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Bilanporte unepage CFORP. HT R993 ADV En 29401849 141010 web. Does your school have a growth mindset when it comes to change? Amos Daragon - Porteur de masques. Triggering the Brain with Wonder. Première PLUS. High School ‘Work From Home Day’ Gives Students Taste of Independence. One cold Monday this month, all the students of Park Ridge High School stayed home: wearing their PJs, munching on pretzels and Oreos, hanging out on the couch.

High School ‘Work From Home Day’ Gives Students Taste of Independence

The Domino Effect - LeadUpNow. Today’s post is written by Heidi Veal, a passionate educator who serves as an assistant principal for an early childhood school in McKinney, TX.

The Domino Effect - LeadUpNow

When was the last time you arranged dominoes just for the fun of watching them fall down, one-onto-the-other, collapsing the line into a neatly bowed-down design? For me, I was a child when I last played with dominoes this way. For some, arranging dominoes goes far beyond hobby status, taking it to professional levels at international competitions and exhibitions.

Learning - 6 Ways to Use Instagram in Your Classroom Right Now. 5 Ways Digital Tools Are Transforming the Education Space. Digital tools are transforming essential elements of the education space.

5 Ways Digital Tools Are Transforming the Education Space

Understanding how they are affecting teaching and learning will help you figure out which tools are useful and how best to implement them. Online tools: Increase collaboration: Just as social media has given rise to new definitions of community, digital tools are transforming community and the give-and-take between students and teachers. 216910f. Matching Edtech Products With Neurological Learning Goals. The word edtech refers to educational technology that includes online learning activities through games, websites, computer-assisted instruction, and other virtual resources.

Matching Edtech Products With Neurological Learning Goals

If you're looking for edtech to meet specific goals or carefully evaluating products for use at your school, here are some suggestions to guide your decisions. This post can help you make a list of what you want from edtech digital tools that will best suit your goals and that are most consistent with neuroscience research correlations about how the brain most successfully processes information. What might some of these goals look like? Closing the gaps in students' foundational knowledge Skill practice to build automaticity in facts and procedures Enrichment beyond mastery Applying learning to projects, inquiries, strategic planning, and other transfer opportunities Strengthening neural networks of executive functions Qualities to Seek in Edtech Products and Programs. Le processus d'enquête et la pensée critique #CFORPTacTIC @CFORP @Pascal_Lef @MelCourtemanche.

Virage à l’ère numérique: premiers pas pour la direction d’école – Partie 1 – innovÉduc. Sketchnote par la talentueuse Marie-André Ouimet () et inspiré par les huite caractéristiques identifiées par George Couros Entamer et soutenir un processus de changement tel que le virage à l’ère numérique relève en grande partie de la direction d’école.

Virage à l’ère numérique: premiers pas pour la direction d’école – Partie 1 – innovÉduc

Why Creativity Begins With Purpose (Not Passion) – A.J. JULIANI. I used to think all I needed to create something that mattered was passion…I was wrong.

Why Creativity Begins With Purpose (Not Passion) – A.J. JULIANI

It turns out passion might start the engine and get the creative process moving, but purpose is what takes it all the way to the destination (and beyond). Without Purpose the Process Will Stop I learned this the hard way when I started to write my first (would be) book. It was going to be titled, “The Quantified Teacher” (I know bad title right). I wanted to “quantify” the teaching practice and record how much time I spent doing various teaching activities throughout the day.

Plutino a ajouté : Ateliers Parents. “We Feel Lost” I had the opportunity recently to spend a couple of days with teachers and leaders at a pretty sizable, well regarded, “high performing” district in the US.

“We Feel Lost”

Today, one of those in attendance sent me the thoughts below that her son had written after a she had a discussion with him about the ideas and themes of my presentations. Apparently they resonated. Creating Time. For those who work in education, and like many other industries, there is just never enough time.

Creating Time

A few months back, I was introduced to an article “K-! 2 Innovation: It’s About Time“. The author was 2015, Texas Teachers of the Year, Shanna Peeples. Email_mobile_web_version. New ASCD Book: Questioning for Classroom Discussion Questioning For Classroom Discussion: Purposeful Speaking, Engaged Listening, Deep Thinking, by Jackie Walsh and Beth Sattes, explains how questioning and discussion are important components of classroom instruction that work in tandem to push learning forward and move students from passive participants to active meaning-makers.


