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Φωτογραφικό Ιστολόγιο Λαμπριανίδη Χρήστου
Αρχική | Christos Lamprianidis photo gallery
Hungry Still is a combined photobook and cookbook conceived of by Slideluck London presenting photo-stories and recipes by 24 photographers. Kacper Kowalski shoots the world from above in his aerial photographs, a collection of which is brought together for his first book, Side Effects. Irina Popova's Another Family is a captivating yet controversial book about Lilya, Pasha and their 18-month old daughter Anfisa, capturing their lives in a complicated setting of alcohol, drugs and childcare. Motohiko Hasui emphasises the personal side of life in his first monograph. What does life look like on a remote island with only a few inhabitants? GUP - Guide to Unique Photography

GUP - Guide to Unique Photography

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s by Ernst Landgrebe All photos are copyright the photographer, and may not be used without written permission. Chuck Watkins , March 10, 2004; 11:09 A.M. Rating You recently gave one of my images a low rating, "Woman on a Chair" - 3/3. Would you leave a comment as to what you didn't like? Rafal Suder , March 18, 2004; 03:04 A.M. s by Ernst Landgrebe