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eBooks@Adelaide: Free Books, Online. Captain Cook’s Journal : CHAPTER 2. RIO JANEIRO TO TAHITI. THURSDAY, December 8th. Fore and Middle parts Moderate breezes and Cloudy; remainder, little wind and Clear weather. At 3 p.m. the Boat returned from the Island; hoisted her in and made Sail at 6. The Sugar Loaf at the west Entrance of Rio de Janeiro bore North 1/2 East, distance 7 leagues; it lies from the City of Rio de Janeiro, from which I take my Departure, South-West 4 miles. Wind East-North-East, North-East, North by East; course South 7 degrees 30 minutes West; distance 85 miles; latitude 24 degrees 17 minutes South, longitude 42 degrees 29 minutes West. Friday, 9th. Genteel light breezes and Clear weather.

Saturday, 10th. Sunday, 11th. (* Slops are materials for making clothes.) Monday, 12th. Tuesday, 13th. Wednesday, 14th. Thursday, 15th. Friday, 16th. Saturday, 17th. Sunday, 18th. Monday, 19th. Tuesday, 20th. Wednesday, 21st. Thursday, 22nd. Friday, 23rd. Saturday, 24th. Sunday, 25th. Monday, 26th. Tuesday, 27th. Wednesday, 28th. Thursday, 29th. Friday, 30th. Saturday, 31st. Unlocking the Archives. Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. National Geographic: Lewis & Clark. Scott's Last Expedition. The causes of the disaster are not due to faulty organisation, but to misfortune in all risks which had to be undertaken. 1.

The loss of pony transport in March 1911 obliged me to start later than I had intended, and obliged the limits of stuff transported to be narrowed. 2. The weather throughout the outward journey, and especially the long gale in 83º S., stopped us. 3. We fought these untoward events with a will and conquered, but it cut into our provision reserve. Every detail of our food supplies, clothing and depôts made on the interior ice-sheet and over that long stretch of 700 miles to the Pole and back, worked out to perfection.

The Beardmore Glacier is not difficult in fine weather, but on our return we did not get a single completely fine day; this with a sick companion enormously increased our anxieties. But all the facts above enumerated were as nothing to the surprise which awaited us on the Barrier. Welcome to the Education Forum. Northwest of the West: the Frontier Experience on the Northwest Coast - Introduction. The idea of a "frontier," of a place that is an edge between the known and the unknown, the settled and the wild, has a prominent place in American history. Sometimes it is a particular territory, such as the North American continent west of the Missouri River.

It can be the idea of a place, something more ambiguous: a frontier is a place where you are on your own, where the rules are not yet made. The frontier can be a mental realm of new ideas, ideas about space and time and the origins of the world. For many Americans, what was “the frontier” is, geographically, that land west of the Missouri River that is characterized as dry, perhaps even arid, where crops grow with a struggle and where cattle range freely, searching for water and feed. It once had Indians and buffalo, but those have vanished, leaving hard-handed sons of toil, some cowboys, a few miners, a few deer and antelope.

Oddly enough, this is not the frontier that could be found at the far western edge of our nation. Northwest of the West: the Frontier Experience on the Northwest Coast - Introduction. Home. Culture Numérique. Se tenir informé.e.s.


Outils. Banque de ressources numériques pour les cycles 3 et 4 - L'école change avec le numérique. L’essentiel Les banques de ressources numériques pour l’École (BRNE) sont des contenus et services associés : couvrant les cycles 3 et 4 pour 5 enseignements disciplinaires : Français, Mathématiques, Histoire Géographie, Sciences, Langues vivantes étrangères (anglais, allemand 4) et comportant des aides en ligne pour faciliter leur prise en main ;libérés de droits et gratuitement mis à disposition pour l’ensemble des enseignants et des élèves des cycles 3 et 4 à partir de la rentrée 2016 pour une utilisation et une réutilisation dans le cadre pédagogique sur une durée de trois ans (avec reconduction possible) ;disponibles progressivement avec au moins 30% des ressources dès septembre pour atteindre 100% fin décembre 2016 à travers de multiples contextes d’utilisation en ligne ou hors ligne et sur tout type de supports : ordinateurs, tablettes tactiles, tableaux numériques interactifs… Pour les découvrir vous pouvez : 2 minutes pour comprendre les banques de ressources éducatives Enregistrer.

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