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Ficlab. Les fanfictions (fanfic ou fanfiction) de Fanfic FR - Accueil des Fanfics. Archive of Our Own. How Fan Fiction Improves Writing. Generally, fan-fiction writers’ strengths are effusively celebrated, and any feedback on their weaknesses is very gently conveyed.

How Fan Fiction Improves Writing

Reviews of fan fiction are overwhelmingly positive—Aragon and Davis found that out of a sample of 4,500 reviews on, only 1 percent were what they called “non-constructive negative” reviews, or “flames” (such as: “I never thought that human spawn could create such a horrible piece of crap”). Tamsyn Muir, a science-fiction writer from New Zealand and the author of the new novel Gideon the Ninth, remembers the reviews on her early fan-fiction stories (parodies of Animorphs and long, gritty tales based on the Final Fantasy video games) as almost entirely positive.

“You didn’t have to do that well to get a lot of positive feedback,” she told me. Accueil. Convertisseur ebook – Convertir PDF et autres formats en eBooks. FFnet Downloader. Download your favorites FanFictions as eBooks. Mag 7 Fic Corral. On these pages you will find links to stories, art and videos from various authors and artists dedicated to the wonderful western TV series "The Magnificent Seven".

Mag 7 Fic Corral

Starring actors: Michael Biehn as Chris Larabee, Eric Close as Vin Tanner, Anthony Starke as Ezra Standish, Ron Perlman as Josiah Sanchez, Dale Midkiff as Buck Wilmington, Andrew Kavovit as JD Dunne, Rick Worthy as Nathan Jackson, and last but not least, Laurie Holden as Mary Travis. Note: Most of these links go to other web pages, so to come back to the Library, hit the back button. Hi, I'm JudyL, your librarian for the Magnificent 7 Fic Corral, formerly Lady Angel's Magnificent 7 Library. I started helping update LAL in April 2012 for Lady Angel. In 2015, she handed over the site to me completely and due to some issues with the host server I have renamed and revamped the site.

Many thanks to all of the authors who have agreed to list their stories here. M7 Fan Fiction. Magnificent 7 Fan Fiction Guide. DEATH DOGS' TOURIST GUIDE TOMAGNIFICENT 7 Fan Fiction Welcome to the Death Dogs Tourist Guide to Magnificent 7 Fan Fiction aka The Mag7 New Reader Starter Kit.

Magnificent 7 Fan Fiction Guide

This site contains a selective list of Mag7 fan fic story titles & links drawn from dozens of Mag7 websites. The stories were selected for literary merit, faithfulness to canon (particularly in old West stories) and canon characterization and sometimes (we'll be honest here) because all seven of us liked them a lot. You might like the stories recommended by this site if: You believe punctuation serves an actual purpose and should not be randomly distributed or hoarded and melted down into multiple exclamation points!!!!!!! Someone once complained to Theodore Sturgeon (top notch SF writer) that 90% of science fiction was crap. Presenting a lengthy list of well written stories is the purpose of our website. Our Story Criteria Literary Merit. The Lair - LaraMee's Lair. Index. STAR TREK AU INDEX PAGE (gen fic only) Brigitta B's Corner - For Eric Close and Magnificent Seven lovers.

The Magnificent Seven (disambiguation) Thelawoffice. Brief Overview Welcome to Larrabee & Wilmington Investigations, aka LAW.


LAW was established by Chris Larrabee several years ago. The main focus of LAW is criminal cases. LAW does handle issues of a personal nature, including: missing persons, infidelity and background checks. Though the LAW men prefer to work alone, they do have a professional relationship with another San Diego investigation firm, Simon & Simon. LAW is noted for obeying anything but the law and tends to follow an unwritten code of their own. The Simon's and LAW Acting as separate investigation firms, S&S and LAW have been known to come together on cases that require that "special touch".

Services Missing Persons Background Checks Civil Investigations Surveillance Insurance Investigations Corporate Investiations Disclaimer This is a work of FICTION I do not own any rights to Simon & Simon nor any characters depicted on this site. Scrolls. The Magnificent Seven Inkslingers. Jordan McKenzie's Fiction Archive. - Home of quality fanfic since 2000 - Stories by Jean Graham. Magnificent Seven Trivia, A Writer's Guide. Welcome to my collection of people, places, and minutiae from the short-lived but much-loved CBS TV series, "The Magnificent Seven.

Magnificent Seven Trivia, A Writer's Guide

" I am a genealogist by hobby, so the urge to gather, dig, extract, snoop, ferret-out, and otherwise compile odd bits of information is practically second nature to me. Translating those tendancies to one of my favorite TV shows was not as much of a reach as you might think! Included here are items on the Seven themselves, but foremost are the town, places, and people around them. I began by taking notes over a period of time for my own, amusement-only pieces of fan fiction, but finally it occurred to me that other Mag Seven fan fiction writers might also find such a gathering of tidbits useful in their own stories. To this end, I hereby present the following. Stores and Businesses; Clarion Newspaper - Founded by Steven Travis, now owned/operated by Mary Travis. Watson's Hardware - Across alley from the Saloon, where Vin worked when he first met Chris. The Magnificent BEDLAM Boys. OW & ATF Virtual Seasons.