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Zimages. Cami-kaze replied to your post: Canon Information About Zim’s Age I remember reading a fanfic where the author went through all the math trying to define Irken years, days, everything and it’s really amazing.


Some of it is made up but most has some kind of focus in canon. It’s called In Short Supply by ckret2 YES. That fanfic was amazing. Gosh thanks- I really need that info for a fic! Anonymous I know for a fact that Zim’s exact age is never mentioned in the show, so don’t worry too much about that for fanfic! You can get away with whatever you want in that aspect since most theories or headcanon or fanon at this point. :] tehartmonkey replied to your post: Canon Information About Zim’s Age I don’t remember which episode unfortunately, but on the DVD commentary Jhonen said he was ~154.

Claire-the-scarer replied to your post: Canon Information About Zim’s Age //I’ve always just assumed one Irken year is equivilent to 10 human years. Yes. Canon Information About Zim’s Age Ah, yes! Hi! _lrdx3coywS1qlwtcx.png (PNG Image, 241x311 pixels) Azzht.jpg (JPEG Image, 346x300 pixels) Random comics by Mechanical-Penguin on deviantART.

Sims Gone Wrong. Can’t knock it until you try. And so Commander gets to go back to whatever it is he does when he’s not sending his surrogate assistant into portal mazes.

Can’t knock it until you try

I’m sure he very shortly learned that the reason you can’t put all that crap in muffins is because they won’t even make it out of the pan before they crumble apart into fruity muffin fluff. And in other news, our esteemed tech guy, Vorked asked if I would point people towards his tumblr where he posts alerts people to updates on his own comic, Deputron. The LOL Corner [#104] by `martypunker on deviantART. ClassicsLolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger? - Page 14. Guy refuses to clean apartment, draws sharks instead. The Late Late Show: Watch Episodes and Video. Pirate.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) Lobster-Rage-Fist-big-size.gif (GIF Image, 800x1028 pixels) - Scaled (57%)