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Prace ręczne dla dzieci

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DIY Emoji Bubble Necklaces. Do you have a favorite emoji?

DIY Emoji Bubble Necklaces

There are sooo many to choose from, it’s nearly impossible! One of the craft kits available in our new Handmade Charlotte Kids line is this Emoji Me Bubble Necklace – you can turn your favorite emoji into a fun necklace! Each kit includes nine bubble beads, emoji stickers, pom poms, and matching accessories – enough to make three awesome necklaces. And a secret bonus – you can include a secret note or wish inside your bubble bead! There are some great emoji-themed options in the kit, or make your own custom note to add in too. Contents 9 bubble beadsRibbonStickers12 beadsSequins6 buttons6 felt shapes42 pompomsSatin cord3 safety clasps9 jump ringsPaper notesSticky sealsInstructions How-To Step 1 Fill the yellow bubble beads with yellow pompoms.

Step 2 Add an emoji face onto the front of the bubble bead using the stickers included in your kit. Step 3 For the clear bubble beads, fill with the pink and purple pompoms, beads, sequins, felt shapes, and buttons. Imaginative and Educational Kids Activities, Crafts and Printables. Watercolor Rainbow Placemat DIY Craft. I love St.

Watercolor Rainbow Placemat DIY Craft

Patrick’s Day! All the vibrant colors make me happy and inspire my creativity, which is perfect for making holiday DIYs or crafts with my kids. This St. Paddy’s Day, try making this fun and colorful Rainbow Placemat for the little ones to enjoy. It’s a lot of fun, and it takes just a few minutes to make. Supplies: watercolor paint in rainbow colors water thick paper paint brush ruler laminator (optional) Instructions: Step 1: Use the ruler as a guide to keep your lines relatively straight and paint your stripes directly onto the paper! Step 2: Let the paint dry completely. Craft - Creativ Company - Online shop with more than 10,000 articles. Baking party: flower baking hats. 5 Super Easy Valentine's Day DIYs for Kids. So what if you’re not Martha Stewart?

5 Super Easy Valentine's Day DIYs for Kids

You don’t have to be a creative whiz to DIY a few super-cute valentines with your kids to hand out to their friends and classmates. We’ve got some great, simple last-minute ideas you can make with your little ones this holiday that will make you parent of the year! Try these family fun ideas. Keep in mind to inquire about the rules at your child’s school. Certain schools may not allow valentines or may impose restrictions on what kids are allowed to bring to class.

Idea 1: Bake Up Edible Valentines Try heart-shaped sugar cookies, frosted heart cupcakes, or even super-easy, or heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats. Put a sweet twist on any favorite treat or recipe by using heart-shaped cookie cutters. Idea 2: Make Heart-Shaped Crayons. 9 DIY Party Ideas For Kids. Step into summer on the right foot with a homemade party the kids will never forget.

9 DIY Party Ideas For Kids

No swim suit required! Here's what you'll need… 1. The Relaxed Home. Sock Hobby Horses. DIY Toys from the Recycling Bin. Lova's World: Handmade Shadow Boxes. *None Precious tiny worlds unfold within old candy tins.

Lova's World: Handmade Shadow Boxes

From Lova: I found these old tin boxes in a closet and I decided that there had to be something beautiful inside them. I felt like there had to be something golden and yellow in the big one and something blue in the small one. 1.Find some old tins or boxes.2.Paint background with watercolors on watercolor paper. try to build many layers to give your box dimension.3.Cut out illustrations from old books for the cities and features in your box.4.On the bottom of the golden one I used clay to build a hill.5.I used rice paper for clouds.6.You can really let your imagination go wild. Cut out illustrations form old damaged books found at a thrift store or flea market. Glitter Notecards. 13015 Stones and Silk Clay. 13657 A Folding Book made from Card with Drawings. 13704 A Photo Holder made from Stone Clay, Aluminium Wire and Floral Tape.

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Crafts - Top Inspired

Crafts Top 10 Fun and Easy Washi Tape Projects You Can Make in 10 Minutes The washi tape comes originally from Japan and it became so popular not so long ago. Space crayons. By Kate on March 5, 2012.

Space crayons

Natural dye for homemade playdough. By Kate on July 16, 2010 I‘ve discovered lately that its really easy to dye homemade playdough with natural ingredients. We dyed ours using raspberries, rose petals, beetroot, blueberries, turmeric and oak tree bark. Check out the results in the picture below. Origami That's Fun And Easy. Embroidered Shortalls. This summer’s dressed-down dress code is all about the shortall trend.

Embroidered Shortalls

Keepsake Crafts - Sharing the Love of Crafting and Sewing. Hi everyone!

Keepsake Crafts - Sharing the Love of Crafting and Sewing

DIY Pirates Ahoy! We’ve been obsessed with this adorable children’s book, Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime, for the past week.

DIY Pirates Ahoy!

It has all of us thinking about pirates and swashbuckling adventures! And why not, you can have a pirate adventure anywhere, anytime, with the right accessories. My girl loves to make things out of cardboard and paper, so it seems only fitting that the bulk of these imaginative play pieces are easy DIY’s that give kids the opportunity to get into their pirate groove. With Halloween coming sooner than we think, pirates might be the perfect theme for your costumes this year too. DIY Cardboard Pirate Ship via Molly Moo The shape, the details, and the colors of this pirate ship are so amazing, aren’t they? Newspaper Pirate Sword via Alpha Mom. Joulenka - rozsądna twórczość, blog o szyciu, blog o pasji.

Kreatywne życie..... 44kids. Wnętrza dla dzieci: design/DIY: wnętrza. Są chłopcy, który marzą by zostać strażakami, są tacy, którzy wierzą, że zostaną kosmonautami. Babyccino Kids: Daily tips, Children's products, Craft ideas, Recipes & More. For a while now we’ve been writing regular Tuesday Tips posts — posts in which we share little parenting insights, tips and things that we’ve learned or picked up over the years. We enjoy these posts a lot, both writing them and reading them, and especially the tips and tricks that our readers leave in the comments section (or sent by email). But sometimes we just want to share a thought, a question, or an insecurity. Stitches of Frigginfuchsia. » Blog. Simple Simon and Company - Modern Furniture and Design Blog.