This book includes Guidelines for developing powerful questions for discussion. Concrete classroom examples of questioning and discussion techniques. Tips to help you keep discussions focused and student thinking sustained. Questioning for Classroom Discussion. 10 Things to Know about Twitter Hashtags. I notice that some teachers I chat with are confused about how hashtags work.

10 Things to Know about Twitter Hashtags

Here is my basic guide to hashtags. A hashtag starts with the pounds symbol (#) followed by a single word (or words smashed together). No spaces. Tag or Topic The hashtag is a tag you might code your tweet with. The hashtag is converted to a live link and is blue in the tweet. The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational. ConnectED. MISSION: To connect future educators with current educators in the classroom via social media and potential face-to-face opportunities. See “Where to Start” below to get ConnectED! In just over two months a team of seven very innovative and connected Ontario classroom teachers (Brian Aspinall, Laurie Azzi, Peter Cameron, Aviva Dunsiger, Allison Fuisz, Sharon Moskovitz and Jonathan So), one pioneering Faculty of Education prof (Barb Van Hatten) and her lucky students have laid the foundations for ConnectED, an attempt to more efficiently and effectively connect Faculties of Educations, teacher candidates, classroom teachers ad their students.

The PILOT Our pilot project, which effectively connected the above team has seen tremendous success. 1er cycle - Résolution de problèmes. Récréomath Site de mathématiques récréatives. Top 10 TED Talks That Could Change Your Life. Be a Change Agent. Here are some ideas and links that might help you on your journey.

6 Education Stories To Watch In 2016 : NPR Ed. Claudio Sanchez is the senior member of the NPR Ed team, with more than 25 years on the education beat. Implementing Mobile Devices With a Focus on Learning. The following post is a modified excerpt from Uncommon Learning. “Mobile learning provides enhanced collaboration among learners, access to information, and a deeper contextualization of learning. Hypothetically, effective mobile learning can empower learners by enabling them to better assess and select relevant information, redefine their goals, and reconsider their understanding of concepts within a shifting and growing frame of reference (the information context).” — Marguerite L.

Koole (2009) No one will deny the impact that mobile is having on the world. All one has to do is take a look at how mobile devices are changing everyone’s perception of computing as it is more accessible and personal than ever. Implementing Mobile Devices With a Focus on Learning. Education Week. 100 Amazing Mini Habits That Will Make 2016 Awesome. The Innovative Power of Criticism. The business world is awash in ideas for new products, services, and business models. Thanks to powerful ideation approaches such as design thinking and crowdsourcing, it has become incredibly easy and relatively inexpensive for companies to obtain a vast number of novel concepts, from both insiders and outsiders such as customers, designers, and scientists.

Yet many organizations still struggle to identify and capture big opportunities. How to Make Google Chrome Faster, Better & Prettier. 10 conseils pour monter un projet « Tablettes » dans votre établissement. La rentrée se profile à l’horizon. Il est temps de se mettre en quête du lieu où l’on a rangé son cartable et ses bonnes résolutions pour l’année 2013-2014. Voici, pour vous aider, dix arguments pour monter un dossier de subventions pour des tablettes. Et oui, surprenant aux premiers abords, mais faites le calcul des coûts sur 4 ans pour le lancement de postes informatiques. LE NUMÉRIQUE POUR ENSEIGNER ET APPRENDRE. Apprendre à l’ère numérique. Est-ce que l’école est faite pour l’apprentissage? La vérité dans cette vidéo de Will Richardson. Je vous invite à écouter cette conférence de Will Richardson. J’ai eu le privilège de le rencontrer et d’écouter cette personne lors du colloque EdTechTeacher Summit de Chicago à l’été 2014.

Puisque la vidéo est en anglais, voici quelques moments importants de celle-ci. Quelles sont les conditions pour qu’un élève puisse apprendre? Il a posé la question à près de 1500 adultes dans le cadre de ses conférences et de ses ateliers. Selon son sondage : un environnement sécuritaire, un investissement personnel, des applications de la vraie vie, avoir du plaisir, de la signification, un environnement social, des questions intéressantes, un environnement positif, une audience réelle, de la passion, un enseignant mentor, avoir de l’autonomie, des défis, pas de limite de temps.

Personne ne dit que l’apprentissage doit avoir lieu dans une classe standard avec un curriculum fixe, du contrôle et des examens standardisés. Il y a une déconnexion entre les deux. 3897.Rich Seam web. 5 Reasons to Replace Your School Newsletter with a Blog. 21 education technology recommendations for 2016.