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Simple machines

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Untitled. Edheads - Activate Your Mind! Learn about Gears. Learn about Inclined Plane. Learn about Levers. Learn about Pulley. Learn about Wheel and Axle. Sm_03. GCSE Bitesize: Levers: 1.


Simple Machine Activities. Simple Machines Ideas and Resources Rather than a traditional lesson plan, this page is a collection of ideas and resources to bring the topic of simple machines alive for our students. If you have additional ideas or suggestions, please send them along. Let's Build A Simple Machine! Whether you do it for a school project or just for amusement on a rainy afternoon, building a simple machine is a great activity to work on with your child.

Let's Build A Simple Machine!

Not only is building something an excellent way to spend time together, but doing so is also a wonderful opportunity for a straightforward engineering lesson. You can use the time to teach your child to recognize and understand the six types of simple machines: levers, wheels and axles, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, and screws. A lever is a simple object, like a board or a beam, that rotates around a fulcrum. Intriguingly, the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes may have been the first to describe a lever in writing. Archimedes also wrote about the concepts behind the pulley and the screw.

Games for understanding

Motion: Introduction. Motion is one of the key topics in physics.

Motion: Introduction

Everything in the universe moves. It might only be a small amount of movement and very very slow, but movement does happen. Don't forget that even if you appear to be standing still, the Earth is moving around the Sun, and the Sun is moving around our galaxy. The movement never stops.