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Reuben Wu. Remi bergeron sculpture. Thermos racing car - Stallman Studio Portfolio - Stallman Studio. Daisuke Shimodaira on Tokyo Otaku Mode. Daisuke Shimodaira, born in 1986, Nagano prefecture.

Daisuke Shimodaira on Tokyo Otaku Mode

He is a junk artist who reuses scrap parts, an artist with great knowledge. Influenced by his blacksmith grandfather, he specializes in handling iron materials, but is also skilled in the application of animal bones and other raw materials. He received awards at “gt.moo Collection 08” (gt.moo gallery) and “Niigata Art Exhibition Sculpture Category” from a young age and also opened his own exhibition at Hitsuji Art Gallery. He is gathering attention from TV and other media. Shimodaira’s starting point for creating his art was in technical high school. Albums de Alex ManBower. Ray Papka - Artwork. Mech-Fossils – Lex Talkington. The Sculpture of Christopher Conte. Omnitasker Design — Lighting. Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery. Baron Margo For Sale. Kass Copeland Artist. Accueil. Olivier Pauwels. Dannytupang. FIGURES & ROBOTS. Kinetic Sculpture – Gina Kamentsky. Hajime Sorayama-OFFICIALWEBSITE.

The Art Works of Nagato Iwasaki. 2017 — Gabriel Schama. PSM SCALE MODELS. Patchworks mécaniques. Albums de Roslindale Studio. Joshua Smith (@joshua_smith_street_artist) Photographer. David C. Roy. Laurent Gauthier. Chasse au trésor, jouissance du sol et de l’espace, voyage intérieur au gré des pas dans les labours.

Laurent Gauthier

Des vestiges d’ anciens épandages affleurent ça et là ( fleurs de terre ? ) que le regard réinvente ; sauvetage en pleine terre. Emotion archéologique autant que plastique : la trace de l’homme se fait artefact, souvent énigmatique. Alchimie quand le ramassage change immédiatement le statut de l’objet ; alchimie quand sa mise en scène le propulse dans un ailleurs insoupçonné, “beau comme la rencontre d’un parapluie et d’une machine à coudre sur une table à dissection” cher à Lautréamont.

Bien sûr, il s’agit d’abord d’un jeu sur le pouvoir évocateur de l’objet, mais ces assemblages n’ont pour autre but que de transcender le réel afin de déboucher sur un autre plan de perception ; l’enjeu du jeu ! Univers-gigognes, usines à mystères issus d’un geste de survie, prophylactique dans son essence même. Michalkarcz. Eric Basiletti. Mike Rivamonte. Phil Belair. Rad and old motorcycles built by a woman. Hernandez dreamphography-hernanez dreamphographyhernandez dreamphography.

Biography – Cory Fuhr. Canadian Artist Cory Fuhr’s steel sculptures have been gaining notoriety since his gallery debut in 2001.

Biography – Cory Fuhr

His works have made their way into collections throughout the world captivating a growing audience. From intimate representations of musical instruments to life size human forms his works show both depth and strength. Cory’s mechanical odyssey began in 1996 as his works steadily moved away from the functional to the expressive and narrative. Fuhr is a sculptor who specializes in monumental metal works. Steampunk style art works - Artūras Tamašauskas. Robin Davis Studio Robot Maker. Patrice pit hubert. ART STUDIO DADA (@art_studio_dada) Etiyé Dimma Poulsen - Leonhard's Gallery. Etiyé Dimma Poulsen °1968 – Ethiopia Etiyé Dimma Poulsen was born in Ethiopia.

Etiyé Dimma Poulsen - Leonhard's Gallery

After the untimely death of her mother she left the country and eventually ended up in Denmark, where she was adopted by her foster parents, hence the name “Poulsen”. A nomad nolens volens. She currently resides in Antwerp, Belgium, where she has a workshop. Etiyé never had a formal education as an artist, instead she studied art history. Gschodda. Kinetic Art Woodworking Plans by Derek Hugger. John Morris : The Works. Sculpture — Benjamin Cowden. Home. Liz West. Danny Saathoff - Art - Art. Kass Copeland Artist. Jan Verschueren - Exposities. Tentuinstelling Knokke Tentuinstelling Knokke Tentuinstelling Knokke, Graaf Jansdijk 184, Knokke, België 10 mei 2018 tot en met 21 mei 2018 Meer informatie Verstilde beelden Verstilde beelden Verstilde beelden, Notelaerdreef 2, Hingene Bornem, België 5 mei 2018 tot en met 31 oktober 2018 Meer informatie Ravesteyn Beeldentuin Ravesteyn Beeldentuin Ravesteyn Beeldentuin, Korte Welleweg, Heenvliet,, Nederland 4 mei 2018 tot en met 27 mei 2018 Meer informatie Mariënheem Beeldentuin Mariënheem Beeldentuin Mariënheem Beeldentuin, Nijverdalseweg 20, Mariënheem, Nederland 30 april 2018 tot en met 1 oktober 2018 Meer informatie Millinger Theetuin Millinger Theetuin Millinger Theetuin, Klaverland 9, Millingen aan de Rijn, Nederland 30 april 2018 tot en met 1 juli 2018 Meer informatie.

