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An Amalgamation of Photography. Wicham Skeith, Suffolk 2013 (Paul Cooklin) Share this:More Sheringham Beach, North Norfolk 2012 (Paul Cooklin) Im pleased to announce my work has been included in the Curators Collection: “We asked some of our curators, artists, friends and collaborators to choose their favorites from 2012. Just one image from another author which was specially meaningful for them. The selection was hard. Magdalena Bors. Holly Anissa » photography, digital art, and an honest blog about parenting a special needs child. About @ Ariana Falerni Design. Denis Smith Photography. Landscape Photography by Varina Patel – eBooks, Tips, Workshops, Blog.

Practicing, “Know your Ax”… Perfecting Your Skills … & Never Stop Fine Tuning « Jack Graham Photography. Knowing your “AX”…….

Practicing, “Know your Ax”… Perfecting Your Skills … & Never Stop Fine Tuning « Jack Graham Photography

It’s Important “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. …………….Vince Lombardi I have a degree in music. I was a professional musician in and around New York City until 1989. Biography of Nature Photographer Clay Bolt. Clay Bolt is a Natural History and Conservation Photographer specializing in macro and close-up photography of Southern Appalachian biodiversity, with an emphasis on invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians.

Biography of Nature Photographer Clay Bolt

His images and projects have been featured by organizations and publications such as National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, Scientific American, Outdoor Photographer, Audubon Magazine, BBC Wildlife and many others. He is an Associate Fellow in the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP). In 2009 Clay co-founded the international nature photography project "Meet Your Neighbours" (, which has grown to include dozens of photographers representing over 40 locations around the world. The mission at MYN is to reconnect people with the wildlife that lives within their own communities.

Blog - IMPOSSIBLE - The Impossible Blog. Michael Cromwell Contemporary Fine Art Photography - Official Home Page. Mike C. Kev Vincent Photography. Blog - Spool Photography - Limited Edition Landscape Photography. March 17th, 2014 at 12:15pm A week or so back I visited Rottnest Island for a few days.

Blog - Spool Photography - Limited Edition Landscape Photography

There are a few ways to get across to the island, either by ferry, small plane or a mates boat. This year I went across by ferry that departs from Hillarys Boat Harbour, there is also one that departs from Fremantle, Hillary’s is closer to me. After a 40min cruise over I arrived there around 8.15amWhat a stunning island it is as well. Elizabeth Halford Photography {the blog} » A blog where I cut through the bull and give real advice in real.plain.English. Scrapgeek blogspace. Katvan. JinkyArt Blog – Barb Uil, Children, Lifestyle and Babies Commercial and Portrait Photographer. Digital Photography Review: Challenges. Starts: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 Processing rules: SIZE: Longer side of entry, MAXIMUM 1600px. • No glaringly obvious HDR or excessive post-processing.

Digital Photography Review: Challenges

If it hurts my eyes, it's out! • TITLE: Give your entry a title, not just a photo number. • NO watermarks or forms of identification, or personal website reference Capture date rule: Images must be shot after the announcement date of the challenge Additional rules: Pictures must contain full EXIF data to verify the correct date of capture. Simplicity Photography » Just another WordPress weblog. Photography Inspiration Blog. Hello.

Photography Inspiration Blog

We’re Design Aglow, a little company with giant ideas. Since 2006, we’ve been the industry leader for design resource and educational products for the success of professional portrait and wedding photographers. Our team has created 300+ products that help photographers shine, and we’re beginning a long-term growth cycle that includes two internationally published books in partnership with Random House and online wholesale frame and paper shops to serve our North American market. Innovation is a team constant, and we’re always seeking (and developing!) The industry’s next big thing. Oh My Stars! The journal of jesh de rox.

Nicole Mlakar Photography Blog » Austin, Texas: On-Location, natural light photographer. Photographing pets and their people. It’s pretty hard to keep a secret for over 8 months!!

Nicole Mlakar Photography Blog » Austin, Texas: On-Location, natural light photographer. Photographing pets and their people.

The wait is over and I can finally share the amazing news! This past January I had the pleasure of photographing 25+ dogs and cats for Whole Foods new pet food line, Whole Paws. The casting included tons of great cats and dogs, almost solely from Whole Foods employees. We all knew the challenges of photographing real pets, as opposed to animal talent, but luckily I have quite a bit of experience in that arena. Whole Foods also wanted natural environments for our pets so all dogs were shot on location at a downtown park and all cats were photographed in their homes. I’ve included all of the packaging below and some of my favorite outtakes from the shoots. There’s also some really great in-store marketing in the pet aisle that utilized many of the images as well. I had an amazing crew on this shoot and the Whole Foods team was absolutely wonderful to work with. Some of my favorite outtakes. Mike Moats. Talking pictures. Twigs and Tracks Photography.

How to Photograph Artwork. Hello.

How to Photograph Artwork

The following tutorial is a relatively quick and simple how-to for photographing 2-D artwork such as paintings, textiles, glass-covered images, reproducing newsprint, and more. Dianna Alsept PhotoArt. The Savvy Photographer. My Camera World. Thearthurclan. The Pioneer Woman.