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Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis — Tagetik. Can you allocate costs to do profitability analysis by product, project segment or region?

Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis — Tagetik

With Tagetik performance management software, you can. In today’s competitive market climate, it’s essential to be able to determine which products, customers, channels and other factors are impacting profitability — either positively or negatively and continually monitor their contribution. But getting all of the costs into the “right bucket” can be difficult without embarking on a full Activity-Based Costing exercise.

Tagetik 4’s Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis gives you the ability to tag expenses and revenues directly attributable to the product, customer or channel and also has a powerful allocation engine for allocating indirect costs to any level of detail (even SKU). This improves the speed and accuracy of profitability analysis and provides detailed visibility into profitability in a collaborative environment. Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis features include: News and Resources for and About CEOs. Data Scientist: What Skills Does It Require? BIG DATA: The Answer to Agile - Greenplum Product Announcement. Pat Gelsinger, EMC; Bill Cook, Greenplum; Scott Yara & Luke Lonergan, Greenplum & Gil Elbaz, Factual Join Greenplum and EMC for a live video webcast that will feature the unveiling of the industry's next-generation platform for Big Data Analytics.

BIG DATA: The Answer to Agile - Greenplum Product Announcement

You'll see for yourself why Big Data is the answer to Agile. The era of Big Data is here. Leading organizations know that if they are going to tap into the business value of their Big Data, they must quickly evolve beyond business intelligence and put data analysis at the core of every business activity. Unfortunately, many companies take a fragmented approach to Big Data Analytics; patching together disparate solutions in an attempt to manage and analyze ever-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Join us to find out why adopting a unified approach to Big Data Analytics is the only way to achieve an agile business. -Where to start your journey to Big Data. SAPPHIRE NOW. General Session – SAP Executive Keynote, Bangalore 2011. World Conference Las Vegas 2012. TDWI World Conference Vendor Exhibition Come by the TDWI Exhibit Hall, where the leading providers of hardware, software, and services for BI, data warehousing, and related technologies will be demonstrating their latest solutions. Times will be set aside for visiting with these solution providers without missing any courses.

Want to exhibit? Contact Steve Cissell at or 425.277.9135. Vendor / Exhibit Hall Events. WPC 2011 - Worldwide Partner Conference - July 10-14, 2011. Microsoft Partner NetworkMicrosoft SQL Server 2014 is now available!

WPC 2011 - Worldwide Partner Conference - July 10-14, 2011

Are you ready? Microsoft Partner Network Training provides an overview of new training resources – including a live streaming event on April 15th: TDWI -The Data Warehousing Institute. Resources. Agile Business Transformation - Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Consulting, Salesforce Consulting, CRM, Remote DBA Services.

Marketing Automation. 6% Is Not Enough: The Case for Driver-Based Planning in 2012. Home Page - The Business Performance Innovation Network. - the Resource for Business Process Management. B2B Marketing Automation - Lead Generation - Free Trial. Welcome Dashboard. FEI. FEI. FEI. CRM, the cloud, and the social enterprise - Salesforce. Dreamforce '11 : The Cloud Computing Event of the Year – Cloud Computing Conference - Salesforce. Dreamforce '11 : Agenda - Salesforce. Competitive Intelligence - Market Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence Research from and by Competitive Intelligence Professionals. InterGrowth Registration. ACG Global Home page. Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals-SCIP.

Web 2.0 Summit 2011 - Co-produced by UBM TechWeb & O'Reilly Conferences, October 17 - 19, 2011, San Francisco. 2011 Business Analytics Summit: Overview. 2011 Retail Summit: Overview. Business Intelligence Research. Big Data Event for Apache Hadoop. Ventana Research - Education Events. Industry Conferences Ventana Research Technology Leadership & Innovation SummitsOctober 20th to 22nd, 2014, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Ventana Research Business Technology Innovation and Technology Leadership Summit's will provide the insight and knowledge on the latest in business and IT use of application and technology with education on latest innovations.

Registration Coming Soon! Events. Events. Business Analytics Webcast Series. Reduce Data, Reduce Costs with Smarter Backup and Restore. Predictive Analytics World 2012: San Francisco, Toronto, Chicago, and More. Webcasts. Additional Resources. The Changing Global Landscape Take a look at over 10 year's worth of data about the Global Fortune 500 to see how the Global… CEO, Finance, Sales, Operations, HR The World Needs Data Scientists.

Additional Resources

CIO Perspectives - Dallas 2012. CIO Perspectives is a series of one-day events for Senior IT Leaders, held annually in nine major cities around the country. This exclusive, invitation-only gathering of CIOs from mid- to large-sized companies is produced by CIO magazine and the CIO Executive Council, a global peer advisory professional association. The agenda is created by an advisory board of Fortune 1000 CIOs, ensuring that these events provide a powerful mix of peer-to-peer networking, in-depth presentations, workshops and discussion panels – all focused on the business and technology issues enterprise CIOs care most about.

The goal of each CIO Perspectives event is to empower local CIOs to expand their professional communities and tap into the knowledge base of their colleagues to solve their most pressing IT/business problems. What 2011 attendees have said about CIO Perspectives Dallas: Home. The new global economy. Mitt Romney New Hampshire primary win: Time to take him seriously - Ben Smith. One of the great reactions to Romney, for instance, was a quote from Lucy Opal, an 84-year old Polish immigrant living in New Hampshire who told The Washington Post in August that Romney is “humanlike.”

