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OpenRC, 1:10 3D Printable RC Truggy - STEP / IGES,STL,AutoCAD. 3D printed 1:10 OpenRC truggy car in action (videos) April 7, 2013 Still remember the 3D printable 1:10 Radio controlled truggy car created by Swedish maker Daniel Norée?

3D printed 1:10 OpenRC truggy car in action (videos)

It is an ongoing project of creating an open source RC truggy that allows everyone to 3D print and assemble at home. To make it easy for makers Norée has tried to keep the design basic for easy modification. Daniel Norée launches OpenRailway project for 3D printed miniature trains. Nov.19, 2014 | By Alec Dedicated readers might remember Swedish designer and 3D printing enthusiast Daniel Norée, who masterminded the great open-source community OpenR/C.

Daniel Norée launches OpenRailway project for 3D printed miniature trains

Staying true to the principles of open-source design, he has developed some very cool 3D printable stuff: particularly very fast and sturdy R/C cars and encourages everyone to use his experience to 3D print their own. However Daniel has recently branched out to another field of self-propelling toys for young and old: miniature trains. Aside from working on very cool 3D printable trains and railways, he has also launched an open-source community to accompany this new and exciting project: OpenRailway.

Currently Daniel is already working on a number of designs, the first of which is a 1:32 scale, a American Diesel, EMD SW1500. As Daniel explained to, trains have fascinated him for years and years. Fortunately for train enthusiasts the world over, those experiences are now becoming open-source as well. InShare7. 3D Printing Basics. Table of contents: 1.

3D Printing Basics

What is 3D printing? 3D printing is also known as desktop fabrication or additive manufacturing. It is a prototyping process whereby a real object is created from a 3D design. The digital 3D-model is saved in STL format and then sent to a 3D printer. Grey Innovations 503 307 5571 yamato model ship models model ships model warships. In the spring of 2012, I was hired to create 3D models of the iconic World War II Battleship “Yamato”.

Grey Innovations 503 307 5571 yamato model ship models model ships model warships

I have modeled everything that sits on the deck from 2D drawings as commissioned in 1941, that are contained in the incredibly accurate Anatomy of a Ship, book by Janus Sculski, including every detail, with the exception of rivets, railings, and some of the ladders. It has been a very long project, and I am happy to say that it is finally complete. These models include lighting of all four of the main decks, as well as, all of the 46cm guns can be articulated. 3D Models, Download 3D Models at TurboSquid. 3D-Druck – I did it again … Wie bereits erwähnt, ist (White) Strong Flexible nicht im Mindesten zum Druck ernsthafter Modelle geeignet – selbst wenn diese damit vergleichsweise billig sind.

3D-Druck – I did it again …

Aber es hat durchaus seine Berechtigung. Da (White) Strong Flexible nichts Anderes als PA 2000 ist, auch bekannt als Nylon, hat es hervorragende Gleiteigenschaften. Damit eignet es sich besonders für den Bau spezieller Werkzeuge und Formen. Ein Beispiel dafür ist dieses Schienenbiegewerkzeug, das ich bereits vor vier Jahren gedruckt habe, um Peco-Schienenprofile in Feldbahn-typische Radien zu biegen. As already said, (White) Strong Flexible is in no way suitable to print serious models – even if they may be comparatively cheap. Noch ein weiterer Rückblick … der das Problem, die Brüchigkeit von Frosted Ultra Detail schön zeigt.Here another retrospect … nicely showing the problem, the brittleness inherent with Frosted Ultra Detail. Aber nun zu den aktuellen Bildern / But now for the latest images Als Erstes zeigt Hr.

The Detail on This Tiny 3-Inch-Long 3D Printed Ship Will Amaze You. When we talk about 3D printing, one of the first benefits of the technology that most people will bring up is its ability to create completely custom objects.

The Detail on This Tiny 3-Inch-Long 3D Printed Ship Will Amaze You

We aren’t just talking about custom colors and designs, but about designing an object from the ground up tailored to each and every individual’s needs. Model Railway Express - - 3D print show 2015. 3D printing is one of those technologies that has been about to take over our hobby for many years.

Model Railway Express - - 3D print show 2015

Many cottage industries have set up producing models using the technology, but if I'm honest, the results haven't been as brilliant as the more excitable advocates would have us believe. However, just like etching, resin casting and laser cutting, 3D print will undoubtedly have a place in the modellers armoury of techniques in the future, so to find out what the state of the art is, I headed down to the 3D Print Show in London last week. First, for those not familiar with the technology, let's cover the basics. Most 3D printing (not all, I'll come to that later) involves a print head moving around a flat surface, squirting out a very, very fine and very hot plastic stream. A horizontal slice of the object being printed is “drawn”, the surface moves down and the printer starts again on top of the previously drawn slice.

One stand that appealed to your editor was that from Zmorph. My 3D Designs and 3D printing - bpranis. 3D Printing - The Train - T. Michael Tracy. I decided to explore this 3D printing thing I had been hearing so much about.

3D Printing - The Train - T. Michael Tracy

I’ve had some experience with 3D modeling programs, though the true purpose of this experiment was to see what 3D printing was capable of at present, and for that I would want a 3D model with a finer level of precision and detail than I was likely to model in the allotted time for this experiment. So I headed over to and downloaded this exquisitely rendered model of a classic locomotive. Modeled down to individual bolts and pipe fittings. If 3D printing could do this model justice I would be truly impressed. I decided to get quotes from two companies: and both of whom allow you to upload a 3D model, choose a printing material, and they will print and ship the finished 3D Print to you for a reasonable price. So I uploaded the model and asked for quotes for the 3D Train model printed at a total length of 8 inches. In about 2 weeks I received in the mail this model.