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Educational Technology - International Society for Educational Technology. 7 smart ways to use technology in classrooms. Istock Elementary school teacher Kayla Delzer’s students tweet, post on Instagram and watch YouTube in class.

7 smart ways to use technology in classrooms

Here’s why she thinks all kids should do the same. Many schools and teachers have an uneasy relationship with technology: they decry its power to distract young people but see it as a necessary evil to be tolerated, or at least strictly limited. Fargo, North Dakota, third-grade teacher Kayla Delzer believes that technology can truly revolutionize education — but only if educators make wise choices about what is used and how it’s used (TEDxFargo Talk: Reimagining Classroom Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders). It’s way too late to try to keep tech out of classrooms — or children’s lives.

Tech tip #1: Something boring on paper is still boring on a tablet or a laptop. “Using technology simply for the sake of using it is wasteful,” Delzer says. One way that Delzer’s students learn math is by playing an augmented-reality geometry board game called Cyberchase Shape Quest. 25 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom. Although many technology-based teaching methods and resources effectively engage students and build their skills, many educators encounter difficulties when using technology in the classroom. Maybe a specific platform is too hard to introduce.

Or maybe it won’t run on your devices. Despite the challenges, you likely want to enjoy the benefits that education technology can deliver. Using the ones that best apply to you and your students, and keeping the condensed list on your desk for quick reference, consider these 25 easy ways to use technology in the classroom: Offering a Unique Learning Experience 1. An ambitious way to use technology in the classroom, you can introduce a game-based learning platform. Most are designed to engage students, enlivening difficult topics and subjects. Prodigy is one, providing math content up to the 8th grade level that’s aligned with curricula across Canada, Australia, England and the United States. Create your free teacher account today! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What does "technology integration" mean? Ms.

What does "technology integration" mean?

Hart’s classroom hums with activity. Scattered about are two dozen students working in small groups on their latest project: making a shoebox glide through the air. Three students are searching for design principles on the web. Another group interacts with a drawing on the smart board — they touch the white surface, rotate the object to view it from different angles, and give each other fist bumps to celebrate their discovery. Across the room, a couple of students wait for the printer to stop its run. At the end of the project, the groups will video their shoebox flights. Ms. According to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), classes like the one described above allow instructors to “rethink education and create innovative learning environments.”

What does technology integration really mean? Technology integration is the well-coordinated use of digital devices and cloud computing as tools for problem-solving, deeper learning, and understanding. Resources for Technology Integration. In this section, you will find materials and resources for teaching about how to successfully integrate technology into the classroom, whether you are conducting a two-hour session or class or can spend a day or two on the topic.

Resources for Technology Integration

We believe you will find much here from which you can build a set of experiences tailored to class participants for the purpose of exploring technology integration: More Resources on Technology Integration: Top Case Study Videos on Technology Integration: Lower Elementary Students Get a Wired Education Mary Scroggs Elementary School in Chapel Hill, NC Kids Pilot Their Own Learning with Technology at Auburn Early Education Center in Auburn, AL Upper Elementary Middle School One-to-one Laptop Integration with PBL at King Middle School in Portland, ME EAST: Tech Inspires Self-Directed Learning at Horace Mann Magnet Middle School in Little Rock, AR Digital Media Empower Youth at the DIgital Youth Network in Chicago, IL High School.

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