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Hellodiy. Here's a quick and easy fun little treat you can make.


Great for kids! I actually made these when I was little, they were really good! The only ingredients you need are: - 2 containers (6 oz.) low-fat strawberry yogurt - 1 cup frozen non-dairy whipped topping, thawed - 1 1/2 cups quartered fresh strawberries, divided - 1 package Keebler Ready Crust Mini Graham Cracker Pie Crust - Optional: Cute cake toppers and sprinkles. 1. I skipped the strawberries and just added sprinkles. You can let them add their own sprinkles. Diy posts. DIYs. Glitternglue. Doily Dream Catcher. When browsing flea markets or thrift stores, it’s the lovely little doilies that always call my name.

Doily Dream Catcher

I want to rescue these beauties — probably made with love by somebody’s grandma — but I tend to battle my textile-hoarding instinct, unsure of what that doily’s life would look like with me. Jill, a.k.a. ILoveLune, has dreamed up a How-Tuesday project to transform these second-hand findings into a modern dream catcher for the vintage heart. Hey everyone! I’m Jill. Supplies you’ll need: Large metal loop (wire macrame hoop)Lace doily — Find them at a thrift store, flea market, or on Etsy. Directions: 1. 2. Lay your doily in the center of the hoop to decide which way is up. 3. 4. Tips on creating a seamless look: Use yarn with mixed fibers of a similar tone to make it easier to match that of your thrifted doilyConsider dyeing your doily to match the yarn, or immerse the finished product in a dye bath before adding embellishments. 5. 6.

Instructions for Dreamcatchers. More Design Please - MoreDesignPlease. DIY Kindle Cover. This instructable flows out of Rayeath's very helpful nook cover instructable with some (hopefully) helpful changes.

DIY Kindle Cover

How to convert a hardback book into a Kindle cover with a strap: What you will need: 1) A book you don't mind chopping up; this book must be at least 7.5" tall, 5" wide, and 1 cm thick (though a little thicker might be better) 2) Two sheets of craft felt which are larger than the books covers by approximately 2 inches on all sides 3) Hot glue gun & glue sticks 4) Up to 3' of 1/2" braided elastic 5) Stiff paperboard; Rayeath recommends a cereal box, I used the covers of an old composition notebook 6) Scissors 7) X-acto knife 8) Paperclip 9) Ruler 10) Sharpie I spent less than $10 on this whole project, including the book, which I found for 99 cents at Goodwill.

It took me about two hours, but this is my first attempt, as well as my first instructable, so a more competent crafter could move more quickly, I imagine. Because im addicted: diy. Do It Yourself. Scissors + Thread. Faux Updo For Short Hair | Keiko Lynn Keiko Lynn is my beauty hero.

Scissors + Thread

She seems to have perfected the cat eye, always has the most amazing lipstick and she can tie a hair scarf like a fiend! Sigh. Anyway, whilst perusing her site, I came across this fantastic tutorial on how to do an updo for short hair. This old dress. The Daily Telecraft: Brainstorm: What to do with Coffee Bags? Tutorial. Since the busiest gift giving season will soon be upon us (whether we want to believe it or not) I decided to create a set that shows you how to combine different tools to make gift embellishments and a card idea.


Keep in mind that the flower idea can be made with many colors and even be a useful way to use small scraps (you know I enjoy those projects). Flower The Martha Stewart Punch Around sets are a great way to add a decorative border to any project. Gift tag no. 3 - popsicle sticks. Here is a new gift tag/gift decor project for the series that I'm creating because of the holiday season.

gift tag no. 3 - popsicle sticks

I didn't use any paper for this one. I'm trying to use what I have so this version is using a tiny part of my popsicle sticks stash. The design is fairly simple - one stick to use for a holiday message, another for "FROM" and the last one for the "TO" information. Dollar Store Plastic Animal Bookends. Blog. May 27th, 2012 Lace inserts are a popular denim DIY this summer.


Category: Do it yourself. Craft Projects. Bored and Crafty. Make. Make a Chocolate Surprise Egg Create your own delectable chocolate egg with a surprise inside using Heather Baird’s easy tutorial.


By Heather Baird Published: April 8, 2014. Welcome to my adventures in knitting, sewing, baking, and life. Whip Up Tutorials. Lark Craft’s upcoming book Heart-Felt Holidays: 40 Festive Felt Projects to Celebrate the Seasons is the follow-up to Fa La La La Felt. The book comes out in April, but Lark Crafts are starting the fun early by offering this Mushroom love brooch project by Lisa Jordan . Mushroom love brooch project by Lisa Jordan What You Need Templates – see image below Basic sewing supplies (needle, thread, thimble etc) Turquoise, white, yellow, and red felted garment wool or wool felt, Plus dark gray felt (optional, see Tip) White, red, turquoise, and yellow embroidery floss Pin/brooch back Fabric glue (optional) What you need to do: ONE: Using the templates provided, cut one small heart from the turquoise felt, one medium heart from the white felt, and one large heart from the yellow felt.

Live & Enliven: D.I.Y. SEMI. I don't buy leather new.


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