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FarmBot | Open-Source CNC Farming. Open Source Maker Labs. Openenergymonitor/Hardware: OpenEnergyMonitor Open Source Hardware. OpenKnit | open source digital knitting. Open-source Lab. Open-Source Lab, 1st Edition: How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs[edit] Free content[edit] FREE access to select content from Open-Source Lab: How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs.

This guide details the development of the free and open-source hardware revolution and provides you with step-by-step instructions on building your own laboratory hardware. In the first two chapters displayed here, the author defines the basic terms of open-source software and discusses the rise of the open-source hardware revolution and how it impacts science before exploring five pragmatic advantages to joining the open-source scientific community for both your research in general, and most importantly, your equipment and instrumentation. Key Features[edit] Description[edit] Open-Source Lab: How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Scientific Research Costs details the development of the free and open-source hardware revolution. Examples[edit] DSTat - OS potentiostat Czech. Home | - Enables Open Source Hardware Innovation. An Open Source Android Oscilloscope. The OsciPrime oscilloscope is a product of Nexus-Computing GmbH Switzerland.

Buy (International): The OsciPrime is currently out of stock. Buy (Switzerland): Contents: The contents are solely the Oscilloscope Hardware. . - One USB Cable (Type B) - One or Two 10:1 Probes - Optionally a USB OTG converter Availability: We have the OsciPrime Hardware in stock. Instructions & Documentation: All instructions for handling the hard- and software will be available online on this website. Customs: Import fees and taxes are the responsibility of the customer. Return Policy: You may return unused/unopened boards within 14 days after delivery for a refund. Compatibility (! Supported and tested Devices include: Asus Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S3, Acer A500, Acer A200, Motorola Xoom.The Samsung Galaxy Nexus works with the hardware, however lacks of performance, so experience is not optimal.

OsciPrime - An Open Source Android Oscilloscope. Open Source Shopping Cart Software - TomatoCart. Open source data acquisition system. Just stumbled across this thread, and seeing that I have an extra $0.02 in my pocket, here goes. The first step in any DAS (Data Acquisition System) design is to have a few specific use-cases in mind to limit the solution space. We don't want to guild the bikeshed! While Open Source software has a zero cost of replication, hardware most certainly does not! Any Open Source DAS should have a primary goal of making dirt-cheap hardware do wonderful things. If you are going to have an 8-sensor or 16-sensor system, using Ethernet for the sensor interconnection medium is silly. What is the cheapest interconnect medium for digital data? To minimize communication hardware costs, we should choose a protocol that is directly handled by dirt-cheap microcontrollers and a single power supply, which limits the choices to I2C, CAN, and TTL-level serial.

How do we get the data to a PC? An amazing number of sensors are available with I2C interfaces. What does our inexpensive DAS look like so far? Explore by newest | - Enables Open Source Hardware Innovation. TensorFlow. The OpenScience Project | Open source scientific software. OpenPnP – Open Source SMT Pick and Place. Availability and Pricing | Open Source ERP Academy. Evaluating ERP is hard. Open Source ERP Academy makes it easier!! Availability To gain access to the academy training materials, you must be a member. Once you become a member, you will have access to all training materials, videos, tutorials, tools, code, etc... Existing members: LOGIN HERE New members: Note: You do not need to be a member of Paypal. Pricing ERP Academy is available for $199 per month. Registration Registering is as easy as 1, 2, 3 Click the above PayPal button and subscribe.Choose your username and wait for your email with your password.Log in and start learning iDempiere, open source ERP.

Frequently Asked Questions See the FAQ page to answer frequently asked questions. Marionette Open Source Data Acquisition (DAQ) System. Open Hardware Hub - Open-Source Hardware Project Hosting. ZamiaCAD | Open source platform for advanced hardware design. Plasduino – open source data acquisition – Home. Plasduino is a data acquisition framework for the physics lab. It builds on top of an old, no longer maintained project for data acquisition through the parallel port (plas) and is based on the arduino platform (hence the name plasduino). If you are wondering what we are talking about, our overview paper is probably the single most useful reference, so take a look!

