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Home. Back to School Bling - DIY Neon Finger Knit Statement Necklace. Charlie came back from camp this summer begging for neon paracord. Apparently, survival bracelets (more on that to come) were all the rage in the craft room at camp. Well, Allie and I co-opted the neon pink as soon as it was purchased and we just had to see what it would look like finger-knit. Voila! What a cool, bright, modern necklace for Allie as she heads back to school. Allie’s new school requires uniforms, so it’s fun for her to have a way to flaunt her style.

The tutorial is straightforward. Materials: 16′ hank of 550 lb Nylon Paracord. Directions:1) Start finger-knitting (click here for a full how-to) with a tail of about 8 inches. I think the necklace is fabulous! Vintage Clothing, Cute Dresses, Indie & Retro Women's Clothing | ModCloth. Glisters and Blisters. Fold a heart page marker. I hope you’ll whip up some heart page markers to share with those around you. It’s simply too easy not to make. Here’s how: Use a square piece of paper. Fold in half. Crease. Half again. Crease. This origami model is simple but versatile because it’s also able to become a 4-leaf clover or a flower by grouping 4 together, and hide a small item (like a ring) in front or even have it stand on its own by making an easel with the back flap. Flower Lavender Sachet Tutorial {Sewn By Hand}

I love lavender and I’m always finding new ways to use it around the house, car, dryer…wherever! I created a sweet little flower lavender sachet that would be a perfect topper for your Mother’s Day gift, hostess gift, or thank you for watching my dog gift. You get the idea, right? Make lots of them to keep on hand! Feel free to sew away on your fancy sewing machines, but this is sewn by hand to keep it simple. This way you can make them anywhere! Draw out a flower of any style and a center on any scrap piece of paper. Cut them out. Pin the flower cut out to you fabric and cut around it. When you have cut out two flowers and one center, just pin the to flower pieces together with the right side out. I’m using all 6 strand of embroidery floss for a chunky look with a backstitch. Don’t stitch too close to the edge because we are going to fray it at the end.

You’ll stop stitching with enough room to add a bit of stuffing. Add three or four spoonfuls of lavender. ~Kim. Geninne's Art Blog. DIY. Hace un par de días tuve el placer de organizar la fiesta de presentación de Dresseos, un nuevo vestidor de alquiler online que cuenta con piezas exclusivas de diseñadores muy reconocidos como Angel Schlesser, Amaya Arzuaga, Ion Fiz , Devota … [LEER TODO] Esta semana he podido permitirme un look más primaveral y estrenar mi nuevo crop top. Mira que hace tiempo odiaba los crop tops y no los consideraba nada elegantes. Pero como todo en esta vida, hay que adaptarlo al estilo … [LEER TODO] Hoy queremos presentaros una nueva firma española de calzado que seguro os va a encantar.

Se llama Okaaspain y tienen zapatitos de piel para niños, jóvenes y adultos fabricados en España y con unos diseños monísimos y muy de tendencia. … [LEER TODO] Hoy queremos compartir un outfit de día muy sencillo que esperemos os inspire ya que es muy copiable. Así sería mi perfecto look de diario para la primavera: camiseta de algodón, abrigo de primavera, jeans, zapatos espejo y bolso XXL. … [LEER TODO] Diy: mailing bag clutch. Tuesday, July 24, 2012 diy: mailing bag clutch linked to savvysouthernstyle , Jenniferrizzo Posted by Pinecone at 11:12 AM Email ThisBlogThis! Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: bubble bag clutch, DIY, mailing bag clutch, make it, padded mailing bag clutch 6 comments: L o v e l y t h i n g sJuly 24, 2012 at 4:23 PMThis is darling!! Load more... Links to this post Create a Link Newer PostOlder PostHome. DIY pouch sewing tutorials. DIY Kimono Jacket + Hood. Recently, my housemate gave me some lovely mustard fabric… and this project emerged from it!

Regrettably I did not document the steps that led to the finished product. This was partially due to the fact that I was very unsure about the end result mixed with the overwhelming excitement to start the project when I arrived home with the flannel lining. I have however, documented the steps via drawings and photos I took post project for your benefit. I hope you can understand them. Tools: Outer Fabric – 2 metres to 3 metres Lining Fabric – 2 Metres to 3 Metres Sewing Machine Overlocker (optional) – I finished my se ams with an overlocker, but it is not necessary #Note: Amount of fabric will depend on your measurements and desired outcome Tutorial: I created an extremely basic pattern based on my own measurements which means that it is quite simple for you to create your own!

