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Doris Kearns Goodwin Explains Trump's Credibility Gap. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Uganda and Pepe Julian Onziema Pt. 1 (HBO) Emily Willingham: Academic science is sexist: We do have a problem here. Ergodic hypothesis. The ergodic hypothesis is often assumed in the statistical analysis of computational physics.

Ergodic hypothesis

The analyst would assume that the average of a process parameter over time and the average over the statistical ensemble are the same. This assumption that it is as good to simulate a system over a long time as it is to make many independent realizations of the same system is not always correct. Conway's Game of Life. "Conway game" redirects here.

Conway's Game of Life

For Conway's surreal number game theory, see surreal number. The Game of Life, also known simply as Life, is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.[1] The "game" is a zero-player game, meaning that its evolution is determined by its initial state, requiring no further input. One interacts with the Game of Life by creating an initial configuration and observing how it evolves or, for advanced players, by creating patterns with particular properties. Rules[edit] “The sign-up sheets didn’t have a column for students”: Mark Yudof and the UC Regents = Sacramento. Islamic Climate of Intimidation: Are the lights going out? Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is a memoir and treatise on abolition written by famous orator and former slave Frederick Douglass.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

It is generally held to be the most famous of a number of narratives written by former slaves during the same period. In factual detail, the text describes the events of his life and is considered to be one of the most influential pieces of literature to fuel the abolitionist movement of the early 19th century in the United States. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass encompasses eleven chapters that recount Douglass' life as a slave and his ambition to become a free man.

Women and people of low birth. “Women and people of low birth are very hard to deal with,” said Confucius.

Women and people of low birth.

“If you are friendly with them, they get out of hand, and if you keep your distance, they resent it.” Confucius knew what was up. The funny thing about oppressing people is, the smart ones don’t like it. They don’t like it, and they don’t like the rules and the power structure you’ve set up to keep them in their place and you in yours. They’re very hard to deal with. The Devastating History Of Midterm Elections. History tells us that midterm elections are bad — sometimes very bad — for the party that controls the White House.

The Devastating History Of Midterm Elections

President Obama and the Democrats are pushing for voter turnout in the final days before next Tuesday's midterm election. Dembski’s “Being as Communion” — a review. I’ve had a copy of Dembski’s new book for a little more than a week.

Dembski’s “Being as Communion” — a review

That has been enough time for me to read it in preparation for this review. The title itself is strange, at least to me. It is a title that suggests that this is a book on religion. It isn’t, though it does not completely avoid religious ideas. What happens after a mistrial. What is HDTV-LOL format? - Software Discussion & Support - Neowin Forums.

What is HDTV-LOL Last week I had posted for help on if Xvid format will work on VCD format.

What is HDTV-LOL format? - Software Discussion & Support - Neowin Forums

I got the answer I needed. Such as how Nero will convert it to Mpeg1 format, and then burn it as a VCD. Well last night, I missed recording this week`s episode of the Practice, so I went to find it to download via Bit Torrent. There are 2 versions offered to download. 5 Natural Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Fleas on Cats. Independent as they may seem, our fabulous feline companions can’t do everything on their own-and this includes fighting off fleas.

5 Natural Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Being too sensitive to essential oils, and the fact they lick themselves so much, makes natural flea repellents for cats trickier than it is for dogs. Many natural methods deal with prevention (vacuuming, regularly washing bedding, and so on) but there are a few that you can take immediate action with. 1. Flea Comb This is very similar to the flea comb for dogs, and while some cats may find the scent of citrus unappealing, the way this is prepared can lessen the intensity of the smell to their sensitive noses (but not to the fleas) because you don’t use straight lemon juice. Protect Your Family from Toxic Products & Medications. Policing The Trolls: The Ins and Outs of Comment Moderation : NPR Ombudsman.

Internet comment sections seem by nature to breed both insightful musings and the foulest bile.

Policing The Trolls: The Ins and Outs of Comment Moderation : NPR Ombudsman

Many readers and comment writers complain to us about their frustrations in trying to understand what rules, if any, lie behind how the comments are moderated. NPR, like many news organizations, constantly walks a tight-rope in trying to encourage both lively discussion and respect. Synchronicity. Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not causally related.


Synchronicity holds that such events are "meaningful coincidences". Ann Romney on 2016: 'Done. Done. Done.' Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced in 2013 that he would not be seeking re-election, leading to speculation he might mount a second White House bid. Mitt Romney probably won't be running for president again in 2016. He has suggested the chances of a third run are close to a million to one. But that hasn't kept some Republicans from encouraging him to enter the race if another legitimate candidate doesn't step up.