Mitt Romney New Hampshire primary win: Time to take him seriously - Ben Smith

But Opal later told POLITICO’s Emily Schultheis that she hadn’t meant the quote to sound quite that way: She’d meant that Romney is “more human … than anybody else.” Continue Reading. Find all the Business Objects information you need on BusinessObjects Expert! Abstract Manager. Welcome to the ASUG Call for Presentations Page If you already have an ASUG Call for Presentations account please log in below to continue.

Abstract Manager

Please note: and the ASUG Call for Presentations website require two different sets of credentials. Your username and password will not allow you access to the ASUG Call for Presentations website. All users are required to create a new record to log in to this site. It is important that you allow your browser to display pop-ups for the Call for Presentations site to work properly. Feed for Charles Wilson: Streamwork. Market Research Software. Research and Advisory Services Company. Technology Research. SAP Throws Down the Next-Generation Architecture Gauntlet With HANA. Who's Who in Collaborative Decision Making. Who's Who in Collaborative Decision Making. Exhibitors: Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2012. For today's organizations, it's all about getting to the relevant data quicker and driving strategic decisions faster.

But with big data, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Good thing SAS® Business Intelligence gives you the information you need, when you need it. While other vendors provide business intelligence solely in the form of historical reports, SAS offers predictive insights. That means the ability to understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes, no matter the size or complexity of your data. In fact, SAS helps you deliver accurate, valuable information – from Hadoop or any other big data source. Worldwide Offices.

U.S. Conference Calendar. Refine - Google Refine, a power tool for working with messy data (formerly Freebase Gridworks) Create Chart - Tree Seek. Binary to Text (ASCII) Conversion. Processing Conversion to Text...

Binary to Text (ASCII) Conversion

Ever want to send an encoded messsage that only a handful of people can actually crack the code? Well, look no further; my brain hurt when I made it and I still have a slight hangover... so, enjoy! This shweet conversion tool will take any text string and convert it into binary code - you know? Those little 1's and 0's that make our world go around today... the digital world. CORELOGIC® THIRD QUARTER 2011 NEGATIVE EQUITY DATA SHOWS SLIGHT DECLINE BUT REMAINS ELEVATED. SANTA ANA, Calif., November 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), a leading provider of information, analytics and business services, today released negative equity data showing that 10.7 million, or 22.1 percent, of all residential properties with a mortgage were in negative equity at the end of the third quarter of 2011.


This is down slightly from 10.9 million properties, or 22.5 percent, in the second quarter. An additional 2.4 million borrowers had less than 5 percent equity, referred to as near-negative equity, in the third quarter. Together, negative equity and near-negative equity mortgages accounted for 27.1 percent of all residential properties with a mortgage nationwide in the third quarter, down from 27.5 in the previous quarter. Negative equity, often referred to as “underwater” or “upside-down,” is the condition in which borrowers owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. Daily News, Polls, Public Opinion on Politics, Economy, Wellbeing, and World.

Economic Consulting. Research. S Marketing Leadership Forum 2012, April 18-19, 2012, Los Angeles, CA. Develop A Killer Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy, January 26, 2012, Cambridge, MA. Business buyers don't buy your product; they buy into your approach to solving their problems. To attract and engage today's business buyers, leading B2B marketers position their firms as thought leaders in their market by sharing their big ideas and provocative positions on the issues their buyers face. This is easier said than done, because most B2B marketers are enamored with their products and services and have always focused on product features and benefits in everything they do. S Customer Intelligence Forum 2012, April 18-19, 2012, Los Angeles, CA. Events. Upcoming Events Past Events.

Is "Command and Collaborate" the New Leadership Model? - Herminia Ibarra. KPI Library - Discover the right Key Performance Indicators. Google I/O Conferece now June 27-29, 2012. Award. About the McKinsey Awards Since 1959, McKinsey & Company and Harvard Business Review (HBR) have presented annual awards—selected by an independent panel of business leaders and academics—recognizing the best articles published in the magazine.


Cognizant Technology Solutions. View in Web Browser /_layouts/VisioWebAccess/VisioWebAccess.aspx?

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Listguid={ListId}&itemid={ItemId}&DefaultItemOpen=1. Navigant Consulting Acquires Tim D. Martin & Associates, Inc. <a href=" Consulting Acquires Tim D. The Berkeley Blog. Claremont Graduate University News and Events Index. Learn to Create. Influence Change. Annenberg Leadership and Management Speaker Series 2011. About - Pomona College. In the desert landscape that was inland Southern California in 1887, it took audacity to imagine "a college in a garden. " Yet far from the ivied halls of the Northeast, Pomona's founders envisioned "a college of the New England type," with small classes, close relationships between students and faculty, and a green jewel of a campus. From that beginning, Pomona has grown to be one of the nation's premier liberal arts colleges. Nelson Speaker Series. Six Sigma, Six Sigma Training, Six Sigma Consulting, Lean Training, Lean Consulting.

Six Sigma Canada Inc. : Home. SBTI - Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. SAIConsulting, LLC. iGrafx - Enabling Process Excellence. SmartDraw - Communicate Visually with the World's First Visual Processor(tm) RMI Home. Brodem. Lean Six Sigma, Performance Excellence & Innovation Consulting. BMGI - Problem Solved. Six Sigma Training By Thomas Pyzdek « Pyzdek Institute. Pinnacle Process Solutions, Intl. Productivity Press Publishing. Mountainview - information technology service management. - Lean Enterprise Institute.