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How social media can make history. How Has Social Media Changed Your Life? 8 Ways Social Media Has Changed Our Lives. As we head into our Social Media Day festivities, we'd like to take a look at the effect social media has had on our daily lives.

8 Ways Social Media Has Changed Our Lives

We asked you to show us how social media had changed your life through our partnership with CNN's iReport, and received so many wonderful, honest responses. We selected a few of our favorite submissions to display here, but you can see all of them on the iReport assignment page. Here's a look at some of the best photo and video submissions. We encourage you to share your own social media stories in the comments below. You can also see the featured submissions selected by iReport in their post.

Boston Marathon

Israel - Hamas. Quand la guerre se fait aussi sur les réseaux sociaux. Une journée sur les réseaux sociaux, en compagnie d'Erwann Gaucher.

Quand la guerre se fait aussi sur les réseaux sociaux

Depuis une dizaine de jours les combattants de l’Etat islamique au Levant ont lancé une offensive sur plusieurs villes irakiennes, mais aussi une offensive numérique. Au moment de la prise de Tikrit, les combattants de L’Etat islamique en Irak et au Levant ont immédiatement fait circuler sur les réseaux sociaux une série de photos où on les voit abattre des soldats de l’armée irakiennes faits prisonniers. Des photos ont été postées sur un compte twitter qui a été suspendu depuis, et qui parlait de 1.700 victimes... C’est sans doute la première fois qu’un crime de masse, s’il est avéré, est ainsi mis en scène et diffusé par ses auteurs sur des réseaux grands publics. Et cela prouve sans doute le tournant qui a été pris depuis un ou deux ans.

Casey Anthony: The Social Media Trial

Occupy Wall Street & the web. About blogging. Social Media & Politics. How to Flawlessly Predict Anything on the Internet — The Message. On Saturday, a Twitter account appeared that perfectly predicted the outcome of the final World Cup game, down to who scored the winning goal for Germany.

How to Flawlessly Predict Anything on the Internet — The Message

It was a con—and a classic one. (We’ll talk about how the con works in a moment.) But it also felt like a missed opportunity, and immediately made me think of a much more serious con perfect for the 2016 election. The Long Con On November 9, 2016, the day after the presidential election, a YouTube video appears. In the video, uploaded six months earlier, a member of Anonymous holds a leaked memo from the CEO of an electronic voting machine manufacturer. The memo goes on to say that the chosen presidential nominee will win by a small margin, and detailed state-by-state breakdowns are included in an attached spreadsheet.

‘Friends’ can share your Facebook profile with the government, court rules. A federal judge has ruled that investigators can go through your Facebook profile if one of your friends gives them permission to do so.

‘Friends’ can share your Facebook profile with the government, court rules

The decision, which is part of a New York City racketeering trial, comes as courts struggle to define privacy and civil liberties in the age of social media. In an order issued on Friday, US District Judge William Pauley III ruled that accused gangster Melvin Colon can’t rely on the Fourth Amendment to suppress Facebook evidence that led to his indictment. Colon had argued that federal investigators violated his privacy by tapping into his profile through an informant who was one of this Facebook friends. The informant’s Facebook friendship served to open an online window onto Colon’s alleged gangster life, revealing messages he posted about violent acts and threats to rival gang members.

Social Journalism

Social Media & News. There was no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube on 9-11. Today, around the globe, people are, sadly, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

There was no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube on 9-11

In posting my remembrance, I got to thinking how much has changed technologically and how much circumstances could have been different that day if the resources we take for granted now were available then. Advanced communications technology of the day was the cell phone, which people trapped in the Twin Towers used to reach family and friends. The cell phone helped warn passengers of United Airlines 93 about the other hijackings. The heroes of that flight sacrificed their lives to save many others. That couldn't have been possible without the cell phone. The most dramatic technological changes occurred not during the last 10 years but the last five.

Marine Uses YouTube To Get A Date With Mila Kunis. YouTube has helped singers like Justin Bieber get discovered, has been a great tool for spreading the word about good causes and has turned a multitude of regular Joes into overnight viral sensations.

Marine Uses YouTube To Get A Date With Mila Kunis

Sgt Scott Moore, a marine in Afghanistan, decided to use YouTube to get in touch with actress Mila Kunis…and ask her to the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, NC this November. He uploaded a video invitation to Mila Kunis on June 7. Just over a month later, Mila Kunis has accepted his invitation. That’s right—thanks to YouTube, Sgt Scott Moore will be the envy of everyone at the Marine Corps Ball. Social Media According to The Wire.

Go on the Social Media Offensive. A lot has changed in social media over the course of 2010 — which, really, is the first year that social has been fully and comfortably embedded in the marketing mix.

Go on the Social Media Offensive

Most companies have finally moved beyond the initial pilot social marketing programs of the past few years and into full-blown production. As the CEO of a company in the middle of this trend, I’m excited. How 30 days without Social Media changed my life by Steve Corona. 30 days ago, I made the decision to give up social media for a month.

How 30 days without Social Media changed my life by Steve Corona

Well, here I am, reporting that I’m still alive and that the past month has been life changing- the most successful month of my existence. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Hacker News were all on my blacklist, well- sort of. My goal for giving up social media was to create more value in my life, quit hoarding information, and appreciate the time that I spent with friends. So, full disclosure- I briefly used Facebook and Twitter 5 times during my haitus to pimp blog posts, and I’m okay with that, because it was for the sole purpose of sharing value (and getting more pageviews, duh). From the beginning The first couple of days were full of withdrawl symptoms- I’d open a new tab in Chrome and start typing without even thinking about it. Community management : l’utilisation des médias sociaux par la ville de Paris. Paris est une ville à la renommée internationale qui accueille chaque année 29 millions de touristes (français et étrangers).

Community management : l’utilisation des médias sociaux par la ville de Paris

Comme pour une marque, l’image de la ville se joue aussi sur les réseaux sociaux, et dans le cas de Paris, cette image est évidemment exceptionnelle. Noémie Buffault, la community manager de Paris nous détaille la stratégie digitale mise en place par la ville lumière.

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