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Wicham Skeith, Suffolk 2013 (Paul Cooklin) Share this:More Sheringham Beach, North Norfolk 2012 (Paul Cooklin) Im pleased to announce my work has been included in the Curators Collection: “We asked some of our curators, artists, friends and collaborators to choose their favorites from 2012. Just one image from another author which was specially meaningful for them. The selection was hard. Annua [...] (Paul Cooklin)Copyright: Paul Cooklin Share this:More Cooklin's Blog | An Amalgamation of Photography Cooklin's Blog | An Amalgamation of Photography
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Holly Anissa » photography, digital art, and an honest blog about parenting a special needs child
About @ Ariana Falerni Design About @ Ariana Falerni Design Hi, I’m Ariana, I’m a child and family portrait photographer based in Rockland County New York. A few other things about me.. I love to sing but hate to dance, mostly because I’m god awful at it. Dancing, not singing I mean.
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Home | Landscape Photography by Varina Patel – eBooks, Tips, Workshops, Blog “The iHDR technique developed by Jay and Varina is second to none. Their easy to follow video allows you to practice the technique over and over again, refining your skill and allows you to produce seamless exposure blends without the dreaded halos and unrealistic blends. I highly recommend buying their webiner, both amateurs and professionals alike, and mastering the iHDR technique, the improvement in your blending will be immediately noticeable.” Home | Landscape Photography by Varina Patel – eBooks, Tips, Workshops, Blog
Practicing, “Know your Ax”… Perfecting Your Skills … & Never Stop Fine Tuning « Jack Graham Photography Practicing, “Know your Ax”… Perfecting Your Skills … & Never Stop Fine Tuning « Jack Graham Photography Knowing your “AX”……. It’s Important “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. …………….Vince Lombardi I have a degree in music.
Biography of Nature Photographer Clay Bolt | Clay Bolt Nature Photography Biography of Nature Photographer Clay Bolt | Clay Bolt Nature Photography Clay Bolt is a Natural History and Conservation Photographer specializing in macro and close-up photography of Southern Appalachian biodiversity, with an emphasis on invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians. His images and projects have been featured by organizations and publications such as National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, Scientific American, Outdoor Photographer, Audubon Magazine, BBC Wildlife and many others. He is an Associate Fellow in the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP). In 2009 Clay co-founded the international nature photography project "Meet Your Neighbours" (, which has grown to include dozens of photographers representing over 40 locations around the world. The mission at MYN is to reconnect people with the wildlife that lives within their own communities.
on April 1st, 2013 in Contest , Featured , News by Meg | No Comments We are excited to announce that our newest industry partner, The Music Bed, has just released their FREE iOS App. Filmmakers and photographers can now stay inspired and find relevant music to license for projects on-the-go from any iOS device! The Music Bed App from The Music Bed on Vimeo…. Read More on March 3rd, 2013 in Photography by Meg | 1 Comment Blog - | LensProToGo Studios Blog Blog - | LensProToGo Studios Blog
IMPOSSIBLE - The Impossible Blog IMPOSSIBLE - The Impossible Blog No. 1027 Impossible x Expolaroid Lucile Le Doze, Worldwide | 5 days ago
Michael Cromwell Contemporary Fine Art Photography - Official Home Page My fine art is continually inspired by found objects discovered in the tropical Hawaiian environment. Natural objects or, if man-made, those that have begun the transformation of returning to nature inspire me to create art. Most of these objects are found during hikes to destinations where a heightened consciousness of the natural world, and the moment, inspire me to create interesting visual statements on nature’s delicate existence and the process of decay. Mother Nature is truly vast, powerful, and mesmerizing. My artwork is a visual forum and tribute, allowing viewers to get up close and personal, witness the sheer beauty, and feel an attachment to nature. The camera is my gathering tool. Michael Cromwell Contemporary Fine Art Photography - Official Home Page
Mike C.
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September 27th, 2012 at 11:46pm Join myself Neal Pritchard and Clint Baker on a 3 day photographic safari through some of Australia’s most beautiful locations along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. Take this opportunity to take a guided tour to explore the some amazing locations on the Great Ocean Road and at the same taking your photography to the next level. The 3 day workshop involves photographing sessions at the golden hours of each day, from before dawn and late afternoon through to twilight. With Photoshop post production classes held throughout the day. You will learn post production methods, insights and techniques that both Clint and Neal use with their own photography. Blog - Spool Photography - Limited Edition Landscape Photography Blog - Spool Photography - Limited Edition Landscape Photography
Welcome! I’ve been blogging about photography and business for 5 years now. There are no less than 680+ posts on this blog. Elizabeth Halford Photography {the blog} » A blog where I cut through the bull and give real advice in real.plain.English Elizabeth Halford Photography {the blog} » A blog where I cut through the bull and give real advice in real.plain.English
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JinkyArt Blog – Barb Uil, Children, Lifestyle and Babies Commercial and Portrait Photographer Details on the shoot at the bottom of the post. View an outtake here. Paint your world as you dream it! New Post Production Videos coming out 15th January!! For those who have not already subscribed and would like to join us visit If you have any questions about your yearly subscription please email us at
Starts: Thursday, 16 Jan 2014 Processing rules: No HDR (or HDR-like) post-processing. • Be subtle in your touch, if you choose to vignette in post-processing • No selective desaturation • No composited photos (stitched panoramas are fine, if you give this info in the Details section) • Either no borders added, or extremely narrow borders. Fill the frame with your amazing images. • ** FOR THIS CHALLENGE, YOU **MUST** VOTE ON OR BEFORE TUESDAY, PST. (IE, YOU HAVE ONLY 6 DAYS TO VOTE, INSTEAD OF 7 DAYS!!!!). Digital Photography Review: Challenges
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From our vantage point, here’s what we see: More new photographers entering the business. More “experts”–sometimes with only a smattering of experience–plying education and advice to newbies. More photography businesses augmenting their income by selling products, ebooks, business guides, and design work often of amateur quality. More photographers leaving the business, because of 1) low prices and low client expectations; 2) bad business practices; 3) the inability to stand out in an oversaturated market. Photography Inspiration Blog
Oh My Stars! You can see all of baby Silas’ newborn photos (and a couple current pics) up on the blog HERE, or click the image below. Check back here over the next week because I’ll finally be sharing our home birth story and photos! If you enjoy my little, rambling blog, and have a second (literally), I would so appreciate it if you could pretty please click the banner below to vote for me (and thank you so much if you do!) … each click you make is your vote – heck, you can even vote every day, LOL! Leave a Comment He’s here … I’m in love and taking time to simply soak in this beautiful time in our life.
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Nicole Mlakar Photography Blog » Austin, Texas: On-Location, natural light photographer. Photographing pets and their people.
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