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Coverage of metadata. 3.1 Document types Scopus coverage focuses on primary document types from serial publications.

Coverage of metadata

“Primary” means that the author is identical to the researcher in charge of the presented findings. Scopus does not include secondary document types, where the author is not identical with the person behind the presented research, e.g. obituaries and book reviews (see section 2.2). Scopus currently has 41 million core records: 21 million records back to 1996 (of which 78% include references) 20 million records pre-1996 which go back as far as 1823 (abstracts included where available, but no references)

ICOM - The International Council of Museums. Communicating the Museum - 2008 - Conference - Speakers. Keynote Speakers Panel Debate Moderator Chair of Case Study Case Study Speakers Keynote SPEAKER.

Communicating the Museum - 2008 - Conference - Speakers

Communicating the Museum Malaga 2009 - Speakers - Keynote speakers. Get a taste of the conference.

Communicating the Museum Malaga 2009 - Speakers - Keynote speakers

Listen to an exclusive podcast with Molly Flat Molly is WOM Evangelist for 1000heads, the leading global specialists in word of mouth marketing. International Museum Communication Awards 2007. IMCA - what is it? An event which brings together professionals working in visual communication for museums. The eventAn evening organised in a renowned cultural location in the city of Brussels. An eagerly anticipated event which will bring together more then 500 professionals, from both agencies and museums, in order to celebrate the best visual campaigns. Context - the strong role that museum's play in today's economyFor the past 20 years, museums have seen an expotential growth in terms of growing audience numbers. The cultural demand is developing and diversifiying. Portail de l'association Museum & Industries. BUZZEUM.