This is how I created the general jacket shape. I then created a sash/belt and sewed it to the back of the jacket. LOve <3 Yin. DESDE TENERIFE CON AMOR DIY: D.I.Y. SASS AND BIDE SHORTS. Terrarium Place Holder. Diy projects. With Valentine's day less than a week away I decided it was time for another heart inspired jewelry diy. The inspiration for this project came from the candy heart bracelet that I recently made.

I am a huge fan of hearts so this is a fun piece to wear all year round. What you will need: Polymer clayRazorHeart cutout (purchased at Michaels)Roller or large marker (not pictured)A bracelet (to use as a guideline) Before beginning condition the clay by mashing it up between your hands so it becomes soft and pliable. Start with a large round ball of clay and roll into a long snake like piece. Use the heart cutout to stamp out the hearts along the piece of clay. Connect the two ends by overlapping one piece slightly over the over (first picture). Use a bracelet as a guideline to make sure it will fit you and to help shape it into a circle.Place clay bracelet on a baking sheet and bake according to clay directions.

Let bracelet cool and harden once taken out of the oven and you are good to go! Dare to DIY. DIY – Painted leather bag. I found a bag in this great color on Net-a-Porter. I loved it, but it was way out of my budget. So I decided to make my version, with off course a little twist of my own. On the right you see the bag I found for just one Euro at the thrift store. On the left you see thee paint I used. It is acrylic paint that I mixed until I got the shade I wanted. I mixed some fabric paint medium with it to make it suitable for painting leather. The full instruction continues after the jump . . . I used many layers of paint to get the whole bag covered. On the left you see the bag I inspired my bag on. DIY Projects :: DIY Crafts & Daily Design Inspiration. Crème de la Craft | DIY projects made from everyday objects. This week's DIY project is inspired by my favorite midnight snack: pistachios!

After creating a pile of shells on my plate, I couldn't help but notice what a pretty shape they had. Now it's time to put them to use! By adding some paint, pistachio shells turn into such beautiful ornaments for creating jewelry. I decided to go with the ombrè gradient look, because of my recent obsession, but get creative and explore different colors. I've worn my necklace quite a few times and absolutely love it!

Materials: • Pistachio shells (I used 34) • Small piece of thin cardboard • Glue gun or tacky glue • Acrylic paint • Mod Podge(not pictured) • Brush • Chain • Jump rings and lobster clasp • Needle nose pliers • Scissors Steps: • Cut the cardboard into a semi-circle to serve as the base of the necklace. • Attach jump rings to the corners of the cardboard and attach the chain. • Paint pistachio shells the colors of your choice. Craftgawker | look to inspire. Creatively In Fashion. Use code "SUMMER" for 20% off everything including sale items! | ARCHIVE Vintage: Designer vintage clothing. Because im addicted.

Blue Flower Earrings & Rings DIY. Every summer for the past 8 or 9 years, my family and I have spent time with our friends from Idaho. They have two girls around my age and a boy that gets along well with my brother, so times are always crazy when the nine of us are all together. Yesterday was not only my last day of work and also the day that we met up with them! It's so exciting to see them again! There has already been a ton of laughter. Last year, I had the opportunity to travel with them to many countries in Europe. This is the three of us girls at Neuschwanstein castle in Germany: I am in the center and Taylor is on the right. Today's project is really simple yet incredibly adorable. I had quite a bit of fun snapping these pictures - they're all set on a bike rack! Ready to learn how? Here's what you'll need: -ring bases/blanks and/or earring bases/blanks - The really nice three-piece ring base (the very top picture above) is from JoAnn (it was on sale for $2!)

-E-6000 epoxy glue -Q-tips Here's what you do: 1. 2. 3D paper diamonds. Hello there. Hope you all had a great Easter! We had a lovely relaxing holiday (….well as relaxing as it gets with kids). It would have been great to have another week off ^_^ Before I forget I just want to say a big thank you for all the kind messages you have send me regarding my book (you really are a nice bunch!)

…and huge thanks to all the people who have bought it so far… I’ve been meaning to get this paper diamond up for weeks now…but it’s taken ages to figure the template out (and I’ve been having breaks between each failed attempt). It’s based on simplified version of Satoshi Kamiya’s origami diamond. These paper diamonds are tricky to make (& require a fair bit of patience) so definitely adults only! When you have made your diamonds you can attach thread and hang them up. How-to 1. 2. 3. 4. Happy Monday all! Edited to add: A few people have had problems printing the templates (the dotted lines do not print). Behind The Seams. AMARILLO NEÓN SHOP&DIY. A Fabulous Fete. A pair and a spare . diy fashion. AdelynSTONE. Anthropologie Pratia Tank Top Tutorial.

