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Musées d'art peu connus à Londres. Londres littéraire à Londres. Subterranean London - immersive interactive. Hidden city: London’s sewer men at work – in pictures. The Agas Map. Our new (as of the beginning of 2015) implementation of the Agas Map is based on the OpenLayers 3.0 library.

The Agas Map

It presents the map as a zoomable, rotatable tiled image with several hundred locations plotted on it. In the default view, the locations are initially hidden; you can show them by checking checkboxes in the navigation panel which appears at the top right of the map. Locations in the navigation panel are sorted into categories; click on a category name to expand it and see all the locations. Some locations appear in more than one category. Zoom in and out using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or the zoom control at the top left. Apart from this, these are the main things you will want to do with the map: Find one or more specific locations and show them This is best done by searching in the navigation panel.

You can also search for a MoEML @xml:id value in the search box, so if you happen to know the id of a location, but not its name, you can find it quickly that way. Mapping emotions in Victorian London. Mapping Emotions in Victorian London is a crowdsourcing project designed to expand possibilities for research in the humanities.

Mapping emotions in Victorian London

The project has invited anonymous participants to annotate whether passages drawn from novels, published mainly in the Victorian era, represented London places in a fearful, happy, or unemotional manner. This data from the crowd allowed us to generate the maps you find here, revealing a previously unseen emotional geography of Victorian London. We now invite you to explore them, and the underlying fictional passages, to discover the ways in which London was constructed, navigated, and represented emotionally in its fiction. This project was led by a research team from the Stanford Literary Lab, within the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA), with generous support from the Andrew W.

Mellon Foundation. Mes 40 expériences à Londres en famille. J’ai envie de vous faire découvrir Londres au travers de 40 expériences particulières plus que par un carnet de voyage classique.

Mes 40 expériences à Londres en famille

Nous avons vu une petite partie de cette ville, mais en 5 jours nous avons déjà eu un bel aperçu et le séjour a été riche en découvertes ! Je vous raconterai dans un prochain article les détails pratiques de notre séjour (logement, transport…), maintenant c’est parti pour mes 40 expériences ! 1 – Savourer un thé Papa et Maman sont fans de thé, alors nous on ne boit pas le café après le repas mais le thé ! L’Angleterre est connue pour savourer le thé, alors on l’a savouré. Londres : 10 bons plans pour économiser sur les billets de comédies musicales. Les prix des comédies musicales jouées dans le West End ne sont pas à la portée de tous.

Londres : 10 bons plans pour économiser sur les billets de comédies musicales

Les Pintades-adresses de Londres. Alternative London Tours. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Cemetery Explorers: The Magnificent Seven. Top: Kensal Green.

Cemetery Explorers: The Magnificent Seven

Middle: Nunhead. Bottom: Highgate. By the middle of the 19th century London was running out of burial space. In 1832 a bill was passed that encouraged the providing of more burial grounds outside the city of London. The cemeteries in were all built over the following nine years: Kensal Green (1832); West Norwood (1837); Highgate (1839); Brompton (1840); and Abney Park (1840), Nunhead (1840) and Tower Hamlets (1841.) Abney Park Cemetery, this cemetery extends over 32 acres on a slope running down from an ancient ridgeway track, now Stoke Newington Church Street, to the course of Hackney Brook. Nunhead Cemetery 52-acre cemetery, the first burial was Charles Abbott, a 101-year-old Ipswich grocer and the last, a volunteer soldier who became a Canon of Lahore Cathedral.

West Norwood Cemetery has 64 Grade II and Grade II* listed monuments. Kensal Green Cemetery is London's oldest public burial ground. Highgate Cemetery is probably most famous for its bust of Karl Marx. Magnificent Seven Cemeteries - Atlas Obscura. Que faire à Londres sur Mille choses à Londres. Top Music-related places to visit in London. Parts of London dedicated or associated with music - from gigs and famous bands - to points of historical interest. 11.

Top Music-related places to visit in London.

The Who's Railway Hotel @ Railway Approach, Wealdstone, Middlesex12. Regent Sound @ 4 Denmark St, London13. John and Yoko's Nude Scene @ 38 Montagu Square, London14. Sid Vicious' Squat @ 39 New Court, Lutton Terrace, Hampstead15. Top 5 Places to See Ancient Rome in London. The City of London is home to a lot of history, including much from Roman times. Although there are few physical structures left to show that this city was once a Roman town, here are a few places you can visit to see something of Ancient Rome – and all are free! 1. 17 meilleures images à propos de The London Temple of Mithras sur Pinterest  Secrets of Underground London: Part 7. Secrets of Underground London: Part 6. Secrets of Underground London: Part 5. Social Studies, Engineering & Technology. Social Studies, Engineering & Technology. In this segment of Secrets of Underground London, learn about how the technical prowess of the Victorians takes underground tunneling to a whole new level with the Thames Tunnel, the first tunnel under a river being used by the oldest Underground system in the world.

Social Studies, Engineering & Technology

In an effort to provide another way for goods and people to get across the river, Marc Brunel, the chief engineer of New York, designed the world’s first tunnel under a river. He created cages to prop up against the tunnel face, giving support to the soft tunnel walls while allowing workers to excavate earth from under the riverbed. Working with bricklayers, the tunnel could then be built inch-by-inch. The workers creating the tunnel worked in appalling conditions, dealing with sewage-filled water from the Thames, fires, and a fatal flood. After eighteen years, the tunnel was completed and deemed a huge success. Secrets of Underground London: Part 2.

Secrets of Underground London: Part 1. TV and Movie Tours of UK Film Locations. London street art tours from Street Art London. Street art tours from ‘Street Art London’ Take a street art tour with us and get an up close introduction to East London’s incredible street art scene.

London street art tours from Street Art London

Here at Street Art London, we know where all the best street art is to be found in East London and on one of our street art tours you will discover the work of over 40 street artists. Street art in London is incredibly dynamic and changes everyday as older pieces are gone over by other artists or buffed away by the Council. This means that our street art tours are always fresh and we always know where the latest street art is to be found. We run walking tours on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. London Guide for Pubs and Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels, Cinemas and What's on.

Welcome - Enter - Brick Lane. Destination Londres - pour touristes et expatriés since 1999. Derelict London - Derelict London homepage. Graffiti Workshops, London Street Art. Fancy yourself as the next Banksy?

Graffiti Workshops, London Street Art

Or just want to learn how to create a piece of spray can art in a safe, relaxed and fun environment? Then join us for a street art tour and graffiti workshops! One of our expert street artist guides will take you on a graffiti and street art walking tour of East London where you'll see some of the World's finest street art by Banksy, ROA, Shepard Fairey, Jimmy C, Invader, Stik and many many more.

Then, after a refreshment break it's back to the Alternative London workshop to try it for yourself! All welcome regardless of artistic ability as the Alternative London team will teach you spray can techniques and all you need to know to draw, cut and create your own single or multi layered stencil and build your own unique piece of street art. Tour Information Days and Times: Weekends and selected Weekdays - check Bookings Page for available times Group Size: Small (up to 18 people) Age: minimum of 10 years old.