Jan Verschueren - Exposities

Aron Demetz. Autark | bronze, fire clay and wood, 155cm 2016 plaque | bronze and ceramic, 31cm 2015 carico | bronze and ceramic, 240cm, 2016 Emanze | bronze and fire clay,99cm 2016 Bilanz | bronze and fire clay, 50cm 2016 Untitled | bronze and ceramic,73cm 2016.

Aron Demetz - Showcasing the Art of Jesse Gee. Flickr : Benjamin Wiessner. I hope You are enjoying looking at my photostream!

Flickr : Benjamin Wiessner

Current equipment: ----Canon Eos 6D------------------------------------------- ----Canon 16-35mm / 4.0--------------------------------- ----Canon 40mm / 2.8-------------------------------------- ----Canon 24-105mm / 4.0-------------------------------- ATD Design. Yigal Ozeri. Francis Jonckheere’s albums. Actu. Custom Motorized Bicycles 66/80cc Parts – DIY Repairs – Video Tutorials 2 and 4 Stroke Kits. Mythologie grecque : Héphaïstos 1. Héphaïstos (Gr.

Mythologie grecque : Héphaïstos 1

Ἥφαιστος, Lat. Hephaestus) est le dieu du Feu terrestre et de la Métallurgie qui découvrit l'art de travailler les métaux. Il fait partie des douze Olympiens. Il fut assimilé à Vulcain chez les Romains et il porte aussi le nom de Mulciber. Lipson Robotics. Katie O'Hagan. Vladimira's Art - Home. Bienvenue au pays du mystère. Edouard Martinet sculpteur. News. Naiamuseum. MR.ALEXX. Alex. PORTFOLIO MENU. Mona hobart chambre claire. CyberCraft Robots - Science Fiction Robot Sculptures you will Covet. Don Jones. Treserras - Berit / Peinture - Sculpture. Treserras louis photographie. Josh Welton. Grafton Pottery Face Jugs. PsSZHorns-1-ZAPP: The Men: Michel Anasse - michel anasse. Frederick Barr’s albums. Will Wagenaar’s albums. Mylinh Nguyen. Encaustic Artist. Gilbert Legrand - Sculptures. Security Check Required. Artiste Peintre - Artist painter. Amy Merrick’s albums.

БиоSтанция. Artists’ Studios – Bohonus VR Photography. Derek Scholte : Mixed media assemblage sculptor. Art Propelled: NOOKS AND CRANNIES. Untitled (detail ) , fabric, wood, rust, 132 x 288 x 8 inches by Leonardo Drew Discovering the imposing work of Leonardo Drew was a turning point for me.


I couldn't believe what I was seeing ..... Huge wall mounted tableaux of stacked boxes, nooks and crannies stuffed with found objects ...... rusted debris, papers, fabric, discarded wood and domestic and industrial trash. Installation by Leonardo Drew In a way Leonardo Drew gave me permission to continue collecting junk.

Detail of one of my niche carvings. Assemblages by Romanowski. Peter_demetz_testi. Automata, Kinetic Art. Biography Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1962, Tom Haney has always been fascinated by mechanical movement.

Automata, Kinetic Art

Once at the age of 2, he became separated from his family in a museum while being transfixed by a mechanical diorama. In subsequent years, his fascination would manifest itself often - he regularly took apart household items, much to his parents' disapproval. Richard Stainthorp Sculpture. HENDRIX DESIGN. Lethbridge Gallery. Click here to return to home page John Morris Current Collection Previous Collections About Into Each Life a Little Rain Must FallBy John MorrisTimber, paint22 x 30cm x 15.5cm$2250 Sold click here to buy layby or enquire Night WatchBy John MorrisTimber, paint27 x 25cm x 7.5cm$2750 click here to buy layby or enquire NightfallBy John MorrisTimber, Paint50.5 x 33cm x 5.5cm$2800 Sold click here to buy layby or enquire Arch AngelBy John MorrisTimber, watercolour paper, paint23.5 x 31.5cm x 4.5cm$2000 click here to buy layby or enquire.

Jan Verschueren - Jan Verschueren. Stephen Knapp Lightpaintings. Beeldentuin Galerie De Beeldenstorm Rieke van der Stoep. Minimal-designer-por. Objets uniques futuravapeur.