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Lipson Robotics. Katie O'Hagan. Vladimira's Art - Home. Bienvenue au pays du mystère. Edouard Martinet sculpteur. News. Naiamuseum. MR.ALEXX. Alex. PORTFOLIO MENU. Mona hobart chambre claire. CyberCraft Robots - Science Fiction Robot Sculptures you will Covet. Don Jones. Treserras - Berit / Peinture - Sculpture. Treserras louis photographie. Josh Welton. Grafton Pottery Face Jugs. PsSZHorns-1-ZAPP: The Men: Michel Anasse - michel anasse. Frederick Barr’s albums. Will Wagenaar’s albums. Mylinh Nguyen.

Encaustic Artist. Gilbert Legrand - Sculptures. Security Check Required. Artiste Peintre - Artist painter. Amy Merrick’s albums. БиоSтанция. Artists’ Studios – Bohonus VR Photography. Derek Scholte : Mixed media assemblage sculptor. Art Propelled: NOOKS AND CRANNIES. Peter_demetz_testi. “Riflessioni” di Beatrice Buscaroli ...


Le diciotto sculture che presenta a Roma sono uno sviluppo ulteriore del suo pensiero elegantissimo e austero e della sua tecnica ineccepibile. Automata, Kinetic Art. Biography Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1962, Tom Haney has always been fascinated by mechanical movement.

Automata, Kinetic Art

Once at the age of 2, he became separated from his family in a museum while being transfixed by a mechanical diorama. Richard Stainthorp Sculpture. HENDRIX DESIGN. Lethbridge Gallery. Click here to return to home page John Morris Current Collection Previous Collections About Into Each Life a Little Rain Must FallBy John MorrisTimber, paint22 x 30cm x 15.5cm$2250 Sold click here to buy layby or enquire.

Lethbridge Gallery

Jan Verschueren - Jan Verschueren. Stephen Knapp Lightpaintings. Beeldentuin Galerie De Beeldenstorm Rieke van der Stoep. Minimal-designer-por. Objets uniques futuravapeur. Michael James Talbot. Veiled truth, sculpture and secrets. “Veiled truth” is one of the masterpieces of Venetian sculptor Antonio Corradini (1688-1752), which he created for Naple’s Cappella Sansevero (formally known as Chapel of Santa Maria della Pietà, and nicknamed by the locals “Pietatella”).

Veiled truth, sculpture and secrets

The iconography of the chapel, located near Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, stemmed from the exoteric fancy of Raimondo di Sangro (1710-1771), an alchemist, freemason and intellectual of the Age of Enlightenment. The nobleman’s plan was to renovate a church from the early 17th century into his family’s burial chapel, to celebrate the valor, virtue, and aristocratic standing of his stock. Moreover, he used the sacred building to convey his secret message, sparking a wide range of interpretations. The three most important works that Di Sangro had made for his chapel are the “Veiled Christ” by Giuseppe Sanmartino, the “Release from deception” by Francesco Queirolo, and the abovementioned “Veiled truth” by Corradini. Photos via:

Chase Studio. Michael C. McMillen. Antifacto – Urban Light. Lawrence Northey's Robot, Rocket, and Ray Gun Sculptures. Lawrence Northey’s Robot, Rocket, and Ray Gun Sculptures Lawrence Northey’s sculptures of robots, rockets, and ray guns (oh my!)

Lawrence Northey's Robot, Rocket, and Ray Gun Sculptures

Are what you’d have to call out of this world. Like the artists who created the Faberge eggs he admires, Northey uses a variety of materials and techniques. Most of these pieces feature brass, stainless steel, and glass. Sometimes cast aluminum or cast resin parts are also used, typically hand painted to give a uniform finish with the other parts. Charles Matton. Stephane Halleux - Sculptures. Gérard Cambon. Ronan Jim Sévellec - Antonine Catzéflis. Mixed Media Sculpture. Josh Hadar - Metal Design Artist. YZO Sculpture métal. » Bicycles. Home - Martin Heukeshoven. Alain Bellino. Donovan Design. Exclusive design of lamps and light objects.

David Trautrimas. Home - Jeremy Geddes Art. The Art of Greg Brotherton. Nemo Gould - Kinetic Sculpture from Found Materials. SCULPTURES LUMINEUSES. LA NAISSANCE DE LA LUMIÈRE Une dizaine de jours sans néons ni ampoules de 100 W, le soir à côté du sapin de Noël, éclairé par les guirlandes lumineuses et le reflet des boules rouges & guirlandes argentées.