Plasduino is an open hardware/software project. The codebase is released under the GPL licence along with the shield schematics. Plasduino is written in python (relying on several third-party python modules) and uses PyQt4 for the graphical user interface. The plasduino code is hosted on bitbucket. OpenFOAM® - The Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Toolbox. Open Source ERP Academy | Using iDempiere and ADempiere Training as the Reference Open Source ERP Implementation – Powered By

SU2 Project Redirect. The Original EggBot | Simple, fun, & open source CNC art robot. iDempiere = OSGi + ADempiere. Quartz Crystal Microbalance: the first scientific QCM entirely Open Source. Made with kicad | KiCad EDA. Yocto Project – It's not an embedded Linux distribution – it creates a custom one for you. OpenBuilds Open Source Embroidery machine. External tools | KiCad EDA. Download for free TABBY EVO - Open Source Vehicle. Free Open Source Linux SCADA Software. Caneda download. Maslow CNC. Work Space: 4' X 8' *Encoder Resolution: 8148 steps/revReal World Precision: +- 1/64th inch (.4 mm) or betterMax feed rate 48 inches/minuteAC Voltage: 110-250 voltsDC Voltage: 12 voltsConnection: USBOS for Software: Mac, Windows, Linux *The work space is defined by the length of the two #25 roller chains so it can be easily enlarged or made smaller by adding or removing links from the chains.

Here's a video of me running through the design: Find out more and watch videos of the machine in action on our website or check out our source code (firmware and software), PCB layouts, and CAD files at. Neuroscientists Join the Open-Source Hardware Movement. Graduate students Josh Siegle and Jakob Voigts were planning an ambitious series of experiments at their MIT neuroscience labs in 2011 when they ran into a problem. They needed to record complex brain signals from mice, but they couldn’t afford the right equipment: The recording systems cost upward of US $60,000 each, and they wanted at least four.

So they decided to solve their dilemma by building their own gear on the cheap. And knowing that they wouldn’t be the last neuroscientists to encounter such a problem, they decided to give away their designs. Now their project, Open Ephys, is the hub of a nascent open-source hardware community for neural technology. Siegle and Voigts weren’t knowledgeable about either circuit design or coding, but they learned as they went along. Neuroscience has a history of hackers, Siegle says, with researchers cobbling together their own gear or customizing commercial systems to meet their particular needs. The OPEN MOTOR CONTROL: an open source motor controller for everyone. It is open source and based upon the ATmega32U4 microcontroller, and provided with drivers for two DC brush motors and a stepper motor. It receives commands via USB or serial ports, or via the I²C bus.

For those dealing with robotics, one of the problems to solve is the management of the motors used for the traction, that is to say: how to correctly power the motors needed in order to make your robot advance. If you work with Arduino, the first and immediate solution is to use a shield. Several of them can be found available for sale, from the simplest ones that allow to control separately the two small DC motors, to the most advanced ones that are able to measure the current drawn as well. Regardless of the manufacturer, the shields are all based on the usage of a power driver (usually the L298), that is directly interfaced to Arduino’s PWM outputs, and encircled by a few other components.

Circuit diagram CN1 is the connector used for the logic and for the serial and I²C communication. TomatoCart. TomatoCart. 10 of the Most incredible Open Source Hardware projects born in 2013. MangOH™ - open source IoT end-to-end platform. Nwertzberger/OpenPLC: OpenPLC is an open source PLC Hardware board. Think Arduino, but change the language used, up the voltage levels, and add a built-in Ethernet port. | Z88Aurora, Z88Arion, Z88 Open Source, Z88Apps – free finite element analysis and topology optimization for Windows, Unix, OS X and Android. Projects | CircuitMaker. A Low-Cost Open-Source Metal 3-D Printer | Joshua Pearce.

ADempiere VS iDempiere - iDempiere Open Source ERP. iDempiere is a fork or copy of ADempiere. Two of the core ADempiere architects decided they could better implement new technologies like OSGi, Buckminster and zk6 in new version of the code. Creating a fork meant they would have more control stewarding the code and directing the project. OSGI helps iDempiere structure the application and code base to better support the contributions of content experts. For example, let the WebUI people focus on and safely contribute in isolation from the accounting content experts. It also looks to provide a better way for companies to create and install modules for vertical market challenges. iDempiere freshens up the user interface with zk6.

iDempiere simplifies the ERP model. Special thanks goes to Trek Global for sponsoring much of iDempiere’s improvement. What is the best way to Learn iDempiere and ADempiere? I teach an on-line class that covers how to learn, configure and audit open source ERP. Why consider Open Source ERP? Anavi Technology - Open Source Hardware and Software for IoT. General Purpose Regulator | Projects | CircuitMaker. Introduction The General Purpose Regulator board is a power supply board designed specifically for projects that need a 5V supply up to 2 Amps for digital logic and microprocessors, along with +9V and -9V rails up to 500mA for powering analog circuits that require dual rail supplies, such as operational amplifiers (opamps). This is the perfect power supply for mixed signal products, for example digitally controlled audio electronics, radios, telecommunications and industrial electronics. Circuit Description Digital Supply The 5V digital power supply output is based on the well-known, low cost LM2596S "Simple Switcher" integrated DC-DC buck regulator from Texas Instruments.