Ann Romney, for her part, is not excited at the prospect. Hillary Clinton continues to have an overwhelming lead over other possible 2016 Democratic presidential candidates. Vice President Joe Biden has twice before made unsuccessful bids for the Oval Office -- in 1988 and 2008. Sen. 8 Myths and Atrocities About Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day.

On the second Monday of October each year, Native Americans cringe at the thought of honoring a man who committed atrocities against Indigenous Peoples. Columbus Day was conceived by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Fraternal organization, in the 1930s because they wanted a Catholic hero. After President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the day into law as a federal holiday in 1937, the rest has been history. Ebola Was Not the Only Factor That Killed Duncan. Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling The family of the first person to die of Ebola in the U.S. has a right to be upset. Especially since Ebola was just one of several factors which caused his death. Along with "unfair" treatment, Thomas Duncan was killed by nativism, classism, racism, and corporatism.

Although three U.S. health workers contracted Ebola and were cured through experimental drugs and vaccines, what made Duncan receive a substandard treatment was his foreign citizenship, or being from Liberia. Quibids will take your $ and ship whenever they feel like it.Been a month and still not shipped Review 246368 Jan 04, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Apple Ipad2 16Gb @ Pissed Consumer. I spent A total of $266.40 in bids(trying to win) and $75.17 for the item and $13.49 for shipping for a total of $355.06 on auction #A734898778 on the date of 12/10/2011 for a ipad2.I was told per the user agreements that I would see my product with in 14 business days.I have yet to receive my item and I have called/emailed customer support many times with out much help at all.

Honor Mass Murder: Muslim Tortures/Hangs Wife and Murders Two Daughters in Pakistan. It’s not like this was a surprise. The murdered woman had lodged a complaint with the police against her husband for allegedly torturing her. Jennifer Lawrence's Outraged Response to Nude Photo Leak Marks End to the Era of the 'Shamed Starlet' Photo Credit: Shutterstock/DFree October 9, 2014 | America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger. April 16, 2013 | Five scary Christopher Columbus quotes that let you celebrate the holiday the right way.

Born and raised on the mean streets of New York City's Upper West Side, Katie Halper is a comedian, writer and filmmaker. Christopher Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not) Sources: All of the information in this essay came from A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn, and Lies My Teacher Told Me, by James W. Working on Columbus Day? Here’s where you probably wouldn’t be.

Lily-White Movement. The term Lily-White Movement is generally attributed to Texas Republican leader Norris Wright Cuney who used the term in an 1888 Republican convention to describe efforts by white conservatives to oust blacks from positions of Texas party leadership and incite riots to divide the party.[1] The term came to be used nationally to describe this ongoing movement as it further developed in the early 20th century.[2] Localized movements began immediately after the war but by the beginning of the 20th century the effort had become national. According to author and professor Michael K. Not Just The Largest Economy – Here Are 26 Other Ways China Has Surpassed America. Submitted by Michael Snyder of The End of the American Dream blog, In terms of purchasing power, China now has the largest economy on the entire planet, but that is not the only area where China has surpassed the United States.

China also accounts for more total global trade than the U.S. does, China consumes more energy than the U.S. does, and China now manufactures more goods than the U.S. does. In other words, the era of American economic dominance is rapidly ending. Messages to America: The Letters of Ho Chi Minh. While this does not have an author, we strongly suspect it is written by Ho Chi Minh.

Why did the USA betray Ho Chi Minh by siding with the Colonialist French during the 1st Indochina war? 61 Hilarious Yiddish Insults You Need To Know. Thành ngữ thường được sử dụng trong văn nói - Tiếng Anh Thông dụng. Hebrew insults. The worst Irish insults and racial slurs - from Cat-lick to Mackerel Snapper.

17 Shakespearean Insults We Should Start Using Again. Watch Spike Lee’s Mo’Ne Davis Documentary, ‘I Throw Like a Girl’ Read a Lawyer’s Amazingly Detailed Analysis of Bilbo’s Contract in The Hobbit. One scholar thinks online harassment of women is a civil rights issue. Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Speech that Got Robert Spencer Banned From the UK. A word to left-wing students. Apologists for Islam: Who are they? - Islamic Threat Simplified - Coming to Grips with the Islamic Challenge.

The Story of Umm Qirfa. My New Life in Asia: Living in Taiwan: Seven Reasons Why It's Good to Be Here. Why "Seinfeld" Is The Most Villainous Sitcom In Human History. Moneymaking Ideas - Ten Ways to Make Cash in College. Waterproof vs Water-Resistant, explained.