Avec l’odeur enivrante des aiguilles de pin, l’ombre géante de l’étoile filante accrochée tout-en-haut & des branches qui se découpent sur le mur. Accroupis au pied avec mon frère, on regarde. Des fois on la fait clignoter mais ça énerve un peu. Dans la crèche, arrivé là le 25 décembre, un Jésus en plastique phosphorescent sur son lit de paille, aussi fascinant qu’un vers luisant.

L’USINE DES RÊVES 1989 – La petite usine est la lampe initiale. AU COURANT Dans la nuit, réveillée par une très forte lumière, un moteur de bateau & des voix énervées qui guettent les rochers tout près du bord. Thierry benenati, lesitedebene, sculpteur art contemporain surréaliste. Choe u ram. Wendy Aikin : On Tour. Blown Glass Art & Multi-Media Sculpture.

Home. J.W. Kinsey's Artifice Portfolio. "the Hesterion: a wall sconce" - industrial grade resin, assorted electronics This is the Hesterion Wall Sconce.

J.W. Kinsey's Artifice Portfolio

These are intended to be installed in multiples, surrounding a window or running down a hallway or library, for example. They do not need an existing electrical junction box, but rather simply surface mount to a wall with two screws. Power can be provided within either standard, inexpensive conduit or plastic plumbing hardware, or with a simple cord drop from a hole out the bottom of the fixture: some minor customization is expected on the part of the installer. The knob at the bottom of the fixture is the rotary On/Off switch. The master pattern was entirely handmade in cherry wood, then molds were made for casting. If you purchase the "Unfinished" variant, you will receive a cleaned casting ready for paint. The electrical components included in the package are two UL listed light sockets, a rotary on/off switch, and two 40 watt Edison light bulbs. The Sculpture of Christopher Conte.

Edouard Martinet sculpteur. Original Robot Sculptures and Robot Art. Kasum Contemporary Fine Art. Veo robots por todas partes. Me llamo Javier Arcos Pitarque y desde pequeño me gustan los robots, creo que esta afición me viene desde que veía una serie de T.V: que se llamaba “Perdidos en el espacio” allí el personaje llamado will robinson tenía un amigo robot, ahora después de coleccionar robots de hojalata he empezado a fabricarlos yo mismo.

veo robots por todas partes.

Espero vuestras opiniones y colaboraciones con alguna antigua pieza de radio, T.V, etc. Gracias por ver este blog. teléfono de contacto 629 457 448( Madrid España) ó por e-mail: My name is Javier Arcos Pitarque and since childhood I like robots, I think this hobby is coming since I saw a TV show: it was called "Lost in Space" there the character named will robinson had a robot friend, now after collect tin robots I have started to manufacture them myself. I hope your opinions and collaborations with some old piece of radio, TV, etc.. Thanks for viewing this blog. Galleryhome. L'ART BRUT ET LES LIEUX INSOLITES DES GRIGRIS DE SOPHIE. Brian Marshall. Painter Artūras Tamašauskas - Galerija Joshua Pennings - Sculptures and metal art. - Showcasing the Art of Jesse Gee. Nado Sculptures. Home - Klockwerks by Roger Wood. Doug Gelhaye - Home. Photos sculptures. Aggie Zed- Paintings, Sculptures, Figures, Scrap Floats. Le poisson-machine du professeur Robinet : Gérard Collas. Car Part Sculptor. Assemblage Gallery 14 - Thematica II. Jason Lyons. Art-3000: Artist David Fiore. Old ships from “new” materials — John Taylor. John Taylor 1954 — San Juan Capistrano, CA Sculptures from found objects When you look at John Taylor’s ships, is hard to believe that they haven’t just been pulled from the ocean floor.

Old ships from “new” materials — John Taylor

(OK – you can believe it, but the patina is even more amazing once you realize that many of the parts that John uses to create these intricate sculptures are pulled from computer parts and treated to look like rusty metal…no easy feat with plastic. John is a landscape architect by trade, and spends his evenings and weekends working on his ships in his garage, while he keeps an eye on his kids playing hockey in the drive.

John Taylor Ships, whales and penguins. Pendulux. Ethan Hayes-Chute. Ethan Hayes-Chute. Gallery of Sculptures by Alison Crowther. Robinsons Art Gallery. L°Atelier palois. Gerard Mas.