The LM2596S is mature stable technology and easy to get at low cost. The LM2596S has a built in power transistor for switching the input voltage (via D3) to the main energy storage inductor (L1) and current rises linearly in L1, supplying the load and sharging the filter capacitor (C6) Analog Supply. OpenFOAM | Free CFD Software | The OpenFOAM Foundation.

OFBiz - Download Releases. Quartz Crystal Microbalance: the first scientific QCM entirely Open Source. A Showcase of Dangerous Prototypes Premium Brands. Open Source PIC Development Board for Newbies. Open Source Textiles | Fibre processing tools and machines that the whole world can use and help improve. Portland State Aerospace - PSAS. Open instruments for everyone by Red Pitaya is on Kickstarter. Boseji/Kicad-tools: Tools for making it easy to work with Kicad. Open-project/kicadlibrary: bytelabs KiCad device and footprint library. CrashBangProto/KiCad_BOM_Export: KiCad Add-in Scrip to export and cost a BOM. How To Install and Use PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 14.04. Introduction Relational database management systems are a key component of many web sites and applications. They provide a structured way to store, organize, and access information.

PostgreSQL, or Postgres, is a relational database management system that provides an implementation of the SQL querying language. It is a popular choice for many small and large projects and has the advantage of being standards-compliant and having many advanced features like reliable transactions and concurrency without read locks. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install Postgres on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS instance and go over some basic ways to use it. Installation Ubuntu's default repositories contain Postgres packages, so we can install them without a hassle using the apt packaging system.

Since we haven't updated our local apt repository lately, let's do that now. Sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib Using PostgreSQL Roles and Databases sudo -i -u postgres psql \q \conninfo. Tutorial FreeCAD T2 (5 / 34): Haciendo prismas. FreeCAD/FreeCAD-addons: A convenient gathering of useful and well-developed FreeCAD plugins made by the community. A FreeCAD manual. FreeCAD is a free, open-source parametric 3D modeling application. It is made primarily to model real-world objects, ranging from the small electronic components up to buildings and civil engineering projects, with a strong focus on 3D-printable objects.

FreeCAD is free to download, use, distribute and modify, and its source code is open and published under the very permissive LGPL license. The data you produce with FreeCAD is fully yours, and can be recovered without FreeCAD. FreeCAD is also fundamentally a social project, as it is developed and maintained by a community of developers and users united by their passion for FreeCAD. This manual is an experiment at taking the opposite way from the official FreeCAD documentation wiki. This manual has been written for the current stable version of FreeCAD which is version 0.16.

All the contents of this manual are published under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, and can be freely used, downloaded, copied, and modified. FreeCAD/FreeCAD-library: A library of Parts for FreeCAD. FreeCAD Quick Tip: Projecting dimensions on a Drawing Page. Blog – Numato Lab Help Center. Search · kicad. FreeCAD Documentation. Template:DevWorkbenches. ParaFEM download. Integria IMS. RTLSDR Scanner. RTLSDR Scanner download. New Breed of Ultra Low Noise Regulators | H i F i D U I N O.

Update (6/30/14): Added TI LP5907, reviewed noise figures. Update (2/1/14): Added the ADM7150/ADM7151 which is now at the top of the pack. Update (01/29/13): Revised the noise density numbers Update (8/27/12): Added the new TI TPS7A4700 regulator to the table. This device can source up to 1 A of current and ranks on top of the list. Also please ignore the noise density numbers, I need to revise them. The table below compares the noise level of some regulators used in current DIY modules vs a new breed of regulators that are used in portable consumer devices such as cell phones.

Just like phase noise in clocks, it is difficult to compare noise values among linear regulators because there is no common ground in specifying noise figures. The noise density numbers are taken off the noise density spectra charts in the data sheets (D) or when not available from the datasheet they are calculated (C) in accordance to the relationship presented in the video above.