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Baked Banana Oatmeal (Video) « Clean & Delicious. Recently on FaceBook, I shared this little fact about myself: “I used to be really into ‘amazing meals and gourmet ingredients’ but after having kids my new philosophy in the kitchen is this; make healthy food that requires little effort and tastes pretty good.”

Baked Banana Oatmeal (Video) « Clean & Delicious

I can no longer spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, however, what I can do is spend fleeting moments of the day browsing my favorite blogs and websites. ENTER — Kath Eats Real Food (aka KathEats). Kath began blogging as a way to record her 30lb weight loss journey and became a Registered Dietician along the way. If you enjoy peeking behind the curtains of other peoples health and life journeys you will probably enjoy checking her out. Anyhow, this is a recipe from Kaths blog. I hope you enjoy the play by play in this video AND I would LOVE to know if you’ve ever tried making baked oats yourself? Course: BREAKFAST, DIET, oatmeal Cuisine: American, gluten free, kids, vegetarian. 'Magazine Art' Artist Book. Malen mit Acryl Farben und einer Schnur – Die String pull Technik.

4 Type of Scenery Drawing / Easy Oil Pastel Drawing for Beginners / Step by Step. Easy Watercolour Holiday Cards In Under 6 Minutes! HOMEMADE GESSO, Recipe, Acrylic painting for beginners, 5 tips you should always do when using acrylic paint,Clive5art.


Eliphant ears. Learn to, learn how to draw online for FREE! MAKING A MARK: Best Art Books about Drawing and Sketching just had a revamp! I've just reviewed and revised the way the information on The Best Books about Drawing and Sketching is organised so that there is now a more logical grouping One of the problems with my information sites is that sometimes as the content keeps increasing the site structure and layout becomes increasingly odd - so every now and again I give them a good sort out.

MAKING A MARK: Best Art Books about Drawing and Sketching just had a revamp!

I'd call it a spring clean - but it's the end of July! I've now got four major sections (see below for a summary) and have also developed a more coherent order within each of these. Click the links (coloured text) to visit that part of the website.THE BEST ART BOOKS FOR DEVELOPING YOUR DRAWING SKILLS This section now works in the basis of.

Learn Clip Studio Paint - Know Your Tools. Creative Hand-Lettering Tutorials: Part II. In Part I of Creative Hand-Lettering Tutorials, I showed you how to create three eye-catching styles of hand-lettering.

Creative Hand-Lettering Tutorials: Part II

Today, I’ll be showing you a few more styles so you’ll have a veritable artillery when a lettering situation arises. And — make no mistake — a lettering situation is always around the corner! A birthday party {invitation design}, an overdue birthday card {card design, envelope}, a “just because” piece of snail mail, a poster … or perhaps you aspire to be the lettering equivalent of Banksy. Whatever the case may be, a little hand-lettering inspiration can never hurt! I’ll stop blabbering now so you can get to the good stuff. This ribbon-inspired style looks complicated, but when broken down into steps, it’s not difficult at all. Next, use your pencil to draw lines parallel to the existing lines that comprise your word. Next, go over your pencil lines with ink. Now, imagine that there’s a lamp shining directly over your ribbon. And voilà! Warmly,


Zetangle ou Zendalas. Zentangle. Drawing & Doodling. The Most Comprehensive Drawing Tutorials Collection. Support Materials for encaustic art. Products – Iris Grace Painting Shop. Drawing. Dibujo / Drawing. Colorful Technique. Art 1. Optical Design. Amazing Sketch Book Drawings. By paul0v2 Thu, 09/22/2011 - 11:18.

Amazing Sketch Book Drawings

Affinity Video Learning Zone. ABC of Zentangle H Video. [Tutoriales, recursos y plug-ins] 30 Patterns for Doodling / Filling gaps. 100 Awesome Art Lessons on YouTube. Whether you’re getting your bachelor’s degree in painting, graphic design or sculpture, there’s so much to learn about art — from its lush history to materials — that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

100 Awesome Art Lessons on YouTube

Yet art students shouldn’t fret. There’s a whole lifetime ahead to learn and numerous resources both in the classroom and outside of it for expanding your knowledge. One great place to seek out help with becoming a better artist is on YouTube. There, other artists, teachers and experts share their lessons on just about everything you could want to know. Drawing lessons. Encaustics. How to Draw a Tangle Doodle Part 1. How to draw a tree with marker. How to Draw Celtic Knotwork.

The old method These instructions can be followed with pencil and paper or using any computer based drawing or drafting program.

How to Draw Celtic Knotwork

I have used Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and AutoDesk AutoCad for various projects, but my favorite is Corel Draw. In the tutorial below I show the method that I use in Corel Draw; however, I have deliberately left out program-specific instructions. I did this to make the instructions more broadly applicable to work with as many drawing and CAD programs as possible. This method, like most, begins with drawing the grid. The second step is to draw in the diagonals. Next draw in the connecting curves that will become the edges of the knotwork. This is the step that most people have the most trouble with: deciding where to "Break the Grid". How to draw tanglepattern Bunzo. How to draw the BEST opticle illusion. Iris Grace Painting Shop. Journaling. Kroppar, händer, föremål. Sakura Of America.