February 6, 2010 1:59 pm Per popular demand, here is the Pratia tank tutorial! Start off with a t-shirt or tank top. What I did was get a larger t-shirt so I could gather it at bottom like the pratia tank. I cut off the sleeves so it would be a tank. Measure your neckline and get a piece of chiffon that length and fold it in half. Pin it to the inside of your neckline with it peeking out. Since I cut the sleeves off my T, I wanted to finish the edges. Stitch it. I highly recommend interfacing where you are going to be adding the embellishments, otherwise it’s going to sag. For the flower pieces, here is the shape and dimensions I used. Fold your pieces in half and cut that petal shape out. I used the extra sleeve pieces, cream chiffon(the kind that won’t fray) and another grey jersey I had.

How many do you need? Lay two petals on top of one another, as shown. I did a small ‘X’ shape to stitch them so they stay in place. Just add more, and more, and more, and more………(It’s time consuming. A Matter Of Style: DIY Fashion. Aquí: heres how: DIY braided back shirt. 2nd Funniest Thing : DIY and unique pieces. V and Co. Queen Of Funky DIY. Stars for Streetlights. When I was a little kid, I loved to make things with clay. I mean loved. My favorite things to make were tiny clay animals-- complete zoo sets for homemade dioramas, colonies of penguins, paddlings of ducks, and miniature replicas of every animal I ever owned. (When you grow up in the country, you accrue quite a few.) I was so in love with clay that I would spend my birthday buying packs of bake-able Fimo clay from Hobby Lobby. While my clay-stealing days are over, I still love the stuff.

(This picture is from Jessica's blog where she made an INCREDIBLE and EXACT replica of the pricy Anthro necklace.) My version. -Bake-able Fimo Clay -Oven -Paint (Unless the clay is the color you want.) Step 1: First you need to shape the beads and then poke holes in the top with a paper clip/needle/whatever you can find around the house. Step 2: After you've painted the beads, seal it with your favorite trusty Mod Podge. String some beads and you've got it! Yup. Stripes & Sequins …a fashion + DIY blog for the sparkle obsessed. Sock Bun Tutorial in 5 Easy Steps! I am not a hair person. Meaning, I can barely do my own hair in a ponytail. I also have very fine hair, so the topknots just point out the super fine strands. Lately, I’ve been seeing these hair donuts around, wondering what they could be used for, and after going to London, and having flat iron issues, I just said to heck with it and took a chance on the hair donut, and see if it a simpleton such as myself could figure it out.

Low and behold, even with no instructions, figuring out the sock bun was super easy, and it took only a few seconds! Here is how to do it, and once you try it, you’ll notice that if you can put your hair in a ponytail, you can do a sock bun! You’ll need: One hair donut, two hair bands, a comb or brush, and some bobby pins. Put your hair in a ponytail Thread your ponytail through the hair donut Smooth your hair over the hair donut, distributing your hair evenly Put a second hair band over the hair donut Pin the extra hair around the bun And you’re done! Recycled Magazine Page Jewelry. (studs and pearls)

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Products trending today on Wanelo. P.S.- I made this... Open wide zippered pouch tutorial size chart. Please refer to the full tutorial HERE for step-by-step instructions and pictures. For the contrast bottom style pouches, simply cut two pieces of each measurement listed in the chart by the width of the pouch, and sew together using a 1/2" seam allowance. So for the medium size pouch you'll cut two pieces 4.5" tall by 12" wide and two pieces 5.5" tall (the contrast bottom) by 12" wide, sew them together using a 1/2" seam allowance, thus making the front and back exterior pieces.Approximate Finished Dimensions:Small // 4.5" H x 5" W x 3.5" DMedium // 6" H x 6.5" W x 4.5" DLarge // 8.5" H x 8" W x 5" D Fabrics: The Hello Kitty fabrics from the first post were purchased at, seems like Hello Kitty is popping up a lot, so keep your eye open if you're a fan (yip yip!)

The medium size pouch is patchwork using an Umbrella PrintsTrimmings pack, if you've never seen their fabrics I suggest you check them out, all handprinted in Australia. Love their basecloth and style. My Showroom. Make something monday :: ombré infinity scarf. More Design Please - MoreDesignPlease. Lushlee. LOVE AESTHETICS | by Ivania Carpio. Fashion Indie.

Las mejores tiendas vintage de Nueva York | Blog guía de New York | La 5th con Bleecker St. Hello hydrangea. Honestly WTF. Nasty Gal | Get Hooked. Shop The Coolest Clothing, Shoes & Vintage. I Spy DIY.