves dyslexiques

Open Dyslexic Une police de caractère open source, pensée pour les dyslexiques Open Dyslexic est une police de caractère OpenSource, spécialement pensée pour les personnes dyslexiques. La base des lettres est plus lourdes et les lettres qui peuvent poser problème sont dissociées (certaines courbes sont par exemple accentuées différement sur le "b" et le "p". Le projet évolue en fonction des retours d'utilisateurs. Cliquer sur "view product" Télécharger la version pour iOS Cliquer sur "Installer le profil" La police est disponible dans les apps ! La tablette mobile en cours de français.

Marie-Claude Gauthier enseigne le français au Collège Jean-Eudes. Elle a choisi de jumeler la tablette mobile iPad à sa pratique. Elle a parlé de son expérience lors du tout premier Sommet sur le iPad en éducation. Selon Marie-Claude Gauthier, pour faciliter la gestion d’une classe intégrant des tablettes mobiles, il faut d’abord et avant tout faire confiance aux jeunes, tout en demeurant vigilant. « Si on ne leur fait pas confiance, on devient paranoïaque! » Dans sa classe, quand quelque chose ne va pas comme ça devrait, on s’arrête et on discute. Les élèves présents au Sommet sur le iPad en éducation l’ont dit eux mêmes : ils aiment qu’un enseignant soit attentif, mais pas qu’il fasse la police. En tant qu’enseignante de français, sa préoccupation est que la tablette puisse l’aider à former des lecteurs, orateurs et scripteurs plus compétents.