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Wassim Jabi, Ph.D. - Dossier and Portfolio. Alberto Pugnale a r c h i t e c t. Supermanoeuvre. Supermanoeuvre. Compose Mail - estudioconvista - Gmail. Geodesic Sphere « Geodesic Sphere Buckminster Fuller is commonly considered to be the person who introduced the geodesic sphere to the field of architecture.

Geodesic Sphere «

A lot of information on the history of the use of geodesic domes and spheres in architecture can be found on the internet as well as in other media. This page focuses at the different geometric ways of describing the geodesic sphere and proposes a script which can be used to generate those spheres. Definition A geodesic sphere is a polyhedron with an almost spherical structure. All vertices lie on a common sphere S andcertain sequences of vertices are arranged on great circles of S. 1) Icosahedron One common way of creating a geodesic sphere is by subdividing an icosahedron and projecting the vertices on the sphere.

“The 12 vertices of an icosahedron are defined by three intersecting rectangles. Subdivision The next step is to apply subdivision to the faces of the icosahedron and then to project the new vertices on the sphere. Scripts geodesicSphere.rvb. Supermanoeuvre. Brandon clifford and wes mcgee. Tobesch.wordpress. Axel Kilian, Ph.D., Dipl.-Ing. Overview of Projects. About « P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S. SJET. Apomechanes. Concept, Interaction & Product Design. ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd]: ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd] Selected works. Grimshaw Architects. Sawapan : youtube_videos.


Erik Thorson « workshops factory. WF’s Erik Thorson has been fortunate enough to participate in this years issue of tarp.

Erik Thorson « workshops factory

Release party tomorrow night, in the borough of Brooklyn. This year’s issue focuses on the engagement of digital processes which are currently at the forefront of architectural discourse and practice. Various computational methodologies, such as parametric systems, generative processes, and scripting, all pose questions on organizational strategies, formal qualities, and branding, just to name a few.

The work presented in this issue speculates on the significance of these techniques through a critical, if at times tentative lens of theoretical inquiry and practical application. Essays written by: Manuel DeLanda, Erik Ghenoiu, Leopold Lambert, Peter Macapia, Hannibal Newsom, Sarah Ruel-Bergeron, David Ruy, suckerPUNCH, Kazys Varnelis, James Williams. 1-Day Workshop: Modeling for Digital Fabrication – mlab. Michal Piasecki. Professor John H Frazer - Educator, Researcher, Consultant, Globetrotter.

Digital fabrication « workshops factory. Wax and Water 3dPrint For my final model I chose a small section of the overall model to 3d print.

digital fabrication « workshops factory

These are some immages of the section model. WF_091 wrap up All of the material about WF_091 – the first workshop we have organized – is ready! You can find a small sample of it underneath and much more in the past workshops section (click here) We would once again like to thank the Warsaw University of Technology, and especially dr. It’s time to look into the future now. Writing meta-objects for 3d printing Cellular Bowl is the first meta-object which I have designed specifically for the 3d printing technology.

Follow the link here or click on the image for a longer description. visualizing data through 3d printing. Team. BIO. Architecture - brady peters. Personal webpage. Parametric Modelling and Structural FEM Analysis. Pierre-Maxence Renoult - Ingénieur Architecte/Architectural Design and Engineering - Main. Knippers Helbig - Advanced Engineering - Home. Jan Knippers « Digital Crafting. Affiliation: TU Stuttgart / Knippers Helbig Engineers / Stuttgart – New York contact: j.knippers@itke.uni-stuttgart.

Jan Knippers « Digital Crafting

Jan Knippers studied civil engineering at the Technical University in Berlin. After several years in an international operating consultancy he founded Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering in Stuttgart (2001) and New York (2009) with Thorsten Helbig. In parallel he is professor and head of the Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design (itke) at the faculty for architecture and urban design at the University of Stuttgart. In practice, research and teaching he focuses on highly efficient building structures and use of innovative building materials. 1983 – 1992 Studies in Structural Engineering – TU Berlin / Germany – PhD. Firm Profile - Knippers Helbig. Architects – Kasper Guldager Jørgensen Opens Exhibition in Essen – Nov 11th, 2010. Homepage. Erik Verboon. Aranda\Lasch. Kokkugia.

Theverymany. SJET. MATSYS. Gallery of Computation. FANCYWIRES. Biothing.