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Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. Color Scheme Designer 3. Random Art Prompt Generator. MyPaint. Little Art Reference things. Hello, I’m Katherine and I’m a UK-based animation student, but this post isn’t REALLY about me - it’s more to do with an amazing person who […] very kindly said it was okay to call her my girlfriend. […] She’s already made the effort to come down to Bristol to see me, which I greatly appreciated and want to reciprocate - but I can’t do that without train tickets and a hotel room, and I can’t get those without money.I feel a bit guilty asking for help because I’m not doing *terribly* for money compared to a lot of people I see on my dash […] but what I really want to do is earn it (if you knew my girlfriend you’d know that she deserves that even if she doesn’t ask for it), and I’ll need to earn it in a way I can balance with university more easily than a “proper” job.[…]More examples of my art can be found in my art tag, throughout my webcomic, Mudskipper and in my comic blog’s art tag.

Little Art Reference things

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